March 2010: Challenge 4

ImageChef.comOne of the questions asked at the end of the September 2009 challenge was:  What topic would you like to write more posts about?  One of the most common answers was:


There are many different ways to look at this topic and across the world this week, there are many celebration days being held:

So again this week, a wide variety of activities to choose from either as a blogger, commenter or class.

  • Research and write a post including links and images on one of those special days.
  • Join in Earth Hour and write a post about what your family did during that hour.
  • Write a post about activities your family could do while the lights are out for that hour.
  • What do you do at school or at home to help protect the environment?
  • Write a comic strip as a hero wanting to save some aspect of the environment.
  • If 13 or older and with parental permission, create a text to movie at xtranormal about the environment.
  • Your worries regarding the environment – what can you do as a student?
  • Create an animoto about the environment – maybe you worry about the polar bears.  Find images from links on this post.
  • Write a post about an environmental field trip you went on, maybe to the rubbish dump or cleaning up a creek etc.
  • Visit these posts from last year to leave a comment: Priscila from Argentina, Ashley from USA, Abbey from USA, Courtney from USA, Hailey from USA

The challenge last year for Earth Hour can be found here.

Created by: OneCarolinaGirl Template: Candy Heart

About Candy Heart: Created on: Friday, 20 February 2009

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  40. Hi Miss Wyatt,

    I’m wondering if anyone is having difficulty with the comic strip maker? My students have made several and keep trying to email their creations at the end, but none of them seem to be reaching me. I know you have to wait quite a bit to make sure it goes through, but I have watched some through this process and still no comic! Are we the only ones experiencing this? Does anyone have a trick to getting the link sent to themselves so it can be added to a post? Thanks for any help!

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