Challenge 1 – Sept 2010

The first week of challenges involves lots of things which I hope you have already done to your blog. Just go down the page like a checklist and tick off as you get the activities completed.

1. Changed your theme.

All Edublogs blogs begin with the same theme. There are over 100 different themes to choose from. Some have one sidebar, some have two sidebars, some allow you to change the headers. But you need to decide which theme suits you best. Check out this post about themes To change your theme, go to your dashboard > appearance > themes.

You might like to write a post about why you chose that particular theme. How difficult was it to choose? What were you looking for in a theme?

If you use Kidblogs I don’t think you have a choice of themes, so you won’t be able to do this activity.

2. Written your ‘about’ page.

Remember pages stay in the one place and are located in your header or in the ‘Pages’ widget. What you will be writing normally are posts and they will gradually disappear off the bottom of the column on your blog.  If using blogspot, you have an ‘About’ area in your profile, those using Kidblogs will need to write a post about themselves instead. Check out the example ‘About’ pages below:

About pages – classes

About pages – students

  • Abbey
  • Skye – changed since previous challenge – notice comments
  • Loretta
  • Amelia – new to blogging like three weeks only
  • Kylie – same as Amelia

If you have already written an about page last year, you might need to update it for this year. Things will have changed. If you know of a great example of an ‘About’ page, please leave a comment on this post. Make sure you have added the ‘Pages’ widget to your sidebar. Dashboard> appearance> widgets> drag ‘pages’ across.

3. Added your blogger, commenter or helper badge to your sidebar.

As you are taking part in the challenge, a designer Tammie at Edublogs has created a badge you can put on your blog sidebar.   Click on this underlined link and it will take you to the post telling you what to do. If you can’t add it to your sidebar, you could put it in a post instead.  Make sure you have added your ‘Recent comments’ widget to your sidebar.

4.  Write a post about why students and classes should visit your blog.

Why is your blog going to be interesting? What will you be posting about? What could they learn from reading your blog? Make sure you hyperlink back to this challenge post  somewhere in your post. That way, I will get a trackback or pingback and I will be able to visit your blog to read your post, otherwise I won’t know if you have written anything about this challenge.

eg. This post is for Challenge 1 in the September 2010 challenge. Highlight ‘Challenge 1′  then use the Link icon  – chains joined – and type in the URL for this post. Check out how Abbey has created the trackback here.

This is one of the most important skills to know when blogging – how to make a link – if unsure check out this post for Edublogs or this post for blogspot.

5. Leave a comment on this post telling me three interesting things about you then ….

Check out the page called “Sept. 2010 students’ and visit ten blogs there where students have similar interests to you and leave a comment on their blog. Then come back here and leave a comment mentioning a blog you found really interesting – remember to tell me the student’s first name, country and blog URL so I can then go and visit them as well.

6. Classes only

Each week you will need to have visited the blog of the class on either side of your name on the ‘Sept. 2010 classes’ page. This will make sure each class gets visited by at least two other classes. Remember to check out any student blogs that are on the class sidebars.  Then choose some other classes from the list that you would like to visit – students of similar age perhaps.  If browsing with Internet Explorer, remember to use the ‘Sept 2010 classes use IE’  link.

On your class blog, write a post about why students and classes should visit your blog. What will they learn from reading your posts? Are there any skills your class has that they could pass on to other classes and students?

7. Now students like Abbey who have already taken part in the challenges in March will already have done most of these things, so I want you to write a post on the following topic.

Think about something important you have learned outside of school – remember we should all be life long learners not just learners while at school. How did you learn it? Why is it important to you? Who or what taught you about it? How has this learning helped you in your life?

This idea is from a prompt at this website – Teaching that makes sense.

Original image: ‘Dive off!
Dive off!

544 thoughts on “Challenge 1 – Sept 2010

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  3. ‘SUp? I am known as Ubernees and here are three facts about myself:
    1. I LOVE anime/manga.
    2. I am a talented anime artist.
    3. I can write some kanji, katakana, and heregana (Japanese) and can also speak some Japanese!

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  5. Hi my name is Christian and here are three facts about me. I love sports especially football. Video games are one of my favorite hobbies. And finally I love music. Well there you go.

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  7. Hello everyone! My name is Carter and here are 3 interesting things about me:

    1.)I am an absolute sports fanatic

    2.)I love Easy Mac ‘n’ Cheese

    3.)I play basketball and football

  8. Hello everyone, three interesting things about me is that I play basketball and football. Another interesting thing about me is that I like the color blue. One more interesting thing about me is that I like Math.

    • Great job, William. I love maths as well. Currently my class is designing a garden and having to work out how much area will be grassed into lawn and will then have to be mowed. Hopefully they will take pictures of their finished diagram and put it on their blogs.

  9. This was part of my assignment for my teacher:
    Wanna know some cool facts?

    1. I lived in Florida for the 1st 6 years of my life!

    2. My Uncle is a science professer at Texas University! Go Texas!

    3. My favorite Bath and Body Works scent is Forever Sunshine!

    Hope you learned something new about me!

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  11. I found all the blogs I visited very interesting but the three I enjoyed the most were:
    1. Selina B’s from Terabithia ( because she has many poems that were pretty and well written.
    2. Christie P’s from Singapore ( because she had a lot of pictures and her blog was designed nice.
    3. Sam M’s from Australia ( because I like her post that has a question in it. It really makes you think about things.
    Check out those blogs they are really nice!

    And three interesting things about me is that I have a cat named Cloud, I play piano and I ski.
    -Olivia 🙂

  12. Miss W.

    Commenting on ten people’s blogs was a lot of fun! I thought it was interesting how people from the same country as me liked things that I had never even heard of. Also, people from other countries had a lot of similarities to me! Another thing that was interesting to me was that some people had blogrolls, with I thought was pretty cool! Thanks for this great blogging challenge!


  13. Hi my name is zion.Me and my friends are good at playing football so I like playing fooyball.I love to play on the computer.I love to play outside with my friend.

  14. My name is Charity and i’m going to tell you 3 things about me. I love to do karate it’s the only thing that i’m good at, I love to blog at school and home and I love to go on Facebook and talk to my friends on it.

    • G’day Charity,
      I love using the computer too, but I hope your parents know you are on facebook because you are supposed to be at least thirteen to be on it.

  15. My name is Sebastian I like video games I like to play soccer and kickball i come from peru and i love yo use computers!

    • G’day Sebastian,
      I also love to use the computer. I have just joined Runescape which some of the boys in my school thought I would enjoy. How is living in Peru different to where you are living now?

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  17. hi I’m finn from 5/6C.
    Three things about me are:
    1. I play the piano and sing
    2. I have a cat called Tasie
    3. I like the Penguin Cafe Orchestra
    See Ya, Finn.

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  25. Hi Mrs W
    I am going to tell you a 3 things about me.

    1) I love going to the beach on a hot summers day with family and freinds because it is relaxing and you can cool down.

    2)I love sport but my two favourite are touch and netball because it is fun to run around with freinds.

    3) Last but not least going on holidays with family and friends. I have been to QLD, ACT, and other places in NSW like Wollongong and all different beaches camping.

    Now that I have told you three things about me I hope you have learnt something about me!
    From Jamsine.

    • G’day Jasmine,
      I also love going on holidays. I will be going on a two month long service leave next year in September/October (not sure how I will run the challenge then) and I will be visiting some bloggers in Portugal, doing family history in Ireland and visiting other bloggers and chat room friends in USA and Canada.

  26. Hi Miss W
    3 interesting things about me. Well I love animals but my favourite animals are horses and puppys! Another interesting thing about me is I love to travel. Seeing the world before I can’t anymore is one of my dreams/ambitions. The last interesting thing about me is I love sport. Netball, Swimming and Touch Football are my favourite sports to play.

    • G’day Sophie,
      Did you watch the netball final at the Commonwealth Games? Wasn’t it exciting! So close ….

      You have many years to go before you can’t travel and see the world.

  27. Hi three things that are intresting about me are:
    I do three types of dancing: Ballet, Jazz and Tapp. I have a baby goat her name is Toffie I also have two chickens called Beauty ( my girl chook ) and Beast ( my boy chook )

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  34. Hello, I am Dominic Collins and i have a black belt in Tae Kwon Doe and aiming for my Black Belt in Goju Ryu and im good at technology and love to run on sunday mornings with karate mates.

    • G’day Dominic,
      I certainly wouldn’t want to tangle with you in the real world, but remember to be internet savvy in the virtual world – use only your first name.

  35. my name is peita
    I do dancing I’ve got a concert coming up
    I’ve got lots of pets
    I love baking,maths,reading
    I went to ameracia it was awesome.

    • G’day Lochy,
      I also love strawberries – just as they are from the punnet or with cream or even dipped in chocolate. How do you love eating your strawberries?

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  39. Hey! Name’s Mikaela. Three things about me are, I love Star Trek, derp, it’s the best thing ever. My favorite singer is David Bowie and I draw a lot. I’ve gotten pretty okay over the years. So yeah, that’s my bit! Teehee.

  40. Hi, Its Noah again. I found 9 websites that I was interested in.


  41. Hi, I’m Noah. Three things you should know about myself is that I play soccer, I like pigs, pandas, and hippos, and my favourite food is any type of noodles!

    • G’day Noah,
      WOW! You have been very busy, visiting lots of blogs and recommending those posts you like. I also love pandas. What do you like most about them?

  42. Hi,

    My name is Kendall. Three intresting things about me is that I have never lived outside of Georgia, I LOVE cheerleading done it all my life, and lastly I HATE cats.

  43. Three things you need to know about me are:I like video games (Madden 06, Imperium, and Wizard 101), I like all legos, and I like fifth grade (My teachers, my friends, and science).

  44. Hi Mrs. W!
    3 things about myself are:
    I LOOOVE to read. ( I know…crazy…but what are ya gonna do?)
    I am sooo excited with blogging!
    I LOOOVE to repeat letters! 🙂 (You probably already noticed that, though)
    Also, I am in Ms. Seeley’s class, so I am looking forward to having some cool Aussies on my blog! They haven’t come yet, though!

    • G’day again grapeprincess (just love your names),
      Remember blogging is a two way street. Have you visited any of the Aussie student blogs and left comments on their posts? Try Loretta, Isabella, Grace, Alanna who will have wya10 or han10 or 09 after their name on the list of students taking part. They will be early on the list for 11, 12 or 13 year olds.

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  47. Hi, I have three awesome things about me! Number 1 I love softball. Number 2 I have a cute and precious dog named Trouble. Finally number 3 I love KRCS!


  48. Hi,
    I go by “The Captain”. Three interesting things about me are:
    1-I am addicted to sports. I play football, baseball and basketball.
    2-I am a black belt in karate.
    3-I am an only child.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

      • Hi Miss W,
        The best thing about being an only child is that you get everything you want and there is no fighting. The bad thing about being an only child is you have nobody to play with. No, I participate in the “talk like a pirate day”. I was nicknamed “The Captain” by my baseball coach because my name is John Smith.
        Have a good weekend 🙂

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  62. I, My name is Suraj.

    3 things about me:
    1. I like to travel, and if I could, I’d travel all around the world.
    2. It’s my first year blogging.
    3. I like chocolate. 🙂

  63. Hellp, My name is ireland! Three things about me are, one, I love to play soccer. Two, My fvaorite subject is art. And three, My favorite food is ramen noodles! 😀 I Hope you have enjoyed learning about me! For more go to my blog by clicking on my avatar!

  64. Hey, my name is Grace Ann, three things you need to know about me are I really like to dance, My favorite color is lime green or baby blue, and I have 7 chickens and 2 dogs!

      • I do enjoy to do jazz,hip hop, lyrical, musical theater,and ballet. I go to dance two times a week and I have a lot of extra practices and lots of competitions on the weekends starting in winter.

  65. Hi my name is Jacqueline but you can call me Jacq. Here are three interesting things adout me.
    I am in 4-H and love it

    I love the Harry Potter books and movies

    And I could not live with out music!

  66. Three things about myself…
    I like to swim, I will soon be doing syncronised swim team!I am in grade 7, my favourite colours are YELLOW, pink, and lime green! My favourite subjects are Science, Writing, and Drama…I like science because I wan’t to be a nurse practioner and go to Western University when I am older! I think that was more than three, you will get to know that I write alot!

  67. My name is Hannah and three interesting things that you should know about me are-

    1. I Figure Skate

    2. I play the piano

    3. I live on a farm and have a cat named Charlie!

  68. Here are three interesting things about me…
    My favourite colours are purple, yellow, pink, and blue!
    I live on a farm in the country, I play the piano, and I love swimming!

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  71. Hi Mrs. W! I’m Henry. My blog is on icubed if you want to visit it. I think this blogging challenge is cool. I will be participating.

      • Hi my name is Walker three cool facts about me is that my initials are WWW and I love love love love i mean love did I mention that i love baseball and the last thing is i can spin on my head

      • G’day Walker (notice I have removed your last name),
        Remember to be internet savvy and only use your first name. I wonder which ball game you enjoy the most …?

    • Kelsey,
      With such an unusual name, make sure you do not have it appearing on your blog anywhere as it would be too easy for someone to find you in reality. You’ll notice I have taken it out of the comment you left as well.

  72. Hi my name is Christie, three interesting thing to know about me are: I LOVE softball, my favorite color is lime green, and the last thing you need to know about me is I love my school, King’s Ridge Christian School!

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  77. Hey Miss W…..
    My name is Destiny.
    I LOVE horses and dogs,and technology is reaally confusing. My favoit colors are green and orange, and I live on a farm and we have 72 acers of bush.

    • G’day Destiny,
      Yeah all this new fangled technology can be confusing, that’s why I don’t have a mobile phone. I would rather just use the internet and not have to worry about apps and iTunes downloads etc.

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  81. Hi Mrs. Wyatt.
    My name is Jared and I am a first time blogger. 3 things that you should know about me is that my favourite colour is orange, I am a cattle farmer, and i enjoy phys.ed!
    Hope you enjoyed that info on me!

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  83. My name is Brighton. Three interesting things about me are: I have a good sense of humor, I am good at building things, and I like to play sports (especially football and basketball).

  84. Hi! My name is Steve.I like to skateboard, ride my bike, and surf the internet. Some of my hobbies include cross country, track, and playing outside. I like video games and listening to music on my iPod.

    • G’day Steve,
      I love surfing the internet. As soon as I arrive home from work, on goes the computer, up goes twitter, google docs, blogging challenge and once I have replied to comments and written posts, then I head to some games. What do you enjoy most about the internet?

  85. Here are three interesting things about myself:
    1. I was born in Malaysia, but I am studying in the U.S.
    2. I have been to many places in the world such as France, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, and Australia.
    3. I am crazy about chess! (CHESS ROCKS!)

    P.S. This is my cool class blog hosted by my totally awesome teacher, Mrs. D

      • Apa khabar, Ms W? (Malay for ‘How are you?’)

        Sorry I couldn’t reply earlier. Mrs. D keeps us busy (that’s a good thing or else I would be bored.)

        The most interesting place I went to was Paris. I got to see the real ‘Mona Lisa’ painting at the Louvre, go up to the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower, and visit Notre Dame Cathedral. I learned many things on my trip and am glad I was fortunate to visit such a beautiful country.

        – Christine –

  86. Hi Ms.W. My name is Kalina and here are three interesting facts about me.
    1. I love reading especially Ray Bradbury.
    2. I love doing math and I am in mathletics.
    3. I love hiking and swimming in Europe.

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  89. Hi Miss W,

    Three interesting things:
    1. I am a teaching principal (this year I am teaching Years0-2, in 2008-2009 I taught Years5-8, and in 2007 I was teaching Years3-5)
    2. I am writing a book (non-fiction junior science reader)
    3. I am married to a wonderful man, have two amazing sons (10 and 6) and share our home with a dog, turtle, and 4 fish.

    Sorry but I have to add a fourth.
    4. I teach a great class who last week performed Cinderella to a packed school hall. They were awesome.

    Catriona Chrystall

    • G’day Mrs C.
      Wow! You certainly have a packed life. I am sure we will see some excerpts of ‘Cinderella’ on your class blog in the next few weeks.

      PS Have you found your class on the IE class list now?

      • Yes found my class. I actually downloaded firefox and tend to use this now.
        Cinderella pictures should be on our blog this week. Video probably just on our wiki as there were squealing toddlers closer to the camera than our wonderful actors.

  90. Hello Miss W.
    The 3 interesting things about me are:
    1. I am really interested in Science & Technology
    2. Though I am very smart I am also very good at sports
    3. My favourite sport is softball

    The blog I found most interesting was Teegan’s blog from New Zealand

    I like the games she has and the dancing elephant cursor.

    Bye, Tiber

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  93. Hi, my name is Sania!

    3 interesting facts about me are:

    1) I love to read mystery books or any book with a lot of suspense

    2) I love to swim

    3) I want to travel the world

    • Sania,
      Travelling the world is fabulous. I have had three world trips so far – getting older now so next year will probably be my last big trip out of Australia. I will be visiting Portugal, Ireland, Canada and some of the states of America. Which part of the world do you really want to visit the most?

  94. Hi! My name is Elisa. Three interesting things about me are:

    1. I LOVE the colors purple and teal together.
    2. My favorite thing to eat is cornbread.
    3. My favorite type of music is alternative rock or Christian rock music, my favorite band is The Classic Crime

  95. Hey Miss.W,
    My name is Olivia and I live in Canada…
    Three interesting things about myself are…
    ~My family is building a new house because they are putting up turbines up all around our old one.
    ~I play the piano and am currently in Grade 4 Royal Conservatory (I am trying to get to grade 8 so I can get a high school credit.)
    ~I want to be a doctor when I grow up so I can help people!
    Thanks for reading!

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  101. Dear Miss W,
    Three interesting things about me are I LOVE KID shows, I LOVE coloring and drawing,And I’m Mexican, Salvadorian,and American. What made you come up with EDUBLOGS?

    • Hi Kathleen,
      I didn’t come up with Edublogs. I had a personal blog using Edublogs then a class blog and student blogs. Then when I wanted my students to start connecting with students overseas, I began the blogging challenge. The people at Edublogs have helped me out with lots of advertising, creating the badges and doing a makeover of the blogsite.

  102. Greetings and salutations fellow bloggers, my name is travon.

    1. kangarros are AWESOME!
    2.My favorite food is calamari(fried squid).
    3.Dont tell anyone,but…well actualy thats out of the question because its on the internet so anyway iv never had s’more

  103. Hey, my name is Christian!

    Three interesting things about me are that:

    1. I was born in Philippines. Hey to all Filipinos!
    2. I am a fan of Anime and Manga.
    3. I like bands such as Linkin Park and Green Day.

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  106. Three interesting things about me are I’m good in playing Soccer,My favorite color is Green ,My favorite car is the Ford Mustang 20th century brand.

  107. hello!!!!!!(:
    three interesting things about me are that:
    1.i have guatemalan parents<33 a female and i use to go to boxing classes:P
    3.My favorite football team is the *CHARGERS<33

  108. Hello I’m Monique. :3

    1. I’m an otaku. (That means I watch a lot of anime.)
    2. When I get older I’m planning to go to Japan or Germany. (But of course I’m trying to get better at my Japanese and learn German first)
    3. One day I hope I can cosplay as Gilbert Beilschmidt (Prussia) from Hetalia.

  109. Hi! three interesting facts about me are that I liked soccer since I was 4 years old and I still like soccer now. I was born in Cairo, Egypt some people think that’s interesting. My favorite soccer player is named Robhino he playes for my favorite soccer team “Brazil.”

  110. Three interesting things about me are
    1. I want to be a surgeon when I grow up.

    2. I make stop motions and post them on youtube, I usually use my action figures.


  111. three interesting about me are….
    1.I have 2 sisters am i love them
    2.I love animal. friend are like my sister or brother

  112. my name is Leslie.
    3 interesting things about me
    1.I like the color Green.
    2.My favorite animal is a lion because of there fearless ways.
    3.I have a friend who i just met and she looks exactly like me.

  113. 3 interesting things about me are:

    1: I am obsessed with collecting jewelry.
    2: I like to sing.
    3: I earn my own money.

  114. three interesting things about me are:
    1. i love the band My Chemical Romance
    2. i don’t like onions (a lot)
    3. things that are diet taste more sweeter

    • Gwendolyn,
      A couple of other students have mentioned that band. Why are they so good? I have never heard of them – but I am in Australia remember and I am over 50 years young.

  115. 3 interesting things about me:
    1.)I like soccer,Favorite team Barcelona.
    2.)I like Cars the expensive ones.(Mustangs)
    3.)I also like playing games online,the action ones.

  116. Three Interesting Things About Me Are…

    1. I Am Extremely Intelligent Girl.

    2. Athletic So When It Comes To Sports I Can Always Play.

    3. Friends Are My Life, And No One Can Ever Replace Them.

    • G’day Sadina,
      Friends are definitely the best things in life. Our grade 6/7 students watched the Disney movie ‘Car’ and had to look at how friendship developed. They really enjoyed the movie.

  117. Three interesting things about me are:
    1) I like to hang out with my friends.
    2) I’m the eldest of 3 children.
    3) I’m from Chicago, Illinois and most of my family lives there.

    • G’day Deja,
      It is really great when family live locally. My immediate family all live within 15 minutes drive from each other – parents, brother and family and me.

  118. Three interesting things about me are, that I like tacos, I like riding horses, and I like riding long and fast roller coasters.

  119. Three interesting things about my self is…

    1. that i really like metal gear solid a game system game

    2. I like look at wolf’s

    3. I use to do this karate thing called wing chun!

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  121. Three interesting things about me are one I love to play softball, two i like to read, and three I am good at math and plus I like math.

  122. three interesting things about me is that i play the guitar.I also play soccer.Another interesting thing is that i have a pet turtle and a pet snake.

  123. three intresting things about me are that i love to play soccer.i like ice cream and i am spanish and white with a little of spain in my

  124. Three inserting things about me are
    1. I like to write songs and stories about vampires
    2. I love to play sports like football
    3. I love to meet new people that i have interests with

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  144. 1.I Love to go shopping
    2.I am a positive person i try to improve my grades each day so I can achive my dreams and be succesful in life.
    3.i like to have fun and not just sit down and be bored..!!!

  145. Interesting things about me:
    1. I have 10 pets
    2. I have been counting pigeons since last year
    3. I like to draw and sketch comic books

    • Nicola,
      I don’t know how to text as I don’t have a phone only a landline. The teachers at my school think this is funny seeing as though I love technology.

  146. three thing that is interesting about me is I like to play soccer,football,and I also like to play baseball.I might not look like a very active person but I am very active.

    • Three things about me:

      I am a mum to three amazing kiddies.
      I am a proud, Canadian raised, kiwi.(figure that one out!)
      I am loving teaching with technology. The inner geek has arisen !


      • Kia ora Andrea,
        My inner geek arose too once I started using technology in my room. I am one of those early adopters but still having to convince other staff to join me.

  147. HI. My name is Malcolm. there are a lot of interesting things about me.
    1. I am Canadian.
    2. I love playing sports.
    3. On my spare time, when im not playing sports or when i with my friends, i an usually cooking.

  148. Hello everyone
    Its Luis
    I am going to tell you three interesting things about me.
    1.) I like to play video games
    2.) I like to go swimming
    3.) I also like to ride my ripstick

  149. Hi my name is Emily,
    I’m going to tell you 3 interesting facts about me
    1.I loveeeeeee sports favorite food is STEAK and BACON
    3.i have been to Texas,Alaska,Canada,and California,

    • Aldo,
      We have a bird here in Australia that mimics chainsaws, doors closing, guns being shot etc. Wonder if you know the name of that bird or could find it out on the net?

  150. ello world! 😀
    My name is Sonia, and here are 3 interesting things about me…
    1. I want to be a Medical Examiner( people who see why people die) when i grow up.

    2. I have never had a Twinkie before(no lie)

    3. I LOOOOOVE My Chemical Romance(The Band)

    • G’day Sonia,
      I suppose you watch programs like ‘Bones’ and ‘Dr G – medical examiner’ on TV. I find them intriguing too, but to take it up as a job ….. Good luck.

  151. Hello,
    I’m Aaliyah,
    3 Interesting things about me are:

    1)When I grow up, I want to become a Pastry Chef!
    2)I LOVE Japanese Anime!
    3)I love all my family and friends!

  152. Hello!
    intersting things about me….
    1. I am vegetarian and have been one for almost two years.
    2. I went bungee jumping
    3. I love sports. Playing them and watching.

  153. Hi my name is Jonah. Here’s three interesting things about me.

    1 I like sharks a LOT

    2 I am a really good lego builder

    3 I really like to swim

    BONUS I’m a homeschooler and I LOVE IT

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  157. Hello!

    Interesting…hmmmm….lets see…
    1. I have married the same wonderful man twice yet we’ve never been divorce.
    2. I am a runner…just started in April but I’ve completed a 5K, 10K and this Saturday my 1st half
    3. I am certified K-12 and have taught 1st grade, 4th grade, middle school, high school, college algebra, cad/robotics, and instructional technology…
    Was that interesting? I hope so and can’t wait to get to know you guys through this process!

    • G’day Mrs Louis,
      Wow! You have certainly taught in a lot of grades and subjects. I am primary trained but have taught all grades from 3-8, but it is the middle school years I love most.

    • G’day Ana,
      I am getting about 60 comments each day on this blog and having to reply to many of them. I also am now back at school so have about 150 blogs from my students in grade 6/7 to have to read and reply to as well. I am certainly being kept busy.

  158. Hi Miss W,

    Here are 3 interesting things about me

    1. I wrestle, but no one else in my town does
    2. I don’t like T.V. Shows aimed at my age group…my favorite show is The Office
    3. I can be a really funny kid, but I’m not inappropriate, so not a lot of kids in my grade think I’m funny


    • Well Kylie,
      You have to go out there and visit other student blogs from that big list in my header. Usually if you visit someone’s blog and leave a great comment about what they wrote in their post, they will usually come and visit yours to leave a comment. Can take a while before you get a good following of readers, and you might have to work at it.

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  160. Hi I’m Ben Things you should know about me are-
    1-I live on a 315 acre orchard where my family makes a living
    2-I play lacrosse, shooting, hunting, mountain biking, and rock climbing
    3- I have 1 dog 1 sister 2 brothers 2 parents

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  163. I went to Braydon’s blog. His country is Australia and his url is I thought his was interesting because of this post on cricket.I am from India so I sometimes play it. That really caught my attention. You should go there and read his post.

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  165. G’day Mrs W!
    One interesting aspect about me is that I am always eager to go to school and learn about new things. Another thing that is interesting about me is that I can pick any instrument and play it. No perfectly but I try to find the notes through hearing and listening to the notes that I am playing. And the last interesting thing about me is that me and my Dad play the electric guitar!


    • G’day Georgia,
      I love kids who like to learn. With the internet so handy nowadays, everyone has to become a life long learner. I only learnt how to blog in January 2008 and have really enjoyed learning more about technology.

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  167. Hi Miss W
    My name is Casey.
    3 interesting things about me are
    .I like to swim
    .I really like sports
    .I like writing.
    My favourite blog was Finns blog from U.S.A

  168. The three interesting things about me are I’m at the top of my class in reading, I love animmals and I’m as tall as my mother (my mum is’ent the tallest pourson)

    • I would never call anyone who loved school a freak otherwise I would be one too. I always loved school especially maths and reading. What subject do you enjoy the most Anastacia?

  169. Hi Miss W

    Here is my three interesting things. I am good at passing a soccer ball fast. I am good at cooking. I am good at looking after my pet.

    from Nicole.

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  173. Hi Miss W,
    A few interesting things about me are that I loved music and like school. My favourite music gropup is the Cranberries. I am in Gr.8 and my favourite coulor is orange.

  174. Hi my name is Marvin and three interesting things about me are I am a twin one. Number two I like to play football. And lastly I can cook really well

  175. Three Things About Me

    1:I dont know why im doing this
    2:I wish i could finish college without doing any hard work
    3:I wish i could go home and sleep all day long

  176. Hey I am Caitlin!

    1.I went to London and Paris last summer!!!! was sooo fun!!!!
    2.I love to draw and paint! I take painting class every tuesday!
    3. I want to be an architect when I am older.

    • I always wanted to go to Paris. It was like the first place I always wanted to go to. I also love drawing and paint. It’s so artistic and fun!!!

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  178. My name is Alexandra and here are three interesting things about myself!
    I am a gymnast!
    When I grow up I want to be a lawyer!
    And I have four birds!

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  180. My name is Katie. Three interesting facts about me are: 1: i love to write, my goal for life is to figure out 50 ways to climb up the stairs and I have written 22 letters to myself in the future. 2: i am in a band with two Highlands boys down the street. 3: I always where bright colors to my school and my room is TOTALLY colorful because I believe that if I where bright colors people around me will be happy.

  181. Hello Mrs. W
    My name is Robert and i would like to tell you three things about me.
    1. I am an avid competitive swimmer.
    2. I am a VERY young scuba diver (ive been certified since I was 10) with 50 dives.
    3. I enjoy cold weather (WOO-HOO New England!!!)
    (If you have heard of any other divers on the blogging challenge, please give me their information!! I would love to chat with them!!!)

  182. Hello, Mrs. W! I learned a lot of things about people, but the one I liked the most was Emma’s from New Zealand, Url Her site was very interesting, and her posts were unique and really described her.

    • Hi, Mrs.W. I am Louise, And these 3 interesting things about me.

      1.)I started reading when I was 17 months old, so I love reading.

      2.)I want to be a forensic scientist when I grow up.

      3.)I love dark chocolate, it’s delicious!>3<

    • G’day Jonah,
      Chocolate – yum yum yum. Both Sue Waters from Edublogs and I love chocolate – I think a couple of other students have also mentioned this as one of their interesting facts.

    • G’day Kayla,
      A few girls in my classes have horses – the school I teach at is in the country about half an hour from Hobart, our capital city in Tasmania. Check out Crista and Sarah on my class blog – just click on my avatar to get to my class blog.

    • Kalista,
      I wonder what your favourite animal is? I love watching pandas, but I also think blue whales are fantastic. Yet here in Australia, we have so many different animals not seen anywhere else in the world.

    • G’day Daiki,
      Great to see so many students from Thailand taking part in the challenge. I also love reading and writing on my blogs. What would you like to write about on your blog?

  183. Hi Miss W
    My name is Nico
    Here are three facts about me
    1. I love to play sports especially soccer and baseball
    2. My favorite food is probably pizza
    3. One of my favorite subjects are math

  184. Three interesting things about me:
    1.I am from Amarica and Belgum.
    2.I have 3 cats and 1 dog.
    3.I sometimes lead worship at my churh.

    I am exited for being in your blog challenge.

    One student blogger.

  185. Hi my name is Braxton and these are three interesting things about me:

    1.I Love to watch movies all day my favourite is Pooh Bear’s Christmas.He is so cute.

    2.I Love to listen to music,my favourite radio station is 89.8 wich is Z.M.
    They are funny.

    3.I Love to play the computer so i can visit all sorts of sites, like this site for instance.

    those are my interesting things and tap back when you can:Blog website

  186. Hi there my name is Braxton and these are my three interesting things,

    1.I Love to listen to music all day, my favourite radio station is Z.M 89.8.

    2.I Love to watch T.V my favourite programme is Spongebob Squarepants he is awsome.

    3.I love to Play the computer,I go on all sorts of interesting sites, eg: Twitter, Blogger and many more.

  187. Hi Miss W,
    Here are 3 interesting facts about me.
    Firstly I like to play soccer because I love Soccer,
    Secondly I have a brother and a sister,
    Lastly I like to do Art.

    • My classroom is divided into two areas one of which is for art. I personally am not good at art, but another teacher does it with the grade 6/7 students.

      What do you like doing relating to art?

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  190. Hello1! I’m Claire. Three interesting facts about myself is I play the clarinet, I love to read, and I am a sporty person.

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  194. Hi Miss W
    3 interesting facts about me is that
    1. I play the saxaphone.
    2. I love to play sport.
    3. I am the tallest in my junior school.
    I hope you learnt more about me from this comment.

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  196. Hi Mrs. W,
    Do you pick who you want as an example? It seems weird (if it was a random choice) that 2 people I know would make it.

    • G’day GP,
      Yes, as I visit blogs to leave a welcoming comment, I check out the ‘About’ pages as this is always the first activity I do for the challenges. I am always looking for great examples to use in posts so other students and teachers around the world can also visit them and make connections.

  197. Hi Miss W,
    Three interesting things about me are:
    1. I have been playing the flute for five years.
    2. My favourite sport is rhythmic gymnastics.
    3. I love animals and I have six pets.
    I hope you found these things about me interesting and that you know a little bit more about me.

  198. hello i like the blog and three interesting things about me

    1. someday i would love to be a model =]

    2. i love to sing and dance 😀

    3. i am very talkative 🙂

    <3 kylie

    • G’day Jonah,
      For some reason, you have copied everything on your right sidebar – all the links you have to other blogs and websites, and you have put it on your ‘About’ page and this is slowing down the loading of your blog. You will need to go to your dashboard> pages> edit ‘About’ This page should have a little bit of information about you on it not the list of all your links.

  199. Hi,
    Here are three interests of mine:
    1. Aussie Rules and sport in general
    2.I LOVE the beach, especially when I am bodysurfing
    3. I going to NZ in 6 weeks


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  204. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that DominiqueS had a very interesting blog and I really enjoyed reading it. She lives in the USA and the link to her page is Thank you:)


  205. Hi Miss W, it’s Courtney
    Here are the three interesting facts about me.
    I am good at maths.
    I have three younger sisters and I have 3 cats, 1 dog and 5 fish.

  206. My name is Isaiah. 3 important things about me are : I am not a wimp, I love video games, I think that organic food is a total ripoff (please agree).

    I like

    I like


    They’re all worth looking at.

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  208. Hi Mrs. W!

    My name is Coleman. Here are three interesting things about myself.

    1. I like to read, but I am forced to because we have no video games in the house.
    2. I play the trumpet, piano, and viola.
    3. I am in the gifted program.

    That’s it!

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  212. Hi again!
    Here are some links to some interesting blogs!!!
    1 – – I like this blog because Anita has a variety of posts and we have linked each other to our blogs.
    2 – – Tom has done some cool posts and has some cool cursors! He has linked my blog to his and a description that comes up when you hover over it, it says Glittery. Probably because of the name of my blog, hehe! And where on the cyberspace planet did he get those symbol things on the title?
    3 – Isaiah has done well on his blog and has lots of interesting posts. His post thing on why people should visit his blog isn’t a post, it’s a poem. Very interesting!

    Well, see ya!!! 🙂

  213. Hi Miss W!!!
    Three facts about me are:-
    My favourite word is Glittercoconutfudge! I made it up, yes!
    I have a super cool cat named Billie! So cute 🙂
    I am 1.36 metres tall (that’s 136 cm) I’ve grown 5cm since March!!! Woah!!!
    Well, bye!!!
    Simone 😀

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  215. Hi Miss W
    These are three of my interests
    1. I like playing hockey I’ve played for five years.
    2. I quite like to read books by well known authors like Enid Blyton
    3. and last I like to work on my blog.
    Teegan 🙂

  216. Hello! I’m Rachel, and here are three facts about myself. I love to sing. I also enjoy writing, and English is my favorite subject in school. My favorite activity outside of school is shopping and going to movies with friends.

    • G’day Rachel,
      I don’t usually like writing but since taking up blogging over the last three years, it has become much easier even though I sometimes run out of ideas for challenges.

      • Three facts about me 😀
        Hey I’m Jonny and I am 11 years old. I ski a lot i went in the ski racing and didn’t go so well i got 80th out of 190. I love rugby this year my team never lost a game. i also love to run i have never lost my cross country and i came 5th in the HUGE event i mean the HUGE HUGE event well those r the three cool facts about me

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