Time to nominate

blankmeHave you been reading some class blogs lately where teachers are nominating blogs for the ‘Edublog Awards’? These blogs do not have to be Edublogs platform but can be WordPress, blogmeister, kidblogs etc.  The important thing is you only have until

December 3, 2010

to nominate your blogs.

Here is how Mrs Yollis wrote her post with the nominations – notice she included a link to every blog she was nominating and gave lots of reasons why she was nominating that blog. She also included the category she was nominating for.

Ms Woodward also nominated mainly by including links.

Miss W. has also nominated some blogs at her personal blog. Many of them are student blogs from the challenge.

Students could nominate for one or more of these:

Best individual blog
Best group blog
Best new blog
Best class blog
Best student blog
Best resource sharing blog
Best teacher blog
Best librarian / library blog
Best school administrator blog
Best educational tech support blog
Best educational use of audio
Best educational use of video / visual
Best educational wiki
Best educational use of a social network

So this is the challenge for this week

What do you have to do?

1. Write your post including your nominations. Make sure you include a link to each person’s blog that you nominate. Remember, you can’t nominate your own blog.

2.  Include a link to this blog post so I get a pingback.  http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/2010/11/27/time-to-nominate-2/

3.  Now come to this post and leave a comment that includes the link to your post where you have written your nominations.

4.  If you don’t do all three things then your nominations won’t be included.

I will be closing off comments on this post on December 3 once the whole world is on December 4.

64 thoughts on “Time to nominate

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  2. The Scoopers have learnt so much this year. Not just about blogging but about collaboration and connecting with learners from around the world.
    Here are our suggestions… http://super7scoopers.edublogs.org/2010/11/27/and-our-nominations-are/
    We would love to have a special award for the edublogs award for each and every class, teacher or project that has helped us over the year… (now there’s an idea for the final “Scoop” of the year…Watch this space!)

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  4. I have worked very hard on every challenge and it’s been a tough decision deciding who to nominate, but I think these people really deserve it. I can’t believe these challenges are coming to an end, but here are my nominations.


    I also wanted to know if you guys would be nominating blogs too? and if these nominations are what let us be the winner because if you ask me that would be a bad idea because then you could get a lot of people to vote for you and that wouldn’t be very fair.

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  14. Hello Miss.W!
    This individual blogger Leo-(http://davidvilla8728.edublogs.org/), is the blogger I have nominated.Even though his posts/pages are not long, he is always keeping them up to date. His post’s/psges are funny, enthusiastic and they really make you want to read on.
    The classroom blog I nominated is http://yollisclassblog.blogspot.com/
    The blog is kept well organized and up to date.

    Please visit and comment at my blog-

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