Wanted: teachers/educators to comment

While this ten week challenge is on, I try to visit each individual student blog at least three times, but with more and more students registering their own blog, I am finding this more difficult to do.

Teachers/educators who want to be a commenter for this challenge, please leave a comment on this post giving a small bio of yourself. As students will be grouped by age, please tell me what age group you want to leave comments with. If you have a class blog, also leave the URL of this for students to visit.

As each student registers, I will leave a welcome comment on their blog.

There will be a page in the header titled ‘Students March 2011’   This will be a spreadsheet listing all students by age and you will be allocated about 20 blogs to look after. Your name will be put at the top of your list of students.

Students: Role of the commenter

I will allocate about 20 blogs for each commenter to visit. By the end of the challenge, they will visit each of those blogs at least twice. Each commenter will leave one or more comments on the blogs. The comments might be on your about page, or on a post and might include some tips to improve your blog. Hopefully the comment they leave will also allow you to keep carrying on a conversation with the helper.

If you want to know more about your helper, look at the comments on this post as they will be writing a short little bio in the comments.

Original image: ‘My little helper
My little helper
by: Emory Allen

Released under an Attribution-NonCommercial License


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  • Hi Sue. I’d be happy to help out with the Student Challenge this year. I have a Year 6/7 class in Adelaide, and this is my 4th year blogging with my students. Our class blog is http://thompson67.edublogs.org

    I’d be interested in students between 10 & 13 years old preferably, but am open to your needs – probably not early years though.

  • Hi there
    I’d love to help with this. I love using blogs as teaching and learning tools and have my class one – http://teamroom8.blogspot.com
    I leave at the end of this term to become a full-time Master of Teaching student, studying eLearning and ICT – very exciting. I’ll also still be working with kids, particularly on blogging to motivate learning and achievement.
    Happy to work with any age group – have taught all from 7 year olds to 13 year olds.
    Let me know if I can help. We follow each other on Twitter too 🙂

  • Hi Sue!

    I am happy to help! I teach third grade, but you can put me in where you need help!

    Linda Yollis

  • Hi Sue, I received a comment from Grace at
    http://gracelog09.edublogs.org/. She tells me I am her educator commentor. I didn’t realise I had been accepted into the challenge, I may have missed an email or post confirming this. Do I have other students whose blogs I should be watching? I apologise for not commenting sooner. I just thought since I registered late that I had missed out.

    • Hi Vanessa,
      I left a comment on the post where you mentioned you would like to be a commenter. It mentions where to find your students – check the page in the header ‘Students – March 2011’ and go down the list till you find your name in a line. Your students are below your name in the same colour as you.

  • This blog is really cool.

    Miss W. says ” Joey, you can’t recommend your own blog. You have to visit other student blogs and recommend one of them.”

  • I’d love to be a commentor if you still need teachers. I would gladly comment on the blogs of any age students.
    I teach third grade (ages 8-9) in Pennsylvania.
    My class and I started blogging right before Christmas, so we are newbies but both the students and I are loving it and learning! I’ve had a personal blog for about 4 years, but I’ve learned valuable things from the experiences with my students.

    • G’day Beth,
      Thanks for offering to help.

      I have allocated you some 11 year olds on the page ‘Students – March 2011’ spreadsheet. As more 11 year olds register, they will be added to your list, so please check it regularly.

  • Michael Gjessing

    Hiiiii! I’m Michael and I like blog challeges!

  • Michelle Irinyi

    Hi! I’m a certified Montessori teacher ages 3-12 and a state certified teacher grades k-12 and would love to help if you are still looking for readers/commentators. Wherever you have a need will be fine with me.

    • G’day Michelle,
      Thanks for offering.

      I have allocated you some 11 year old students on the page ‘Students – March 2011’ spreadsheet.

  • If you still need teachers to comment, I’m happy to join in. I teach grade 3 at an international school in Thailand. My class has been blogging since October so we have some experience but are learning on the way.
    Here is our class blog:

    • G’day Laura,
      Thanks for offering.

      I have allocated you some 9 year olds at the end of the their list. If more students that age register they will be added to your list, so please keep checking it out.

  • Hi
    I would love to comment on students blogs.
    I have been working at a state university in Turkey and I won silver medal on British Council s Elt blogathon contest.
    If you want you can check out my blog
    If you are still looking for someone to comment on especially high school and university, I would love to do it.
    Best wishes
    Aysegul Liman

    • G’day Aysegul,
      Thanks for offering to help in the challenge.

      I have allocated you some 14 year old students. If you go to the page in the header ‘Students – March 2011’, go down the list to the 14 year olds, you will find your name in a yellow cell and the students you comment with are in the same colour under your name.

  • Hello Miss W!

    If you are still looking for someone to comment on any students younger than 14 I would love to help again!

    A little about me:
    My name is Abbey and I am 14 years old. I have been blogging for about 2.5 years. I love playing piano, reading, and making people smile.

    Have a fantastic day! =)

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  • Hi everybody!
    I would also like to join you in the March Challenge.
    I am a secondary school English teacher from Moscow. I have started blogging and looking for partners abroad recently, and it would be interesting for me to read students’ (and my colleagues’) posts.
    I am going to add some students to my blog too. I am teaching students with special needs, so they might need more time to do things at the beginning, as they are not used to such projects yet.
    I hope, I am not too late.
    Looking forward to blogging with you,
    Tatyana Ch

    • G’day Tatyana,
      Thanks for offering to leave comments on student blogs. I have allocated you some 12 year olds. Check the page labelled ‘Students – March 2011’ and go down the list to the 12 year olds to find your name and your students will be in the same colour as you.

  • Hi Sue, I am in if you need me! The Gr. 6 Huzzahnians have signed up and are ready to roll! Again thanks for all your energy behind this. 🙂

    • G’day Jan,
      Thanks for offering to leave comments. I have allocated you some 11 year olds. There might be a few more register so please keep checking the list.

  • Hi, I would love to help out with commenting on students blogs, since I don’t have any students of my own right now. I am a swedish and mathematics teacher for students between 12 and 16 years old. I only have my own blog right now. I currently live in Norway, but I grew up and have my diploma from Sweden. The preferred age group for me is 12-16-year-olds. Love to help!

  • If you need any more comment makers I’d be happy to help. I teach years 5-7 (10 – 13yr olds) in country Victoria. We’ve just started class blogging so we are looking for other blogs to use as models and to practice good commenting!

    • G’day Anne,
      Thanks for offering to help by leaving comments on blogs. I have allocated you some 10 year olds. As more register they will be added to your list so keep checking it every couple of days.

  • I am a 6th grade teacher and would love to help with the blog challenge. My class keeps a website, however, it is not a blog. I would love to see what children are doing with their blogs and help them improve their writing, content, and presentation of their sites.
    Let me know how I can help!
    Jill Brandeberry
    Madison Schools
    Adrian, Michigan

    • Hi Jill,
      Thanks for offering to help. I have allocated you some 9 year old students. Most are from New Zealand which could lead to skyping with your class.

  • Hi Sue
    Would you be able to give me a temporary password for edublogs to enable me to sign in to leave a comment on the epicbloggers or should i just sign up.


  • Hi Sue
    Sorry I’m a little late signing up as a commentator, hope this is still possible.
    I have worked in NSW as a Primary school teacher for 20 years and are currently working in a secondary school, mainly with Year 7 students. I support teachers and students in their learning but am not responsible for my own cohort of students which has made it difficult to set up my own class blog. I am really keen to stay connected with
    students and their blogging. I am happy to comment on all blogs, K – 7. I also work with teachers and students in special ed. so if there are any student bloggers in this category, I’m happy to help out.

  • Hi Sue
    I have left a little introduction comment on all of my blogs except one as I have to sign in to an edublogs account which I don’t have. It is the epicbloggers.
    Miss Docherty

  • Hi Sue,
    Perhaps don’t give me 20, as that is too many, but if you need help in the 18 -25 year old esl area I might be interested. We have too much catching up to do with basic literacy and using computers for the first time, since arriving to Oz. We will be producing some word.docs and powerpoint to start with and doing some talks/presentations. Perhaps I could make some movies, and just use our class blog as a resource, since LMS BB has failed and they’ve all reverted to the prehistoric webct.That is why I work in the cloud, your blogging challenges are reaching cyclonic speed for all of us ‘challenged’.

    You’re all doing a great job, Ronnie,both sue W’s, Murcha..
    Thanks always,

    • G’day Jane,
      Thanks for offering to leave some comments.
      I have allocated you some 17/18 year olds. Only five registered so far and all are musicians.

      • Hi Sue,
        I saw my name next to some kids, but I’ve lost them again. How do I get past the 14’s?? in the students 2011?? itsabit weird. i must be doing something wrong??

      • Just found them from a different link which opens across the page over the side bar. Hmm..the tab up the top is limited, students 2011. The larger and longer version is on a link in one of your sidebars for ‘students 2011’, ??
        interesting,don’t know why they are different.

      • Sorry Jane,
        I only have it set to have a certain number of cells open in the spreadsheet. I will change the number and lo and behold, your students will appear again.

  • Hi Sue, if you need any more teachers to comment on student blogs, just let me know.

    I am a Music/IT teacher in Launceston, Tasmania.
    I would like to comment on Grade 5 or 6 student blogs, but I am prepared to comment on any age group if required.

    Cheers Andrew

    My class blog is http://alamb.edublogs.org/

    • G’day Andrew,
      Thanks for offering to leave comments. I have allocated you some 13 year olds. In the page ‘Students – March 2011’, find your name on the Google document and your students will be in the same colour as you.

  • I would love to help with commenting on student blogs, any ages/grades are welcome. I currently am a literacy coach and work with grades 4-7 (ages 9-13). I participated in the last teacher challenge and am going through the current challenge. I have my own blog at Thinking Out Loud. I will begin blogging with students soon at Blogging to Learn.

    • G’day Jana,
      Thanks for offering to leave comments. I have allocated you some 12 year olds. Head to the page ‘Students – March 2011’, find your name in the Google Doc and your students will be in the same colour under your name.

  • I would love to help out. I’m a 3rd grade teacher in San Antonio, Texas. I’m new to blogging, but boy am I a believer now. The writing skills in my class have skyrocketed as a result of blogging. Wow! Their interest level is through the roof. Love it and I would be happy to comment!

    I can do any age group, but have taught 3rd through 5th. i am the parent of teens, so I can definitely give feedback to this group, too. Wherever you need me, I can serve!

    • G’day Irene,
      Thanks for offering to leave comments. I have allocated you some 12 year olds. To find them, go to the page in the header labelled ‘Students – March 2011’ go down the Google document to find your name and the students will be in the same colour as you.

  • Hi,
    I would be happy to make comments to any group in need. I took the Teacher Challenge and found the comments to be the most exciting part as they really inspired me to continue blogging. Hopefully, it will work the same for the students.

    This is my twentieth year of teaching. All but one of those years has been in fourth grade. My students are just starting to blog with each other – I haven’t opened it up to the world yet. Maybe soon.


    • G’day Nancey,
      Thanks for offering to leave comments. I have allocated you some 11 year olds. To find them look in the page in the header called ‘Students-March 2011’ Find your name and the students in the same colour under your name.

  • Hi Sue
    I am a primary five teacher from Scotland. I am new to blogging (Nov 2010) but I am very keen to encourage children to engage in this, in order to develop worldwide communities. I am an enthusiastic ‘beginner blogger’ and would like to take part in this fabulous venture. We visit and comment on other class blogs regularly and really enjoy receiving comments from across the world. Blogging is a very powerful tool. I may not be experienced enough to take part in this, but I though I would register my interest anyway.

    My class blog can be accessed at https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/nl/brilliantbloggers/

    I am open to commenting on any age group, but as you have requested a preference I would say in the 8-10 year old category.



  • Hello,

    If you still need blog help with blog commenting, I’d love to help out. I am a 7th grade English teacher in Philadelphia. I manage a blog for the entire 7th grade and am planning on entering them into the class blogging challenge. I have been teaching 7th grade English for one year, but before this job I taught English in Guatemala and China. I would be interested in blogs by students in the 7th-12th grade range.


    • G’day Lacey,
      Thanks for offering to help. I have allocated you some 12 year olds with their blogs. Many are from Colombia and using blogs for the first time.

  • Nice idea, love it. This is how to share good news to everybody, keep commenting and sharing useful information.

  • I’d really like the opportunity to help out. I am a music teacher at the high school level in Bayonne, NJ. Would love to help out with students involved with arts classes but I’ll help wherever I’m needed. I also have two excellent student bloggers – both upperclassmen high school who I think might be able to help with smaller children? They are Andrea D’Agostino and Samantha Hitchell

  • Hi there,

    I don’t know if there is still an opportunity to become part of this but I wanted to volunteer.

    I am from Ontario, Canada have been a teacher for 35 years. I presently teach Grade 3 at an international school in Beijing China. I have been here for seven years. I actively involve my students in as many activities with IT that I possibly can. I enjoy blogging myself and have been participating in the 30 Day Teacher Challenge.

    If possible I would like to work with students from Grade 3-6 but am willing to work with any level. I believe it would be a tremendous opportunity to gain knowledge on student blogging as well as participating in a terrific program.

    Heather Davis

    My blogs are:
    Professional – http://teachlesslearnmore.edublogs.org
    Personal – http://lifewithheather.wordpress.com

  • I would love to help by commenting on the elementary age level blogs.

    My Bio:
    I have been an elementary teacher for the past 23 years. The first 14 years I have had the experience in teaching every grade from K-6. I am currently an elementary computer lab teacher, a NASA Explorer School Team Leader, and the school site’s Educational Technologist/ Tech Staff Developer. And I just currently participated with the Edublogs Teacher Challenge.

    My blogs are meant to be resource blogs for educators, but don’t mind student comments:

    • G’day Reba,
      Thanks for offering to leave comments. I have allocated you some 9 year old students and as more register they will be added to your list.

      To check out who they are, look at the page in the header called “Students – March 2011” and a Google document will be there with both your name and the student names in the same colour.

  • I’d love to help by commenting on blogs for 12-15 years old. Here’s my bio:

    I teach 8th grade language arts at a middle school in southern Indiana. I read and write with my students and hope to inspire them with a passion for words. You can peek inside my classroom on my blog, Mrs. McGriff’s Reading Blog

    • G’day Kay,
      Thanks for offering to leave comments. I have allocated you some 12 year old students. As more register I will add them to your list, so please keep checking the student list every week or so.

      • Sue,
        I’ve found all the blogs listed under my name but the one for Chandler W (the first name). Every time I click on the link or type in the URL, my browser is directed back the the edublogs main site. I’ve logged myself out of edublogs and tried. Any suggestions?

      • Thanks! I saw the blog had a new address this morning, and I’ve added it to my list in my reader.

  • Hi Sue,
    I’d love to be involved and making comments on students/class blogs.
    I am a teacher librarian at an all-girls school in Melbourne, Australia. I have my own professional blog and when our Edublogs Campus blogs are established assisting teachers and classes to blog as a regular classroom practice. I will also be establishing a school library blog at my school.
    Ideally I would like to comment on secondary school blogs – anywhere from years 7-12.
    Looking forward to the challenge beginning.

    • G’day Glenda,
      Thanks for offering to help with comments. I have allocated you some 13 year old students. Please keep checking the student list as I will probably give you a few more once they register.

  • Hello Mrs. W,
    I would like to help out with commenting. I have been teaching for 15 years and I have been blogging with my class for only one. My blog is http://bcarmi.edublogs.org. I have a grade 6/7 class who will be joining the challenge shortly. I would like to comment on students in the grade 4 – 8 range, if possible.
    Looking forward to the Challenges (Class and Students)

    • G’day Mr Carmichael,
      Thanks for offering to help with comments. I have allocated you some 12 year olds mainly from Colombia who are just starting out with blogging. They are using weebly.com as their blogging platform.

  • Hi Miss W.,

    I am in my fifteenth year of teaching, and my first year blogging. I reside in California, USA. Both my class and I, fifth grades, would be willing to make comments. We are finally live and making posts a couple of times a week. My students are starting to get excited about being published authors/bloggers.



    • Steve,
      If you want to include your class blog as part of the challenge, register here.

      This way you will get lots of other classes visiting your blog as well.

      • G’day Steve,
        Thanks for offering to help. I have allocated you some 8 year old students. Check out the student lists to find your name and the students names in the same colour. I will add more 8 year olds as they register so keep checking the list.

  • Hello,
    I am able to comment on students’ blogs. I teach grade 5/6 in Canada, but I would be willing to comment on grade 3-6 students’ blogs. This is only my first year of blogging so … but I am willing.
    Jill Clayton

    • G’day Jill,
      Thanks for offering. I have allocated you some 8 year old students who are all from Nic’s class (see page with classes). This might make it ideal to do some Skyping with his class.

  • Hi Sue

    I would love to help.


    • Thanks Linda for offering. Could you please read this post and add another comment with a few more details so I can allocate to the correct age of students?

    • Hi Linda,
      Thanks for getting back to me. have allocated you some 13 year olds in a reddish colour in the student list. Find your name and your students will be in the same colour.

  • I’d love to help with commenting. This is my fifth year teaching Earth science to sixth graders. My students use blogs as web portfolios, and I have just finished the Kick Start Your Blog teacher challenge. I would prefer to work with middle schoolers (grades 6-8, ages 11-14). Our class web site is Earth Science with Mrs. Wilson.

    • Thanks for offering to comment on blogs. I have allocated you some 11 year olds and will add more as students register.

      Check out the student page to find your name highlighted and the students are in the same colour.

  • Hi Sue
    I am a highschool teacher with a bit of time on my hands only working as relief this year. I am especially interested in working with the middle years age group (Year 6 to Year 9) and have done a few units with various groups on internet saftey and etiquette in general. I followed your most recent blog challenge and would love to start a blog if/when I am able to get back into a suitable teaching position. If you were happy to have me on board it would be another avenue for my personal PD while helping out the kids and yourself.


    Adrienne (Mrsski)

    • G’day Adrienne,
      Thanks for offering to help. I have allocated you some 13 year olds. I will add more to your list as they register as there is only about 5 so far.

  • I mentored last Challenge in the fall and really enjoyed it. I still visit the blogs that I was assigned even though the Challenge is over…because I developed an interest in what they were writing.
    I don’t think I can continue with those kiddos but I’m more than willing to take on a new set of kids.

    Since I teach 11 and 12 year olds, I would like to work with that age student again because I think I understand them the best. But I’ll help out wherever you need me.

    My bio…..I’ve been teaching middle school in Leawood, Kansas, USA, for almost 20 years. Our school has about 500 students in three grades. Usually I usually teach math and science. I love computers & reading. Blogging is something I love to do because it brings me into contact with all sorts of new people from whom I can learn new things.

  • Hi, My name is Beth Gentrup and I would love to comment on student blogs again this challenge. I enjoyed the first time around!
    I teach 7th & 8th grade gifted students in Nebraska. I would be glad to comment on blogs for either 13 or 14 year olds. I teach mainly technology & Web 2.0 to my classes. My blog is
    https://jhgifted.edublogs.org/. My students have thier blogs ready and can’t wait to blog with others!

  • Hi, I’m Denise Krebs and I teach 7th and 8th grade students, ages about 12-14. I teach at a small school in Iowa. I just finished the teacher challenge, and I am looking forward to the helping my students through the student challenge, as well. I have 36 students, and they each have a blog. Here is a link to our blog’s main page. Each student is (or will be) linked on that page.

    I would welcome the challenge of being a commenter on the student blogs and would prefer to work with the same age I teach–12-14 year olds.


    • G’day Mrs Krebs,
      I have allocated you some 13 year olds. They are all from Mrs Gentrup’s class except Dillon in Canada is in Mr Carson’s class.

  • I would be more than happy to help out and leave comments for the students participating in this challenge.

    I currently teach grade 7 in Ontario, Canada. I have been teaching for 7 years and use a variety of web tools in my 1:1 computer to student classroom. But I must say my favourite is having students blog.

    I participated as with our class blog with the September challenge, and now will be encouraging students to participate with their own individual blogs.

    Happy Blogging

  • Hi!

    I would love to take part in this round of blog collaborations! If possible I would like to be linked with other classes of grade 3 or 4.

    I am teacher for a grade four class in Newfoundland Canada. We maintain a class blog http://podfourfennemore.blogspot.com as well as individual student blogs http://kidblog.org/MrsFennemoresClass/

    Looking forward to the collaborations!

    • Hi Peggy,
      Have allocated you some ten year olds. Please visit their blogs and start commenting when you can. There are only 4 blogs so far, but as more register they will be added to your list, so keep checking on the ‘Students March 2011’ page on this blog.

    • Peggy,
      I have added some more students to your list. I am not sure if the ones using 21 classes can actually have comments left, so they might eventually get taken off your list. Please keep checking the student list to keep up to date with the student names and blogs.

    • Don’t worry the 21 classes are now Edublogs so no problems with leaving comments.

  • Hello,
    I would love to be a commentor for whichever age group you are in need of. Last time I commented for two groups and I’d be happy to do so again.

    I have been involved in teaching children, mostly elementary school age, for the past twenty years. Currently I live in California and homeschool my three sons. The oldest two use their blogs frequently for schoolwork and I have a blog for them – and anyone interested – to find the best educational links online, and to join in discussions on various topics.

    We’re looking forward to the new challenge!
    Tatiana (Ms. Tatiana)

  • Hi Sue,

    I would be glad to help comment on some student blogs! I teach 3rd grade (8-9 years old) in Connecticut, USA. This is my 5th year teaching and my 2nd year with a classroom blog: http://jmsalsich.edublogs.org/

    I would prefer to follow student blogs around age 9, but would be fine following up to age 11-12.

    Thanks for organizing these great learning opportunities!

    -Jonah Salsich

    • G’day Jonah,
      Have allocated you some 10 year olds to comment on. They are all from Mr Baker’s class in New Zealand. Might be great for some skyping as well with your class.

  • Hi I am a teacher in NZ and I have been teaching mainly junior children (5 -8years old). I would feel comfortable commenting on blogs from children up to the age of 10 (or classrooms). My class loves our class blog and showing their families what we have been doing. We signed up to the class blog challenge last year and enjoyed visiting other classrooms from all over the world. I enjoy using a variety of technology in my classroom and personally. My next goal is to convince my principal that a ipod touch (or even better ipad) would be practical in a classroom!

  • So happy to be a commenter for Ch’n blogs – probably prefer year 4 to year 7 blogs

    teach year 4’s at the moment but usually a year 5/6 teacher. love commenting on my ch’ns blogs and blog posts – my class is continuing our class blog which is http://ithinksummerland.blogspot.com AND we are also embarking on a year long photographic blog http://summerland365photoaday.blogspot.com/

    I have been blogging with ch’n for a bout 3 years now and we love getting visitors and sharing experiences.

    my class is also on Twitter – summerland22

    look forward to commenting soon 🙂 Bring it on!

    • G’day Claire,
      Have started allocating you some 11 year olds – so far all from Mrs Ratzel’s class.

    • Dear Ms. Cheeseman,
      We are so excited to have you reading our blogs. I am letting the kids know about you today….that way they won’t be leary of anything you post.
      Our only problem is that our school blocks blogspot, so we will only be able to interact with you from our blogs and when we are at home. That’s a bummer….we dislike filtering solutions as they are extremely imperfect, but what are you going to do.

      Again, thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing from you.

      Mrs. R

  • Hey Sue,

    I’d be more than happy to visit and comment on student blogs. I usually try to make a habit of this anyway so it will be nice to find new blogs!

    I’m a fourth grade teacher from Massachusetts. I’m in my seventh year teaching. This is the second year I’ve been at my current school. I’ve been keeping a class blog for a while but really started to get serious about it this year. It can be found at mravery.edublogs.org. My students always appreciate visitors and always love to visit other blogs!

    Shawn Avery
    Plympton, Massachusetts

    • Shawn, what age group in particular would you prefer to comment on?

      • I’m honestly open to any age group. Maybe like grades 3 – 6 (ages 8 – 13) if you need me to narrow it down. Thanks!

      • Shawn,
        I have started allocating you some 9 year olds – only three registered so far but will add them to your list as they register in coming weeks.

      • Shawn,
        I have given you some students from Ms Boucher’s class but they are using 21 classes as a platform and not sure if it is open to leaving comments. If not, I will take them off the list and add more students as they register.

      • They have now changed to Edublogs as they were used to having closed blogs with 21 classes.

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