Where to next? -Challenge 10 -March 2011

Well, the final challenge has arrived. Reading the posts from last week’s challenge, many students have learnt a lot about blogging, improving their blog with widgets and learning how to leave appropriate comments on blogs as well as developing a readership of their blog.

Now it is time to evaluate the actual blogging challenge. We have never actually evaluated the challenge itself.

This was the sixth blogging challenge. Each set of challenges is ten weeks long. Both classes and individual students take part as either bloggers or commenters, sometimes with different challenges for each group.

Activity 1 – students and classes

Please evaluate the challenge mentioning something about the following topics:

Registration: Is two weeks early enough for registration to begin before the first challenge?

Subscription: Did you subscribe by RSS or email in order to get the posts as soon as they were published?

Student and class pages: How useful are these pages in the header of the blogging challenge?

The challenges:

  • Did you visit the actual challenge on the blog each week or did your teacher have a post on your class blog?
  • Which challenges were the most useful?
  • Which challenges were the most interesting?
  • What would be some other topics you would like included in future challenges?
  • Are more tutorial type challenges needed? eg how to make a link in your post
  • Were the ‘Visit these’ posts useful?
  • Were the challenges where you had to embed ie polls, cartoons, wallwisher etc interesting or could you not embed due to being a free Edublogs blog or a blogging platform that didn’t allow embedding?
  • Were there enough chances to visit blogs from overseas and make links with other students/classes?
  • Classes that registered – were there enough activities specific to classes? Did you make global connections?
  • Anything else you would like to mention about the challenge in particular

Activity 2 – if you didn’t do it last week

In October/November each year, Edublogs has a nomination for best student blog, best class blog, best new blog etc and we don’t want you to miss out on nominating the blog you feel would be best in each of those categories.

If you could nominate only one student blog and one class blog for an Edublogs award later in the year, whose blog would you nominate and why? Make sure you put a link to their blog on your post, then come to last week’s challenge post and leave a comment saying who you would nominate. You cannot nominate your own blog.

Activity 3 – time to show off

For your final challenge post, you have free choice of topic. Show off to your teachers, class mates as well as family and overseas visitors. Remember to show skills in embedding as well as linking and using images.

Activity 4 – Answer Garden activity

March 2011 student blogging challenge was …… at AnswerGarden.ch.

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