Visit these – week 3

I really enjoy checking up on those blogs where students have left trackbacks to the post in the student blogging challenge. Here are some more from the last week for you to look at.

Where I live, our school

Mrs Jundef, Awapuni school, Mr Fachet, Gabby, Mr Gonzalez, All about Sage’s crew, All about Vogt’s crew, student entries at the Idea Hub, Jerry, Mrs Zwettler, Mrs Swift Vokis, Napoleon Primary, Mrs Norton – Quiz, Sophie – sliderocket, Summer – sliderocket, Sciencegirl Em, George, Kyle– sliderocket, Colton – sliderocket, Caitlyn – sliderocket, Hannah -Prezi,

Great conversations

Molly and Mrs Watson,

Need answers to questions

Mrs Martinez,


Mrs Norton, Brandin, Joshua, Mrs McKelvey uses voicethread, Mrs Lucchesi, Mrs Barinova’s class, James, Toby, Eli, Hailey, Adem, Alyssa,

All about commenting

Tarron – glog, Mr Ross and his knights, Grade 5 Napoleon video, Spencer, Haley, Adem, Teegan, Ilaria,


Mrs K – poll, Room 15,

Interesting posts

Mrs Kolly, Yes that’s me poems, Mrs Lucchesi, Mrs Kelly – video, Ozz Man, Noah, Lupita,

Visiting others

Casey, Dante, Daze, Ethan, Joel, Joseph, Maraea, Reef, Satriani, Te Whaitiri, Terira, Travis, Anahi, Gisela, Kaylee, Sam, Kiley, Caroline, Eli, Jeff, Caitlyn,


Gabrielle, Joey, Joey again, Quinn, Carson, Alexis, Sam, Molly, Mrs Kelly,

Mentors recommend you visit

  • Vic and Em – evolving story with polls to help the story along
  • Raiven MP – lots of humour
  • Peyton – well organized
  • Amy – lots of different features


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