Week 4: Make it global

Not many activities this week as I know many classes have been on spring break and need time to catch up from previous weeks.

Student and teacher reminders

  1. Have you checked the student/class list to make sure your URL is accurate? Leave a comment on this post with corrections.
  2. Have you uploaded your user or comment avatar?
  3. Is your ‘About me’ page up-to-date and is there a link to it on sidebar or in header?
  4. Have you added links to student and class blogs on your sidebar?
  5. Are all your posts categorised now?
  6. Have you changed the name and tagline on your blog? Shouldn’t see johnpar12’s blog anymore
  7. Have you changed the theme or appearance of your blog?
  8. When I mention ‘Write a post’ in the challenges, remember to use some web 2.0 tools as well like wallwisher, voki, polls, posters etc. Check out what other teachers and students are using in the ‘Visit these’ posts.

Global activities from January through March

Did you or your class discuss or take part in any of these events?

Activities for both classes and students:

  1. Check out at least one of the websites linked above. Write a post about what you have learned.
  2. Write a post in your mother language. Make sure you have a translator widget on your blog.
  3. Research a famous woman in the world. Write a short biography including reasons you consider her famous.
  4. What are the roles women have in your family, community, country? What rights do women have in your country? Compare to another country from Asia, Africa or South America.
  5. Students from middle or high school, take the human rights quiz. Research one of the people mentioned and write a post about them.
  6. What are some of the water problems you have in your area? How can you help solve the problem?

Free Rice

Last year, we started a group for the student blogging challenge at Free Rice.  As at writing this post, we have

Members count: 45

Grains donated: 47 950

Are you going to join and earn grains of rice? Our group is called ‘Student blogging challenge’.  If under 14, you need teacher or parent permission to join.

Earth Hour

Are you, your family and other members of your class, school, community going to take part in Earth Hour on Saturday 31st March at 8.30pm? Visit the Earth Hour website to find out what you could be doing. Add a widget or banner to your post or blog. Check out what the World Wildlife Fund are doing. Write a post about your participation.

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    • G’day Ms Kerr,
      In the header of this blog, is a ‘Register here’ page. Hover over that and you will see ‘Classes register here’. Fill in the information, then check by going to the ‘Participants March 2012’. Your name should now appear under the ‘Classes’ heading.

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