Visit these – weeks 5 and 6

Over the Easter break I visited many blogs to check if students had written at least one post during March that related to the challenge. I have also included some from week 6 about work.

Here are some posts that caught my eye:

Sophia – tutorial about embedding flag counter

Oscar – travelling around Australia for 3 months with his family

Madeline – prezi about her dream job. Also check out her Easter posts

Lily , Emma, Malia, Nick, –  perfect job with great explanation

Gisela , Hannah, Astanah, Mikayla, – volunteering post

Christian , BooBoo, Jonathon, Ana-Maria, Clay, Dharyl, Letty, Breeyana, Cassidy, Jose, Chey, Paloma, Lupita, –  including survey

Natalie , Olivia, Kerry, – experimented with pictures using Animoto

Malia , Kiley, Lauren, Eli, Cate, – A-Z of work – choose and leave a comment

Caroline , Collin , Riley, Ashley, Drew, – includes a poll about work

Mrs McKelvey’s class had a great spring break

Mr Miller’s class looked at volunteering and writing surveys

Mrs Norton’s class created a poll

This video from Em’s post last year came in handy for some students when finding images

Other interesting posts – Chasen, Natalie, Amro, Eddie, Kiley, Lauren, Jason, Hannah, Andrea, Skylure, Jarrod,

Vacation posts – Jake, Alexis, Isaiah, Nick, Gabby, Olivia,

Mentors recommendations:

Kaity, Yen Khe, Kayla

3 thoughts on “Visit these – weeks 5 and 6

  1. I did the Student Blogging Challenge last year and I would like to not do it again this year. Is there any way I can unsubscribe so I don’t continue to get the emails?

    Please reply to my comment if you know what I can do,

    • G’day Tess,
      Generally at the bottom of the email, there should a link you can click on that says ‘unsubscribe’. If you can’t find it, get back to me and I will take it off for you.

  2. Hello Challenge Bloggers,
    Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions of creative websites. We will keep trying new ones for the rest of the year I think!
    There is one which I like to play with now and then called Bomomo. You might like to give it a try. You can find it here:
    from Ms Norton & 5N

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