Week 2: I can comment …

Many thanks to Sue Waters from the Edublogs management team for creating this post last year. I have made a few changes and added some other blogs to visit in some activities.

An important part of the Student Blogging Challenge is connecting with students and other classes by reading posts and leaving comments.

Comments allow you, and your readers, to engage in discussions, share thoughts and connect with your blog.

Most new bloggers find publishing posts easy and commenting harder!  Your activity this week is to learn more about commenting and improve your commenting skills!

What makes a good comment?

Comments transform your blog from a static space to an interactive community.  Commenting is one way a blogger can create conversations.

Your readers leave a comment that hopefully asks questions (which encourage conversation), you reply back to their comments on your blog, then visit their blog to read their posts and engage with them on their blog.

The better your comment the more chance you have in creating conversations.

Start by watching either of the following two videos on Commenting.

Watch Mrs Yollis’s ‘How to Write a Quality Comment‘.  You can also watch it on Vimeo if YouTube is blocked in your School District.

Watch Nicolas Weiss’s Leaving High Quality Blog comments video  if you are a high school student.

Now visit Huzzah’s Commenting Guideline to learn some more commenting tips.

Important tips:

  • Refer to Adding a comment support documentation if you are unsure how to add a comment.
  • Comments may be moderated on your blog.   Remember to check your Comments folder, and comment spam folder,  to approve any pending comments.
  • Include the url (address) in your comment when you leave a comment on another blogger’s post so the blogger can visit your blog and comment.

Below is an example of a comment from Huzzah’s blog that shows how to include your blog URL in your comment.

Comment example

Activity 1: Leave a comment on this post. 

Each week the best posts published in the Student Blogging Challenge are featured in our Flipboard magazine.

To check your posts we need you to leave a comment with a link to your post on this blog whenever you finish a weekly activity.

So your first activity is to practice leaving a comment below with a link to your post for an activity you’ve completed this week or last week. If you have already commented last week, you don’t have to do this unless you have a new post you want Miss W to read. PS I have 95 comments to read at the moment that were posted overnight when I was asleep in Australia.

Here is an example from Ayla last week:

Hi Ms. W,
I have just finished this week’s blogging challenge by uploading my avatar and making my about me page! Here is the link: http://aylaz13.edublogs.org/about-me/
So far blogging I have enjoyed creating my blog and I hope to get lots of comments

Activity 2:  Practicing commenting on a class blog

Mrs Smith has published an excellent activity that guides you through commenting, learning to read student posts and practicing comments.

Visit Mrs Smith’s I’m New Here post to work through the tasks in her post and then leave a comment on her post. Remember to include the URL of your blog.

Activity 3: Write a post, create a video or create a poster about commenting.

Might be tips to get more visitors,  guidelines for acceptable comments on your blog, examples of good and bad comments – think outside the square. Remember you don’t have to approve all comments. It is your blog; send some to the trash and if it is a company trying to get you to visit their blog to buy something, then label it as spam.

Here are some links to commenting guidelines written by students and classes. Class in New Zealand, grade 11/12 class in USA, Huzzah class blog in Canada, Abbey has a blogging guideline page, Mrs Allen created a poster about commenting,  WarriorKat uses lots of visuals in her guidelines,  Sophie had a great post, the Blogging Frogs have some great tips, Emme created a powtoon on commenting , Darcey write about commenting,  Kyndal wrote about how to comment, Rachel wrote her own guidelines

Activity 4: Visit other student or class blogs

Visit 4 other blogs on the lists above the header area. Leave a quality comment on one post on each blog. Might be the About Me page or another post you found interesting.  Write a post on your blog mentioning who you visited, which post you left a comment on and why, then include the comment you left. Hint: make sure you copy the comment before you hit the submit button.


There will be two posts this week so look out for the next one on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I have had some mentors mention they cannot leave comments on some blogs.

If using blogspot, make sure you have Name/URL as an option when commenting.

If using Edublogs, make sure your blog is open to the world and you don’t need to login to leave a comment. To check this, go to your computer, find your blog, DONT login but click on the title of a post – does a message come up about needing to login? This means a normal visitor won’t be able to leave a comment.

551 thoughts on “Week 2: I can comment …

  1. I really glad to go through you post regarding quality comments. You have really created good video with the help of student for better understanding on quality comments.

  2. Dear Miss W
    Hi my name is Mitchell from Australia and I just wanted to say thank you for posting the WONDERFUL video about you and your students telling us about how to do the blogging challenge and giving us tips about it

    Your Most Kindly Regards MITCHELL

  3. I love the blogging challenge because I get to meet people who like the same stuff as me,that are from all over the world.I have learnt how to write a awesome comment.have a good day.

  4. Hi Miss W
    I am enjoying these blog challenges. I have learnt to always leave a positive comment when commenting on people’s blogs.
    From Brad

  5. Dear Mrs. W

    Thank you for posting the wonderful video. The video really inspired me on how to post a comment. My class and I really enjoyed the video we will use the tips!

  6. I enjoyed your video about quality comments. It was really cool how they all shared information about comments. How is it blogging? Is it scary?

  7. nice job on the lesson.It really taught me how to leave a good comment.I’v got a question though.could you share your blog with that person?

  8. Dear Mrs. W,

    my class and myself really enjoyed your video on leaving comments! It was extremely helpful as we are currently working on blogging. Thank you. Do you have anymore helpful hints?

  9. Hello Miss W,
    I like your blogging challenge, It is well done! Also I wanted to tell you, what do have plan for your next challenge?

  10. Hi Miss W.

    I liked the tips for leaving comments. They were very clear and easy to follow.

    One of my goals for my own blog is for it to be a growing and easy resource for my students when they need to find or learn about artists. I recently added just a quick spot light on the artist Curt Querner. Feel free to check it out if you’re interested.

    Miss Beth

  11. Hello Ms. W
    I just wanted to thank you for creating this blogging challenge and giving me something to do. Why is there 4 semesters in New Zealand when there is only two semesters here, along side a two month break in summer and a week of in March. Do your kids still go for a break from school on Easter, Christmas, and other special holidays? Here is my blog link if you want to check me out. I would like to hear what you have to say about my work.

  12. Mrs W,
    I really liked this post because it was very informative and helpful, now I know how to make better and more effective comments, this is going to be useful when I comment on other posts. Thanks for the help!

  13. Dear Ms. W,

    Thank you for creating such a fun and rewarding blogging challenge. I have recently finished my avatar, and commenting on blogs around the world. I have had lots of fun doing this and I can’t wait for more challenges. Please feel free to check out my blog: http://sophie2016mds.edublogs.org/

    Thank you,

  14. Hi Ms. W,
    Thank you for hosting this terrific learning experience. I am having so much fun doing these challenges. My favorite was commenting on 4 peoples posts. I commented on posts all over the world. Please check out my blog and posts at https://lauren2016mds.edublogs.org/

  15. Hey Ms. W,
    This week I have made multiple posts on my blog such as an about me page. I have also left comments on a lot of peoples blogs.

  16. Dear Miss.w
    I am having a lot of fun doing the blogging challenge. Thank you for making the blogging challenge it is a lot of fun.

  17. Hi Ms. W.,
    Here is the link to my blog so that you can see my avatar http://aloura28.edublogs.org/
    Here is my All About Me page link http://aloura28.edublogs.org/all-about-me/

    My Online and Offline Post http://aloura28.edublogs.org/2016/03/23/on-and-offline-me/

    I also put the Student Blogging Challenge Badge for 2016 on my blog, my avatar, a few things from aBowman, and the Class Blogs Widget in my blog.

    I also put on a poem go here to read it. http://aloura28.edublogs.org/2016/03/24/poem-1/

    Our Class blog is Inquiring Minds. Edublogs helps you learn cool and new things.

    The student blogging challenge is fun because I get to blog a lot more.

    Thank You So Much!

  18. Hey Miss W.,
    my name is Isabel I love the activities so far. My Commenting blog does´t have a link so visit my blog to read it!

    Blog: blogs.csdvt.org/isabelb2/

    Enjoy, Isabel

  19. I am done week 2 I had fun writing these comments I look forward to the next challenge!

    my link


  20. The information of the blog we went over some of it in class and the rest was new and the videos were full of information. What if you don’t like someones blog what do you put if you like nothing on there?

    • Hi Annabelle,
      If you don’t like anything on someone’s blog then don’t leave a comment but usually you can think of something positive to put as a comment.

  21. Dear Ms. W,
    I just completed the most recent blogging challenges by commenting on other people’s blogs. I have been having conversations with people in my class about a book we are all reading and have commented on other students doing this blogging challenge! I really appreciate that you take your time to make these fun challenges. I have loved designing my blog and doing the weekly challenges

    Thank you again

  22. Hello Miss W,

    I’ve enjoyed the blogging challenge so far! I just posted my post about comments, and why I chose to make my avatar the way it is now! I’m about to write a post about making things, or sculpting..
    My blog is here, at: http://aristo2016mds.edublogs.org


  23. Hi Ms. V,

    I uploaded my avatar and an alphabet of adjectives about me. I also wrote my “About Me” page. I visited a few of the blogs of different students signed up for the Student Blogging Challenges and also made a post about this. Here is the link to my blog: http://peter2016mds.edublogs.org/. Hopefully, you can check it out. 🙂

    From, Peter

  24. Hi Ms. W,
    I have done a lot of stuff on my blog. Last week I made an about me page and set up my blog. This week I made an avatar, and put the student blogging challenge badge on my blog. I also commented on 4 other people’s blogs and now I am doing this. After I am done writing this comment I am going to post something else on my blog.

  25. Hi Miss W!
    Thank you for having me be a part of the Challenge. I’ve learned how to add more widgets into the side bar of my blog. My favorite widget is the avatar. Mrs. Vasquez taught me how to add one last year. I’ve completed several activities from weeks one, two, and three.

    I have an About Me Page, but I would like to share my poem with you.
    I’ve even started a poetry category, and I’m showing my friends how to add their own categories.

    One of my free writes is about my school’s Baile Folklorico Dance group, which is a style of dancing from different states of Mexico. Here is the link.
    My blog is growing quickly, and I’m having a lot of fun.

    I’ve commented on one of Mrs. Vasquez’s posts. She has inspired my teacher, me, and my classmates. I know you know the link, but here’s where I commented:
    It’s awaiting moderation.

    I’ve commented on many students’ blogs in the challenge, and also on my own class blogs. It’s very interesting to learn what they do in their schools, or what happens in their lives.

    Your tips were very helpful, and they improved my comments a lot.

    Thank You Again!

  26. Dear Ms.W,
    I made an avatar and put it on my home page http://daisy02.edublogs.org/. I also did the All About Me page here http://daisy02.edublogs.org/about-me/ I’m still not done with Offline and Online Me; I’m almost done. But I did a personal poem; I hope you like it.
    I think it was a good idea to do this challenge because it’s really fun to write and to read other people’s blogs. Also, I learned a lot of things I did not know, like how to leave meaningful comments. I Love It, and I think it’s good for the people that want to learn more things!!

    Thank You, Ms.W!
    With Love, Daisy.

  27. Dear Miss W.,
    I have completed a new avatar. She looks a little older than me because I put make up on her. It was so much fun creating it! You can also see my avatar on my Homepage http://dulce19.edublogs.org/.
    Also, I have my About Me page; the URL is http://dulce19.edublogs.org/about-me-2/.
    I have an Me Online and Offline post; the URL where you can find is http://dulce19.edublogs.org/2016/03/22/me-online-and-offline/
    I have learned how to add new elements to my blog . Edublogs taught me how to put the widgets. I also learned how to make quality comments from these wonderful videos. THANK YOU!

  28. Dear Ms. W…
    I have completed a new avatar, as you can see in this comment. You can also see my avatar on my Home page http://ana01.edublogs.org/
    Also I have my A\bout Me Page here is the URL http://ana01.edublogs.org/about-me/
    I also have an online and offline post here is the link http://ana01.edublogs.org/2016/03/22/online-and-offline-me/

    I already posted the 2016 Student Blogging Challenge Badge, and a Revolver Map on my blog.
    I love this challenge because, its a challenge and you have to get everything done or else you can get kicked out. I also like this challenge because you get to connect with kids all around the world and their blogs.

  29. Dear Ms. W..
    I have a new avatar,as you can see in this comment. You can also see my avatar on my home page. http://ana01.edublogs.org/
    I also have an All about Me Page. It is here http://ana01.edublogs.org/about-me/
    I also wrote a post about online and offline here is the link http://ana01.edublogs.org/2016/03/22/online-and-offline-me/

    I love this challenge because, its challenging and you can get kicked out of this challenge. I also like this because, we get to connect with other kids around the world.

  30. Dear Miss. W,

    I’m having an awesome time doing the 2016 Blogging Challenge. I cant wait to see what the next challenge is. I have created my avatar and I love it. It looks very similar to what I look like. I like commenting too, I must have been commenting wrong before because I need not even know the things that where in the videos.


    blog link: http://zzhadensas22.edublogs.org

  31. Dear Miss W,

    Thanks for letting me join the student blog challenge and having me updated on our lessons. I like doing these blog challenges I see you like blogging I also love blogging. In 1999, there were just 23 blogs. Today, there are over 1.5 billion blogs on the internet. WordPress.com alone has over 60 millions of them. Every half a second, a new blog is created. There are about 31 million bloggers in the US .Where is this blog challenge held like what state is this in?

    I really enjoyed creating my own avatar look at my blog here.

  32. Hi Miss. W,

    I liked the commenting challenge cause they were very helpful thank you. I liked watching the videos they helped me a lot.

  33. Hi Mrs. W

    the commenting videos were super helpful so thanks. I just learned that if someone that does not speak our language comments on our post it translates it to our language. Here is a link to my blog :). http://zzsladecas22.edublogs.org/
    Were the videos helpful to you?

  34. Hi Ms. W,

    I’ve been doing the blogging challenges and really enjoying them! Today I finished commenting on four other blogs and writing a post about it. Here is the link to my blog: https://lila2016mds.edublogs.org/. So far blogging I’ve really enjoyed getting to see other people’s blogs. Everyone is so creative and has so many amazing ideas! I also really liked seeing comments other people left on my blog and had a lot of fun creating my avatar.

    Thank you!

  35. I learned to write a quality comment on our class blog as there is a title you press on them there’s a whole article about making a quality comment and we in class I also have a blogging book where there’s a activity where there is two side titled Good and Bad comments and we write comments them place them into a column.

    Summary, I basically learn to write a quality comment in class with my wonderful teacher Mrs Q .

    Where did you learn to write a quality comment?

    Feel free to check out our class blog!
    Make sure to check out my blog at

  36. Check out my post about commenting here it ishttp://blogs.csdvt.org/elenas/2016/03/22/what-kind-of-comment/

    Please comment back.

  37. Hello Mrs. W,

    Lately I’ve been having so much fun on The Blogging Challenge it’s hard to stop typing on the computer and leave for my next class! This challenge is helping many students WORLDWIDE in getting to know each other better and learning a lot of new exciting facts. My latest posts have been about Technology, and The Blogging Challenge, which I do hope you get to read and comment on. However, I do know you are extremely busy with creating new Challenges and replying to other student’s comments that you probably won’t get the chance to reply to mine, and thats perfectly fine! Hope you have a good day, heres my blog!

  38. Hi Mrs W
    Last week I completed task 1 were I created my avatar I really enjoyed I even wrote about here is the link to my blog:www.taliast16.edublogs.org

  39. I think that this blogging challenge is great for kids to express who they are and how they feel. It also helps kids to not be afraid to tell people what they like and what they like to do. Seriously, don’t be afraid. Take my advice. NOW!

    ~Savannah Out!

    My blog address: http://theworldofdreamsss.blogspot.com/

  40. I think that this blogging challenge is great for kids to express who they are and how they feel. It also helps kids to not be afraid to tell people what they like and what they like to do. Seriously, don’t be afraid. Take my advice. NOW!

    ~Savannah Out!

    Here is my blog: http://theworldofdreamsss.blogspot.com/

  41. Hi there Miss W!
    I thought that this challenge was a very good one because I got to learn so much about commenting. It really made my comments a lot better. I even got to see a really cool blog post that had a story that was meant to teach the readers about commenting. It was so creative! I love learning new things in creative ways and this challenge was one of them. So thank you for that.
    Here is the URL to my blog post that I did this week: http://17stem.blogspot.com

  42. Here is my blog, with the link to the blog that I posted a commen on. The first comment I posted on here I did wrong, so please count this one instead.


  43. Hello Miss W!
    I love the examples you guys put to make the tasks easier to comprehend. I have finished last week’s activities and thought that was something fun and really creative to let people know a bit about you without totally giving away your information such as physical features. Here is the link to my post; http://hamboni4.blogspot.com/
    I hope you enjoy,
    Hannah (aka Ham) 🙂

  44. I really enjoy the idea of the student blogging challenge. I really liked creating my avatar. It allowed me to be creative, but also still have boundaries to what we could do. I thought that was a good challenge.
    The link to my blog will be below.

  45. Hi Mrs. W,
    I’ve finished last weeks activity of adding a new avatar, and creating an about me page. You can click the EduBlogs challenge tab at the top to narrow it down to only posts for the challenge, since I do update my blog regularly with other things.
    > Thank You,
    @ http://www.erikstemblog.blogspot.com

  46. You are right commenting can also have an effect on the wright ear it can help you know the reader has learned or give you critiques


  47. I learned that by using a comment,it will be turned from a static space,to a interactive community


  48. Hello Miss w,
    So far I greatly enjoy the student blogging challenge. The challenge itself allows me to speak my mind on topics ,and it allows me to see what other people think about the same exact topic. In fact, I was able to speak my own mind in my most current blog post about My Future and some school activities that helped me get a better understanding of what the future can hold(link to this blog will be provided below.) I am looking forward to seeing some of the topics that we will have to do in the future.

  49. Hello Mrs W. This is my plan for my future. I’m not sure how it’s going to go exactly, but this is how I would like it to go. I would like to grow up and become a forensic officer. I want to run tests on clothing and evidence found at the crime scene. For right now I have to worry about the next 4 years of my life, which is high school. if you want to read more about all this and have a visual aid just check out my blog post about it- http://20wilmae.edublogs.org/2016/03/09/how-i-want-my-life-to-go/

  50. Dear Miss W,
    I enjoyed making an about me post and an acrostic poem on my blog.
    I also loved making an avatar that was so fun!
    Here is my link/blog if you want to check it out!
    London’s Blog

  51. Dear Mrs. W,
    I like the bogging challenge and I am excited to comment on other blogs. I hope you are excited as I am! You can also check out my blog!

    Elise’s Blog


  52. Dear Mrs. W,
    I am having so much fun doing the edublog challenge! I can’t wait to find out what the next challenges are. Here is the link to my blog:
    Emily’s Blog


  53. This article taught me that I should leave my blog url so other people can go to my blog and see other thing I’ve done.

  54. Hi miss W.
    I really like posting and commenting on other people’s work! Please visit my blog sometime. ~Alexandra

    My blog: alexandra306.edublogs.org

  55. What I learned about commenting is it is always important to give your opinion about something .

  56. Hi Mrs. W,

    Thank you for teaching me how to write a write a comment, now I can comment on other blogs! I’m sure it will come handy in the future!

  57. I really enjoyed this week bout commenting I think it is very fun and a fun way to connect with people and meet them. The worst part about commenting is people like to advertise and spam other accounts and that is a no no 👎🏽 please don’t spam that is not cool 😎🚫

  58. Hello Miss W we are working on a blog post that talks about what we want to do in the future during high school after high school and what we want to do when are graduated and so that way that we get a better idea of what we want to do when we get older. I hope you enjoy my post here is the link so you can see the post.

  59. Hey, I’m not sure why we need to learn about commenting but I’ll do as many student challenges as I need to.
    From Trey

  60. Great information us children need to take notes on this I learned more things that I thought didn’t matter matters when u comment on things

  61. Hi Miss W ,
    I learned that commenting on other people’s post on you have a better chance of starting a conversation with someone.
    This my link to my blog. Makayla157.edublogs.com

  62. In this passage I learned that the better the comment is, the more likely you will be able to start a conversation! Gracie111.edublogs.com

  63. Hi Mrs.W,
    I learned a lot from your post. I learned how to post comments and make them good. So thank you for posting this!

  64. I learned that the better your comment is the more of a chance you have to create a conversation with that person. micaela108.edublogs.org

    • Hi my name is Alec. I think you really described your blogs very well. You have a lot of detail and are a very good blogger. Liked your blog about the lame dissection. I am also soon going to do a dissection and am exited.

  65. HI! I am avivabruno2015.
    I am excited to do the blogging challenge this year.
    But I really hate the blogging website my teacher chose which was ‘Edublogs’.
    What made you want to make the challenge?
    My favorite blogging website is ‘Yola’!!!


    • G’day Aviva,
      I really love the Edublogs platform because it has so many choices and is easy to use once you have it set up well.

      I started the challenge so my students could make connections with other students around the world.

  66. I love the student blogging challenge and I can’t wait to see what’s next. I love everyone’s avatars too

  67. Hi Miss W,
    I have just finished posting about my avatar with a picture, And my Interesting About Page! You can look at My avatar HERE: http://simonst16.edublogs.org/2016/03/08/my-new-avatar/
    And My About Page HERE: http://simonst16.edublogs.org/about-me-interesting-version/
    I really Enjoy doing the student blog challenge! It has really made me more into the computer and learn more stuff I didn’t know before!
    I look forward talking to other students from around the world!
    These activites are fun, and I hope to see more fun and interesting Activties to complete on my blog!
    My blog: http://simonst16.edublogs.org/
    – Simon

    • Hi my name is Alec. You are really descriptive of your blogs. I too also like to play soccer and is my favorite sport.

  68. Hi Miss W,
    I have just finished posting about my avatar with a picture, And my Interesting About Page! You can look at My avatar HERE: http://simonst16.edublogs.org/2016/03/08/my-new-avatar/
    And My About Page HERE: http://simonst16.edublogs.org/about-me-interesting-version/
    I really Enjoy doing the student blog challenge! It has really made me more into the computer and learn more stuff I didn’t know before!
    I look forward talking to other students from around the world!
    These activites are fun, and I hope to see more fun and interesting Activties to complete on my blog!
    My blog: http://simonst16.edublogs.org/

  69. Hi Miss W. I have created my avatar and done an about me post on my blog. Here is the link I do hope that you have a awesome day. I can’t wait for more challenges http://2014583.blogspot.com/
    Please let me know if there is anything I should change on my blog.

  70. Hi Miss W.
    I have decided to finish my first blogging week with my favourite drawing. I have enjoyed reading comments of children from all over the world. I really like that I can say what I think. And it’s interesting to see what the others think.
    Sara http://saransite.weebly.com/

  71. Hi Miss W.!

    Here are five tips about commenting on blogs.
    1. Add something positive to start with.
    2. Make a connection with yourself and the blogger.
    3. Make sure there are no spelling or punctuation errors.
    4. Ask a question.
    5. Don’t criticize or write any negative comments to the blogger even if there is nothing nice to say.

  72. Hello, Miss W.
    I love my Avatar and I love this student blogging challenge. I like this challenge because making an avatar is fun and I enjoy making my avatar look like me. I like giving people challenges. I can tell that you do too. What is your favorite blogging challenge that you ever did? If you want to see my blog here is the link to it, https://kidblog.org/class/friends-of-the-fifth-dimension-2015-2016/posts/5tpbaclgk1qsuqpkngod8nw54, thank you for reading this.

  73. Dear Miss W,

    Thank you for commenting on my post, even thought you have many other kids posts that you can comment on. I just wanted to tell you that I have finished my week two work. I wasn’t really sure if we were supposed to right a comment to you next week about me finishing my week two work, so I am just going to do it right now. This is the link to my blog,


    Thank you,

  74. Hi my name is Regan,

    I’m really excited about the student blogging challenge this year (scince this is my first time). I really enjoyed the first task as well.
    This is the link to My blog reganw33kns.edublogs.org

  75. TO MS W
    Hello miss w I like the challenges that you have come up with. Can’t wait to do the challenges. Where do you come up with these cool ideas.
    from James

    • Hi James,
      I have been running the challenge twice a year since 2007 so have lots of different ideas over that time. There are some activities though, that are nearly the same every time.

  76. Hello,
    I am very excited for this weeks challenge can’t wait for next weeks challenge. Do you like these challenges.
    From Judd

    • G’day Judd,
      Thanks for leaving a comment here on the challenge. Do you and your classmates have your own personal blogs or do you have a class blog at school with your teacher?

  77. Dear Miss W,
    I am really exited because I am doing more work on commenting and I can’t wait till I do Activity 3, doing a post or video about how to make a good comment. Why
    did you put the comment challenge this week?
    From Jack

    • G’day Jack,
      I know that many students like visiting and commenting so I put this set of activities early in the challenge. It is also a very important skill to have when blogging.

  78. To Mis M
    I’m so excited about the student blogging challenge. Are you excited about hundreds of kids on the student
    blogging challenge
    From Gemma🇦🇺

    • G’day Gemma,
      I am excited when we have hundreds of students take part in the challenge. The one things that disappoints me, though, is I can never get enough people to be mentors. But this year, we have some Australian Children’s book authors taking part so that is exciting too.

  79. Hi Miss w my name Isaiah I know how to my a good comment.
    1 write it like a letter.
    2 correct spelling and punctuation.
    3 compliment the authors work.
    4 ask a question.

    • G’day Isaiah,
      You have listened to Mrs Yollis’ video very well and I can tell by your comment here, that you will leave quality comments on other student blogs.

  80. Dear miss W,
    Can you please tell me some of the infomation that you think I should not have on my about me. Visit this page shelbyb123.global2.vic.edu.au

  81. Hello miss W,

    I can not wait to do heaps of activities. They’re fun so far. I love to do blogging it is very fun and I can’t wait to do activity 3 it sounds like fun.

    from Skye

  82. Hi Everyone.
    I really like blogging it is the best I love going on my blog and putting stufgf on it.

    What do you like about blogging? Why?

    From Ethan

    • Ethan,
      I don’t really know why I like blogging but I think it is because you are communicating with people from all around the world. In fact I have stayed or visited with some of the teachers I have blogged with during the 8 years of the blogging challenge.

  83. Dear miss W
    Can you please tell me all the information that you think that should not be on my about me page
    From Dominica

    • Dominica,
      I hope you don’t have your surname, address or phone number on your about me page.

      I know the Global2 people don’t like you having three pieces of identifying information eg your name, your school and your teacher’s name

  84. To miss w,
    thank you for that fun week one bloging challenge.
    Im looking falweds for the next weeks of bloging.
    are you in joying this years bloging challrnge.


  85. Hi Miss W ,
    I’m looking forward to do the student blogging challenge week 2 activities.
    How do you feel about the kids doing the challenges that you make for the people on the student blogging challenge ?
    From Rebecca

    • G’day Rebecca,
      I love that the students enjoy doing the challenges I create. Some are serious like the commenting ones and when you learn about using images on your blog. Others will be more fun.

  86. Hi there my name is Jarrod
    I have done the first task so I will be going on with the next one very shortly here is the link for my blog.

    • G’day ANthony,
      I have been making this blog for many years. When I first began the challenge the posts were on my class blog then the people at Edublogs created a special blog just for the challenge because we were getting so many students and classes taking part.

  87. Hi Miss W,
    I like the idea of a student blogging challenge. I enjoyed doing last weeks activity. What is your favourite activity so far?

    • G’day Ella,
      I like the activity I will be posting about tomorrow. It is a special event that the bloggers take part in every year around this time.

  88. Howdy I’m Boden
    I’ve completed the first task and now starting the second. Have you been enjoying creating tasks? Here is a link to my blog. bodenj123.global2.vic.edu.au
    Hope you have fun.
    From Boden

  89. To mr w
    I completed last weeks challenge with the avatar and about me page.
    It was fun.
    I am enjoying the challenge
    Visit my blog and leave a comment. jettr123.global2.vic.edu.au

  90. Hello, Miss W!
    I am excited to be in this blogging challenge so much! I really love to write and I am looking forward to the different challenges that are to come. So far, I have done week one, creating an avatar and wrote an a to z poem about me. Here’s my blog…

  91. Hi Ms W,
    I’ve completed the first student blogging challenge task and I loved it!
    I found it so much fun creating my avatar, I thought it was a really nice way to start off the student blogging challenge.
    Looking forward to completing the next one.

    Kind Regards,

    Here’s my post:

  92. Hi sue,
    It is Keira here I just want to say I love your blogging challenges.Because they let lots of other people know about your blog an you . I also love how creative the challenges are. I have one question how do you get your ideas? I just finished last weeks task and it was great fun cant wait for the next challenge! come have a look at my blog http://keirah.global2.vic.edu.au/

  93. Hi my name is xiomara. I just finished my avatars and writing why i chose it inhttp://xiomara0509.edublogs.org. So far i am liking this program in blogging to other people.

  94. Dear Mrs. W

    I really enjoy doing the blog challenge this year! This is also my very first year doing it too. I finished doing the week 1 challenges, the avatar, about me page and the state post. Also thank you so much for teaching us along the way.


  95. Dear Ms. W,
    My name is Tiffany and I have finished my post about my avatar and my ”about me page”. Thank you for showing me how to comment more better and thank you for showing me the video of the kids telling me what we can approve on commenting.

  96. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1n8-kwigGCkmGrWuhwziu8cnwJODdYH4YItaoGNMWCi4/edit#slide=id.g11c444ff9e_0_0 My theme for my comment is My favorite soccer team.So my favorite soccer team is Real Madrid because they are the best in the world in my opinion.They have so many great players like Cristiano Ronaldo,Navas,Sergio Ramos,Rodriguez,Marcelo.The reason I like them is because they very good and they don’t act like there all that because they win championships.

  97. Dear Mrs. W,
    I just completed last weeks challenge. It was super fun, and I made an avatar, and a made a poem telling a little bit about me. I have enjoyed doing this blogging challenge, and I hope to grow my site a little more!

    P.S, here is the link to my site 23milleremmac.edublogs.org

  98. Dear Mrs. W,
    I loved making an avatar last week, I also loved making a post about me. I got to express who I am.


  99. Hello Ms. W.,
    I’m Kelly Online and I did my All About Me from http://kellyonlineb.edublogs.org/sample-page/.
    And my favorite thing about blogging is that I get to tell the world what I like to do and what I do. Because I find it fun when people around the world come and read about what you like. And reading your blog is pretty cool because you know more things and I can learn things from reading your blog. So thanks
    Kelly Online

  100. Hi Ms.W, I’m Geoff,
    I finished up the All About Me task and here’s a link to it,
    I’ve been seeing tasks about avatars? Was I supposed to do that because I already have one so is that OK? I’m enjoying the challenge until now especially since our teacher has been getting us ready for aaaaages now.
    Well, bye Ms.W!

  101. Last week I did the post about me, I also did my avatar picture I put a KTM 450 ( motorbike ). Here is the link Kpsedward

  102. Last week I finished doing my all about me challenge and avatar. It was so fun, I have we can do lots more fun stuff on here.

  103. Hi Miss W,
    I am Abbey S and this is my blog http://kps6cabbey.global2.vic.edu.au
    (Here is the link) .This week we did the I am activity and I loved it, because I learnt more about other people and it was very interesting and fun.
    I also loved your information about how to right a good comment,they were really educational and the videos were great!
    Happy blogging
    ~ Abbey 🙂

  104. Hi ms W my name is addy,
    Last week I made changed my avatar and posted an all about me post as well.
    Thank you for the challenges I am really enjoying them.
    From addy

  105. Hi Miss W,
    I found your tips about comments very interesting and the videos where educational,I learnt lots just by watching them. Last week I posted my I am activity( here’s the link http://kps6cruby.global2.vic.edu.au) I really enjoyed sharing facts about me to others looking at my blog.
    ~Ruby 🙂

  106. Hi Miss. W
    This is Salena, i have just started doing these blogging challenges and i really like the idea of having the blogging challenges and making steady progress in our blogs by commenting to each other for tips and ideas.
    Here is my blog address http://salenaroom7bnms.blogspot.co.nz/ please comment to let me know if there is anything i can improvise on.

  107. Dear Miss W
    My name is Natasha and I am from NZ. This helped me loads with my knowledge on how to comment properly.
    I hope you and/or others can visit and enjoy my blog. I will now be frequently visiting lots of blogs to practice my commenting skills!
    Here is my blog URL:http://natasharoom7bnms.blogspot.co.nz/

  108. its awesome to have some like this and its interesting. Those videos are awesome keep writing and working hard like u do.
    From Munashe

  109. Thank you for this amazing challenge. I really enjoy blogging and knowing that people are always looking at my blog. As I have said, THANK YOU (:

  110. Hi Miss W!

    I just finished my week 1 and did both; a new avatar, and a new about me! Check them out; http://mckenzie7pm.edublogs.org/about-me-2/ & http://mckenzie7pm.edublogs.org/2016/03/10/week-1-new-avatar/ . My About me got in our 7th grade Blogs worth reading also! Check it out also! https://flipboard.com/@ginnyhoke2015/blogs-worth-reading-spring-2016-nqdic8try?utm_campaign=widgets&utm_medium=web&utm_source=magazine_widget
    Hope you enjoy reading!

  111. Dear Miss. W,
    This is olivia1am here. I am working on the comment blogging challenge. I just want to say I love doing these challenges, they bring out the best in me! I can’t wait till the next challenge. Here’s the name of my blog: olivia1am

  112. Hello Ms. W.,
    I’m Ocean from Ocean Online and I just wanted to tell you that I did my challenge last week here’s my All About Me url :
    http://oceanonlineb.edublogs.org/sample-page/ .
    I really like doing my work on last week challenge I got to say a lot of tings that I wanted to say thank you Ms. W.
    Have a good afternoon!

  113. Dear Ms. W.,
    Its Kate Online and I wanted to tell you that I did the challenge of writing a All About Me. Here’s the link, http://kateonlineb.edublogs.org/sample-page/ .
    Its a really good idea to make a edublog challenge. I hope you make more challenges because I LOVE these challenges!!!
    Bye and have a nice day! 🙂
    Your friend,
    Kate Online 🙂

  114. Good morning Ms. W,
    I`m Nyha from http://nyhaonlinep.edublogs.org/sample-page/. I really like doing all these challenge. I have actually been looking forward to doing these challenges all year. Last weeks challenge was fun and I know this weeks challenge will also bring me pleasure. I hope that all the challenges will be as amusing as the one that happened and the one that is happening.
    Nyha Online

  115. Good afternoon Ms.W.,
    I’m Juan Online, I find that I am very good at commenting on other peoples blogs. I really liked the All About Me challenge and I hope that I will like this one also. I love doing the challenges you give and I can’t wait for the next one!. I also love commenting because I like giving my opinion on other blogs, I also like it when people give me an opinion or compliments my blog. Here is my All About Me, I hope you enjoy it, http://juanonlinep.edublogs.org/sample-page/ I really enjoy blogging and I thank you for everything! Have a nice day,
    -Juan Online

  116. Hi Ms.W.
    I am Guido and this is the url for my About Me http://guidoonlinep.edublogs.org/sample-page/
    I already did the first challenge witch is the About Me.
    I really like the Edublog challenge because I really like challenges and contests because in hockey there is tournaments witch is like a challenge and that my favorite sport is Hockey

  117. Dear Ms. W
    I wanted to tell you i have completed all the tasks so far and if you didn’t mind you could visit my New and improved All About Me at http://jakeonlinep.edublogs.org/sample-page/ and I just wanted to say I’m proud to be in this blogging challenge because i love blogging and it just brings a smile to my face.
    Jake Online

  118. Hi Ms. W,
    My name is Destiny Online from http://destinyonlinep.edublogs.org/sample-page/ and I really like doing this challenge. We redid our About Me`s which means I did the challenge and this is the link that I gave you so you can go and look at that. So far my favorite challenge is the About Me because its an important page on your blog because people don’t really know you when they go on your blog! It`s a very good part of your blog:)
    -Destiny Online

  119. Good morning Ms. W,
    I’m Clara Online, and here’s my All About Me http://claraonlinep.edublogs.org/sample-page/

    I’m really enjoying the challenges your giving us and I’m super excited to do more. I’ve updated my About Me and I’m ready to take on the other challenges! I find it very cool that were commenting and meeting other blogs from around the world! I Find it amazing that were able to do stuff like that! I’m always ready to take on these new challenges
    Have a nice day.
    -Clara Online

  120. Hello Ms.W,
    I’m Cass Online and I am really enjoying blogging. It is a great way to express yourself and connect with other people. I have been blogging for about 6 months now which is not a lot but for me those 6 months have been phenomenal and I have learned a lot of new things about blogging.
    If you would like to know a little bit more about me you can check out my About Me, the post that really started off my blog: http://cassonlinep.edublogs.org/sample-page/.
    Anyways, I hope you have an excellent day!
    Cass Online

  121. Dear Ms. W,
    I can comment! 🙂 I can also look forward to the next challenge! I really enjoyed doing my “All About Me” and I think that I put a lot of effort into it. If you want, you can go check it out at http://coreyonlinep.edublogs.org/ or you can go to “https://allthingsquebec.wordpress.com/ and visit Corey Online. I eagerly await the next challenge and hope to get far (in the challenge). – Corey

  122. Good morning Ms.W,
    I’m http://amyonlinep.edublogs.org/sample-page/ ! I’m so excited for the blogging challenge! I’ve already completed the first challenge and now I’m ready for the second one!
    So far, having a blog is very fun and now it’s getting exciting because people from all over the world are coming to read my blog! I never thought that can happen to me!
    As you can see, I’ve completed the first challenge, which is my All About Me. I’ve worked very hard on it and I hope you will enjoy it!
    I have a good feeling that this will be a memorable experience and that I won’t forget it.
    Have a great day Ms.W!
    -Amy Online

  123. Nice post the links you put in really helped me write good comments Thank you! Do you like commenting on kids or adults blogs more? here is a link to my blog-http://blogs.csdvt.org/aidenm/

  124. Hello Ms. W
    I can show you that I can comment because you always start by saying: Hello or Hi my blog name is Gary Online and you can see me at: http://garyonlinem.edublogs.org/
    You are supposed to say your blog name since we don’t want to know your real name, because If you like the person the way they write you can go see there blog. But if they put there real name you can’t go see the blog. Example: the blog name is Nathan but he say his name Alex so you can’t see the blog of Nathan because he said his real name. if you got everything good than you can say that the post was really good or something like that.
    I hope that you like it have a nice day Gary.

    • Hi my name is Alec. I really liked your post about the Orca Whales and not being able to breed them. You really described it well and I would like to know more.

  125. Hello Ms. W.,
    I’m Edna Online and this blog gave me back something I haven’t had in a long time, hope. I had lost that a long time ago. I love blogging the feedback and the hope that your readers love this post as much as you, like my All About Me http://ednaonlinem.edublogs.org/sample-page/ is my kick-off to the blogging world. My mom says “This blog should kick the tomboy right out of you!” and my Grandma says “This should change your pastel gothic side!” (IT NEVER WILL!! LONG LIVE PASTEL GOTHS!!). I’m also delighted to inform you that I haven’t changed. This blog changed my life and I hope you like it as much as I do!
    Thanks Miss W. From your friend Edna Online.

  126. Hello Ms. W.
    This is Hank Online,
    I have been very happy to do the first challenge, to create an About Me [and or] an avatar. I will be doing the second challenge, leave a comment. I have a question, how many blogging challenges are there in total. Because we had the chance to create an About Me, I feel like people get to know me more. Here is the link to my About Me,
    Hank Online.

  127. Hello Mrs.W my name is Xavier Online you could visit me with this url http://xavieronlinem.edublogs.org/

    So I’m really happy that there’s a competition like this one because I really like making post with my teacher and I would really like to make my own website so I can make my own post and blogs. I have a mentor named Mr. Farmer and he is helping me improve my writing skill and I’m happy he’s my mentor. The thing is I’m the most proud of is my new and improved About Me it says every thing about me you could visit it with this url http://xavieronlinem.edublogs.org/sample-page/. The last thing I need to make is an avatar. Anyways in this long post I wanted to say that I thank you for organizing this competition because like I said I before I love making posts for my blog .
    So goodbye Xavier Online

  128. Hello Ms.W!,
    My name is Skylar from All Things Quebec and I am super excited to have started the challenge! I’ve just updated my About Me and I’m ready to rumble!! I just can’t wait to meet new people from around the world! The Student Blogging Challenge is a really great thing for having connection! Anyways, I think this is a very exciting things for any kid in the world!

    Here’s my About Me! http://skylaronlinem.edublogs.org/sample-page/

    Thank You!

  129. Hi Ms W,
    I’m Hayley from http://hayleyonlinem.edublogs.org/sample-page/ ,
    So far, I have loved having a blog. It is my way to express myself and say my true ideas. I thought that the first challenge idea of creating a totally new About Me was very smart. If you compare my two texts from the beginning of the year and now, it doesn’t even look like if the same person wrote it. Now that this totally new challenge is out, I am anxious to start.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment and I hope to see you visiting my blog!

  130. Hello Ms.W
    I’m Preston I just finished doing my About Me: http://prestononlinem.edublogs.org/sample-page/ I like my second one because it’s bigger and It’s like a update. My first about me was really small , I had about 1 paragraph. It had less information about me. After I finished my second About Me I was happy It had more information, it was bigger and It explained my name. week 1 was really fun , week 2 sounds even better. Thanks for the fun challenges.
    Have a good day

  131. Hey Ms.W!
    I’m Sage from http://sageonlinem.edublogs.org/sample-page/
    I have just finished this week’s challenge by creating my About Me which I hope you’ll visit. I am having a fun with the whole Edublogs Challenge idea like having a mentor; I think it could really improve my blog.
    I hope you’ll visit my blog,

  132. Hi Miss W
    I have posted a new post on my blog about my avatar. Do you think you could get some of your students to visit my blog? If you could it would be great.

    • Emma,
      It would be great for other students to leave comments on your blog, but you need to include the URL of your blog post so they know where to go.

    • Hi my name is Alec. I like your blog on commenting. I do agree with you that those are the most important steps on blogging. Also it is good to stay on topic to having a good comments.

  133. Hi,
    To visit my blog, you have to log in before you can get to the page. Is that alright? I hope to keep it that way, for privacy.
    My latest post is about the avatars from last week.
    Here is my blog URL: https://anna1111.edublogs.org/
    Thanks, and please visit my blog!
    Anna 🙂

    • I’m glad that this post was made. Before I knew what made a good comment I would just say things like ” good job, or I like this” now I can leave a comment that is of quality and will help the writer. Teonna814.eblogs.org

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