Time for a break and visiting other blogs

We are now half way through the set of challenges, and many schools have either been on holiday or are about to go on holiday for a couple of weeks. So this week there are no formal activities to do. It is a chance to catch up on those you might not have completed or those you wanted to do but didn’t have time to get done.

It is also a chance to check that each post has been categorised and has had tags added to it, to make sure your visitors can find posts easily. You can also go back through the images you have used and make sure you have used correct attribution or else find another image to use on that post.

But there is one activity you can do this week and that relates to Blog Action Day. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned we would be taking part in BAD 2012 where the theme is “Power of We“. Once you have written your post, make sure you tag it with #powerofwe and #BAD12 then publish it on October 15, 2012.

One way we, as in the student blogging challenge participants, can make a difference is by taking part in Free rice where the blogging challenge has its own group. Make sure you join up, you can be a member of more than one group, but choose the group you want to have the rice added to when you first login each time. So far only 5 people have signed up since the beginning of October 2012.

Have time to visit other blogs then check out these:


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Visit these weeks 2 and 3

Lots of great posts being written. Classes, students and mentors have been adding links to their posts, allowing me to visit and leave a comment. I don’t think links are coming through from weebly sites so you might need to leave a comment back here at the challenge blog until I find out how to solve the problem.

Check these out:


Dinah created a prezi about herself so her students could know more about her, Astaneh wrote about his country,


Bonfigli Beat students photographed their school, the students from this virtual classroom are noticed because of their links back to the challenge, Room 2.1 writes about their passions, this school has a theatre, Mr Waugh’s class researched the Eureka flag,


When checking out these posts, remember to also read other posts written by the student and check out their blogroll for more student posts to read.

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Are you missing out on comments?

During this last week, I have had three mentors send me messages saying they can’t leave comments on the blogs assigned to them. The reasons follow:

  • An Edublogs platform blog that asks them to login to leave a comment or read a post
  • A Blogger or blogspot blog that asks them for a Google account or similar
  • A Kidblog blog that asks them to login to read post or leave comment

It is important if you are taking part in the challenge that you have your blog open to the world to leave comments.

If using Edublogs or a campus blog: Read this post by Sue Waters to see what settings you need.

If using Blogger or blogspot: Check out this post for fine tuning your blog. This will then allow anyone to comment.

If using Kidblog: Read these posts for comment privacy, post privacy– you will need all visitors

If using Weebly: You have to actually create a blog within the setup of the weebly site. Read this post to check out how to do it. Comments can only be left on the blog part of the site.

Also remember to check your spam comments.

Image created here.

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Visit these Week 1

Each couple of weeks I check out those blogs that leave me a trackback on their posts. I go to visit and leave a comment. I also add them to my Visit These posts so you can also visit and leave comments.

Digital Citizenship
Jerri on cyberstalking, Mrs Ligon and her science classes, Bernard on cyberbullying, Amelia on cyber bullying, Miss May used a wallwisher, Alexus and Maegan on internet safety,

Emily on fear, Room 8 Ranzau, Becky on stress,

Pets and our well-being
Stephen, Karina, Jashaun with unusual title, Kierra, Chloe,

Elite athletes
Andrea on dancing, Jessica on volleyball, Justin on football, Ben and Manny on nerf and football, Morgan on volleyball, Natalie on world games,

About pages, I am poems
Mrs Lucchesi, Angie used Glogster – view in full size, Mrs McKelvey, Glenholme students, Year 4B, Tiger Tales, Serbian students say hello,

Students already making friends

Igor from Ukraine, Em and the tooth fairy, Kristina from Ukraine, Julia from Canada,

Our passions

Aiden, Becky, Julia, MorganM, Natalie,

Image: Dirty Feet by Miss W or tasteach

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Get your Student blogging challenge badge

We know students, classes and our helpers love having a badge or widget on their blog showing they are taking part in the student blogging challenge.

So here they are!

Just pick the badge that suits you and then follow the instructions below for adding to your blog.

You won’t need to crop or resize the badges as they are  150 pixels in width.

HTML code for Student Blogs

HTML code for Class Blogs

HTML code for Student Challenge Helper

Adding your badge(s) to your blog is as easy as:

1. Copy the HTML code for the required badge(s).

2.  Go to Appearance > Widgets in your Dashboard.

3.  Drag and drop a Text Widget into your sidebar.

4.  Now just paste your HTML code into the text widget, then click Save and Close



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