Vote for your class blog

If you go to Edublog Awards website, you will find you can vote using but you need to be 13 or older to have an account.

So to allow our younger bloggers to vote for the best class blog, we have created this poll below. You will be allowed to vote for one blog each day.

How to vote.
Check out all the class blogs at the Edublog Awards link above.
Decide on one you want to vote for.
Come back here and find it in the list.
Vote for it.

Voting will close at 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, December 18th.

One vote per day per IP address. Most schools have the same IP address for every school computer, so students will need to vote from home, libraries, wifi cafes, relatives houses etc.


Great blogging posts

Here are the posts I felt deserved recognition in challenge 8.

Remember there were some rules to get your blog mentioned on this post.

  1. This post will be ten paragraphs long, one for each of your favourite things.
  2. In at least three of your paragraphs include a link to another website.
  3. Include at least two images related to your favourite things.
  4. Make sure you have tagged and categorized your post.
  5. Use a tool other than writing to tell us about one of your favourite things eg include a video or Voki or audioboo or slideshow – the list is endless.


Merrybeau include audioboos and a photopeach slideshow – Ireland

Mrs McKelvey’s class have written about lots of different animals as part of their science program – USA


Mrs Vilas’s class – USA

Isabelle included a prezi, Elijah included a Voki, Janiece has a delicious image of cheesecake, Juliana includes clip of One Direction, Angelika and I love waves crashing, Dorian used images from pics4learning, Cayla has an interesting Voki, Ghislane includes One Direction, Dayanara used images from photobucket,

Mrs Donofrio’s class – USA

Anthony included a video about flowriders,

Mrs Schmidt’s class – USA

Caitlyn included a Voki, Michael included an animoto, Marissa has a poll about animals, Andres has a voki, Max included a QR code, Braeden has a couple of polls to answer, Will is polling about candy,

Mr Hoff’s class – Vietnam

Lisa included a YouTube playlist she created,

Mrs Neidlinger’s class – USA

Sydney has a thinglink and Voki, Chelsea sorry I had to disagree with you,

Mrs Majdoub Hayfa – Tunisia

Arwa is very philosophical in this post,

Mrs Tharp’s class – USA

Mike created a voicethread, Andrew created a Voki, Makayla enjoys rock climbing, Noel loves donuts from Paulas,

Mrs Cliff – Australia

 Pyper has two posts to cover her favourite things, here is the second one

Mentors recommendations

Mrs Vilas recommends 2 posts to visit,

Many thanks for everyone who took part in this the 10th student blogging challenge. Remember the next one will start in September 2013. Registration will be out by mid August and challenge start early September.

If you have any great ideas for challenge activities, please leave a comment here on this post or send me an email with your ideas.

Challenge 9 – Game Week

Wanna play?Game week is all about visiting other blogs.

Student and class blogs – new bloggers and old hands at the blogging – mentors as well as participants.

Remember one of  the main aims of blogging includes commenting and carrying on conversations with the author of posts and their other readers.

A good commenter will have read the post carefully, checked out the links in the post and have read the previous comments before they leave one of their own. Good commenters add to the conversation with a quality comment – remember that video from Mrs Yollis’ class.

Game 1

This is one we have run for many challenges and allows you to connect globally.

Those who have taken part in a challenge before know the game of  ‘Count Out Three’. Here are the instructions:

  • click on a blog on the student list – count one
  • now click on a blog from their blogroll – count two
  • finally click on a blog from that blogroll – count three

Leave a comment on an interesting post at this third blog.

Do this activity at least three times and finally, write your own post saying which blogs you visited and which posts you left a comment on. Why did you choose that post? Remember to include a link back to the post you left a comment on so that student gets a pingback or trackback.

Game 2

I got the idea for this game from Em, who is our youngest student blogger. She has taken part in many challenges and she wrote a post about her favourite posts. So thanks Em for the idea.

This is a new game for this challenge. We have many mentors helping you with your blogging. Most of them are busy teachers with their own class blog or else they are students who have taken part in many prior challenges. I have asked some mentors to write a post highlighting what they consider interesting posts for students to read. Here are the instructions for this game:

  1. Choose at least two of these mentor posts to visit.
  2. Read their post and visit the links they include.
  3. Answer the question left on their post by leaving them a quality comment. This should show you have visited the posts they link to.
  4. Now write your own post including three posts you have found interesting while taking part in this March blog challenge. Could include posts you have written or ones you have read while visiting other students.

Mrs Norton‘s class blog, Mrs Coffa as a guest post on Middle Matters blog, Ethan student mentor, Jakob student mentor, Isaiah student mentor, Astaneh who mentored the older students, Merrybeau class blog, Mrs Tharp‘s class blog

While checking out these blogs look at the layout of the sidebars as well as the layout of the posts. Compare to yours. This might help with the evaluation week activities next week.

If using Kidblog or blogger, leave a comment on this game week post with a link to the post you have written – if using Edublogs just leave a pingback in your actual post.

More time left: Continue on with your favourite things post especially if you want to be included in the list of thirty who have included the images, tags/category and using another tool.

Still more time left: Miss W is travelling around the southern states of USA during June before going to a conference in San Antonio. Recommend 10 places she should visit as she is interested in history and nature.
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Patrick Q via Compfight

Visit, visit, visit

Some more great posts from the last few challenges.

Some posts from our week on digital footprints: Anthony, Jess, Clyde, Kiegan, Cristian, Jack, Danny, Estevan, Yami, Lupita, Michelle, Edith, Brisa, Berenice, Alyjah, Steph, Alma, Leslie, Yesenia, Juan, Areli, Cullen, Amanda, Cristina, Mari, Letty, Daniela, Paloma, Jewel, Chelsea, Lisa, Pateep, Romeo, Ruthy, Wiem, Matt, McDaniel, Carson, Tori, Arwa, Sophia, Christian, Alejandro, Tylor, Esmer, Weisen, Johnny, Pyper, JoshD,

Secrets hidden in the forest posts: Arwa, Wiem, Jamie, Matt, Jade, Charlotte and Cole, Molly, Aragon, Jewel, Brenna uses a new storytelling tool, Anthony, Hayley and Devon have great ideas for what is in the forest, Jessica wrote a story about the forest and its secrets,

Other interesting posts: Jessica, Caitlyn, Callie, EmilyK, Emilee, Snowfuzz on the butterfly garden at their school, Nya wrote about a field trip, Alexander asks should animals be held in captivity, Hannah‘s image post, Julia wrote about shoebills, Kali‘s image post, Merrybeau have some great audioboos, Maryem on animes, Wiem on being positive, Tylor has only just started the challenge, Tylor included an excellent poem relating to the image, Laura has just started the challenge and wrote a great diary post,

Family members writing posts: Lillian’s mum, Fatima writes about her cousin in the military,

Mentors: Jake is writing a series of posts for his secret in the forest, Helen O links to our students using Kidblog, Challenge 5 kidblog posts, Challenge 6 kidblog posts,

Educational games and apps to visit: David, Kalee, May, Lisa, Daisy,


There will be one final visit these post at the end of the challenge.

It will include those thirty posts about favourite things – remember to be included you have to have tags and /or category, 10 things in paragraphs, images with attribution and you creating something using a new tool like a collage, Voki, slideshow. Check back to challenge 8 to find the instructions.

I will also be including any posts recommended by mentors – I would like all mentors to find at least two posts they really enjoyed reading that we could include on this final post for the challenge. Teachers with class blogs might also like to recommend two posts especially if using Kidblog or blogger platform.

Yet more blogs to check out

I hadn’t checked the comments on the blogging challenge for a couple of days, but this morning there were 90 comments to check and approve. Many of the posts are included on this visit post, but a lot were from Mr Miller’s AVID students writing about their families and the forest – check them out in the sidebar of their class blog.

When reading posts, I have noticed that the students from Tunisia are responding well to their mentor and are asking questions about how to do things on their blogs. They are also helping each other to solve those questions. Remember you can always check out the ‘Get Help’ section on my sidebar to find information from your blogging platform.

If you are into anime especially Homestruck, Naruto or Ouran, then this blog is a must visit, another anime lover here,

Interesting questions from grade 2 students, top jobs in grade 2,

More sock ideasCristian, Jerry, Ashley, Meghan, Jamie used artpad, Lexi used toondoo, Grade 2 Smarties, Climb High, Aziz can’t think of a 10th idea, Eryn gives instructions on how to make things as well, Maria,

Image posts longboarding, iPads, Shahnez from Tunisia, piano, favourite animals, Golden Gate, pitbull, soccer, drawing, photography, water droplets,

Earlier challenges: Jack, Ethan, Sophia, Carson, Parker,

Inspiring posts: Lily, Natalie, Aziz on parkour and free running, can you answer this riddle?, Carley on kayaking, Julia on travelling, Nick on violent games,

Blogs to visit as recommended by mentors: Nicky, Carley, Hope,

Bloggers using twitter to give me their link: many have used thinglink as part of challenge 4

Dylan, Hope, Brenna, Kevin, Corbin, Brook,

Some students from Mrs Neidlinger’s class have been reflecting on the challenge

Miss Carlson’s class wrote about their families and what was hidden in the forest.

Larkin wrote a poem about the forest’s secrets, Merry Beau children wrote a story and illustrated it for photopeach,

Forest storiesJoshua, Carson, Maria, Alexandra, Maryem, Smosh Ville owner, Shahnez,

Family members writing post: Esmer’s cousin, Caroline’s older sister, Julie’s mum,

Ruthy asks lots of questions in her family post, Lupita’s family and ‘holidays’, Letty’s fantastic family, Areli and her special sister,

Zoe needs coffee

Interviews: Sophia and her father, Cristian and his brother, Andrea and her mum,

How to get comments: Jerry,

No challenge but let’s visit

As many students are on either Spring break or Easter holidays, I have decided there will be no challenges this week. It will give you time to catch up on those you might have missed and for the classes and students who have only just registered, you might be able to get some activities done.

You might also want to visit Mrs Kreb’s class blog where her students have created surveys. They would love some input from the students and classes in the challenge.

I would like to apologise to those kidbloggers and blogspotters – apparently only pingbacks from Edublogs blogs are appearing in my comments. I do have some one at Edublogs working on the problem at the moment.

Many thanks to Helen O for co-ordinating the 7-9 year old Kidbloggers board on padlet.

Have you been visiting lots of other students and classes?

Now is the time to start finding those blogs which are interesting to you.

Some of our mentors are also taking part in the challenge posts – Dinah, Rhonda,

Year 2 Smarties have only just joined the challenge, Mrs Flowers class doesn’t have pingback options but lots of posts, 7-9 year old kidbloggers board, Challenge 1 kidbloggers board, Class 20 in Russia try out new tools,

Sock ideas from Lily, Cogan, Devon, George (great way to present), Juliana, Angelika used Goanimate, Cayla, Kahu, Joshua, Costello, Valentine, Caitlyn, Kassidy used WordFoto app, Andres, Siana used a Voki, Molly, Alexandra, Olivia, Aaron, Zach, Carley, Heidi, Saddam, Niko, Grace, Morgan, Julia, Hannah, Kristina includes an animoto, Room1 in NZ, Busy Bugs in NZ, Add sock ideas to this wallwisher (padlet), Mrs Schmidts class use Voki, Goanimate and comics for this challenge, Mrs Allen’s class are starting their sock challenge, Sasha wrote a fairy tale about socks, Amber included a comic, Georgia,

Earlier challenges (some students only just starting challenge 1)

Angela, Bryson, Johnny, Mitch, Sadie, Mercedes, Molly, Hannah, Morgan, Morgan, Andrew, Saddam, Zoe, Mrs Vilas’s class have lots of posts to read and comment on, Sabastian , Kevin, Shannon, David, Michael,

Great posts with attributed images – many about favourite sports

Anthony, Sydney, Jayen, Tyson, Louis, Nick, Donovan, Raina, Riley, Brandon, Alicia,Dia, Lillian, Heidi, Julissa, Callie, Ryan, Sarah, Room2 looking for a caption to the image, Isabelle, Juliana included a prezi, Arwa, Julia, Molly

Inspiring posts

Hannah and the gift of life, Kali on smoking, Jessica on abortion, Olivia on exercise, Jade on endangered animals, Paige on sport participation, Tosh on sleep, Carley on snow days, Cullen and Latin, Cullen’s Ancient Rome story, Saddam on failure and success, Meghan on drugs, Eryn on underage drinking, Earth Hour in Tunisia including video, Emilee on judging people, Kathlyn on iPads, Sam on wrestling, Bumblethrees checked out the Pacific Garbage Dump, David on singing,

Stories using images

Zac and Nicole from Merrybeau, Morgan wants an ending for the story, Karina used Zooburst to create her story, Rosemarie loves Potter and Dr Who, Lisa,

Mentors recommendations

Ellie on softball, Ian created a photostory, Jonathan on minecraft, Maryem from Tunisia,

Have you visited these blogs?

Thank youI would like to say a big thank you to those people who have taken on the role of mentor throughout this challenge. I have noticed lots of comments from them when reading posts for this visit post.  We have quite a few student mentors this year – they are students who have taken part in at least three blogging challenges – so they have been blogging for nearly two years or more. We also have some adults who have offered to be mentors on more than one occasion. In their bio on the mentors page they have left a link to a personal blog, so I could check them out before allocating them some students.

If your mentor or another student or class leave you a comment, make sure you reply to their comment – this is where the conversations will happen.

If you find a great post when visiting student or class blogs, leave me the URL in a comment on this post and I will add them for the next visit post.

Recommendations from mentors

7-9 year olds on Kidblog – week 2, I am poem by Emily,

Posts from Weeks 1&2 challenges

Arwa on being positive, Cogan , Mrs McKelvey and her frogs, Gabriella, John and music, Em on cyber bullying including a movie, Em finds sand dollars and tidepools, Dylan on rugby, Arwa on 10 people, Breeyana on anime, Zeth on music and knitting, Paige, Jackie on Sacramento, Leslie experiences a roller coaster, Daisy on music and football, Stephanie on minecraft and zombies, Daniela on music, Paloma on parents and their sports, Martina on two bands, Jacob on dirt biking, Uriel on minecraft, Jonathan on minecraft, Euriel on elephants and ivory trade, Natalie on Las Vegas and Yuma, Cassie on things to do before she dies, Miranda on cheerleading, Saray would like to live at …, Berenice and London, Matthew, Tracey and reading, Niko, Julia’s favourite things, Pyper, Esmer’s favourite artists, Gisela’s book summary of Amigo Brothers, Edith on travelling, Samantha plans her future, Yesenia and her sister, Brisa and dance, Jack, Antonia sings and dances, Vanessa and Lupita are Directioners, Gio and dinosaurs, Molly, Grace at the beach, Emily loves dogs, Mia loves surfing, Natalie

Some great uses for a holey sock

Carson, Riley, Jayen, Will, Mackenzie uses a voki, Willis, Lisa uses Pixton, JakeG, Tosh includes socks in the story, Merry Beau’s class have fantastic ideas,

Reduce, reuse, recycle

JakeG mentions a 4th R, Lisa includes a collage and animoto,


Some students are leaving links to their posts in Twitter. They are using the hashtag #13stubc which is for the 2013 student blogging challenge. This makes it easy for me to visit their posts from the link in their tweet. I have linked to their main blog rather than each separate post, so they wont receive a pingback in their comments.

Sydney M, Corbin, Hannah excellent sock ideas, Kalee, Branden, Benji uses thinglink to annotate an image, Sydney S, Mrs Neidlinger uses thinglink to add other tools to an image, Emily has some great sock ideas, Mikayla
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Avard Woolaver via Compfight

More great posts weeks 1&2

Recommendations from mentors

More from week 1.

Students: Jay, Cristina, Mikie, Tracey, Alex, Aniysah, Kristina, Gabriella, Kayla, Emma, Kelsey, Devon,


Dream Jobs

Shevy, Lisa, Emma, Heidi, JakeG, Jess,

 Other great posts

Remember, to get mentioned on this page you need to include a link on your blog post back to the challenge post.

If using kidblog, leave a comment on the student blogging challenge post with a link to your post.

Great posts to read

I have been very impressed with the number of students who have included a pingback for me to visit their blog post. Every couple of weeks I will choose those which were very well written, showed variety in the answers or were very creative and well thought out. Make sure you visit these blogs and perhaps leave some comments on the posts.

If you read a great blog post, feel free to leave a comment on that week’s challenge post. Remember to include a link to the post I should go and read. Or you could email me with the student name and the post URL.

Remember each student who is linked in this post will receive their own pingback on their blog. A pingback usually starts with […] and then finishes with […]  Make sure you approve these pingbacks as it means someone thinks you have written a good post and they have mentioned it in one of their posts.

Alive or dead

Students: Sarah, Cullen, Noah, Eiliana, Jess, Rosemarie, Franklin, Eeshaan, Kyle, Madeline, Jerry, Hannah who loves gymnastics. Steph, Andres, Miranda, Brisa, Dharyl, Areli, Caroline, Hannah or ladybuggy, Euriel, Melissa, Letty, Stephanie, Alma, Lupita, Gio, Cindy, Angela, Daisy, Jack, Jake, Gabriel, Jessi-Rose, Jess the bookworm, Cogan, Lisa, Ezio,

I was thrilled to see so many students wanting to ask grandparents, great grandparents and other family members questions about something in their life. That is one of my hobbies – genealogy or family history.

Classes: Merrybeau, Miss Carlson (read the comments for student answers), Splashers in NZ, Blogmania,

About Me

Students: Annalee, Brayan, Ana, David, Brian, Lillian, Ruth, Gisela, Breeyana, Vanessa, Martina, Johnny, Makenzie, Laura, all students from Mrs Kriese’s class,

Classes: Teddy from Mrs Donofrio’s class, Penguins in NZ, Rebecca‘s class, class mascot Buzz, 56STEPS, The Lions, 56Torquay, students in Serbia,

Commenting guidelines: Eeshaan, Mrs McKelvey’s class video about comment tips,

Conversations have started happening between students and classes: Nathaniel, Berenice, Yesenia,

Why visit my blog: David, Jake, Wise Owls,

Anti-bullying: Climb High,


Photo Credit: Official BlackBerry Images via Compfight cc

My nominations

I am having to do a lot of thinking about who I am going to nominate for this year.  There are so many great student, class, teacher and new blogs out there but I have to get it down to just one in each section. So here we go:

Best new blog or best student blog

This student has only been blogging since February this year and she has established a great blogroll with many return commenters to her blog. She is extremely creative and this is seen in her many and varied posts. She took part in the recent September student blogging challenge and wrote 33 posts over the three month period. Most of these were her own choice rather than just those suggested by the blogging challenge. She is extremely quick at responding to comments left on her posts and she has many long conversations with her readers. Congratulations on being nominated by me – Amy of the creative mind!

Best new blog or best class blog or best group blog

I’m not sure which category to put this one in either.  A group of 6 students are organizing their blog ready for the new school year in 2013. This is actually a class blog but totally run by students. The teacher is there in the background but all posts and comments are being written by the students who are all administrators of this blog.  They are all grade 5 this year but will be the mentors for any classes at their school who wish to start a new blog next year. Congratulations on being nominated by me – FEASTS – acronym for their names!

Best teacher blog

This one was also very difficult to decide who to nominate but this teacher always writes extremely informative posts relating technology to how it can be used within the common core curriculum and in the classroom. She reflects upon her learning all the time and has many conversations with her large following of readers. Comments are quickly added to with her special way of writing. She is always there for both the school district she works in but also for her large PLN who follow her blog all the time. She is also a great tweeter and always has many links in her blog posts to allow her readers to follow up the topic by visiting other writers as well. Congratulations on being nominated by me – Tracy Watanabe!

Best Librarian blog

This teacher is an inspiration to her students. As well as teaching in the library about skills needed in this digital world, she has students creating book trailers, writing book reviews, connecting globally with other readers. She presents at conferences and always reflects on what is happening in her digital world. She has a strong PLN who thoroughly enjoy her postings. Congratulations on being nominated by me – Julie Hembree of the Bulldog Readers!

Best twitter hashtag

Again there are so many to choose from but as an educational blogger I couldn’t go past #comments4kids  Will Chamberlain developed this hashtag so teachers and other educationalists could visit great student posts to leave comments for the students. I use this hashtag often when I read a great post by a student who is in the student blogging challenge or on one of the blogs at the eSchool blogs I run. Congratulations on being nominated by me – #comments4kids

Best ed tech or resource sharing blog

I accidentally came across this blog late last year and have since had it in my Google reader. The author writes many posts about all topics relating to educational technology and mobile learning. I don’t  really know how he also has time to teach. Congratulations on being nominated by me – Med Kharbach from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Best Educational wiki

If you want lots of handouts for staff PD or student use relating to Bloom’s Taxonomy, web 2.0 tools, learning styles etc, then this is the wiki to go to. Run by a teacher in New Zealand, I am always recommending this great wiki to teachers – even for a fantastic read about the different topics in 21st century learning or for ideas in the classroom. Congratulations on being nominated by me – Andrew Churches at Edorigami.

Thanks to Edublogs for allowing us to nominate blogs, wikis, tweets etc. It doesn’t really matter who wins, it is the connections we make and the new blogs we find out about that allow us to further develop as educators – retired or otherwise!

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