Participating classes

Please visit the classes on either side of your blog name.

Feel free to visit as many blogs as you wish. Make global connections.

If you can’t find contact details on the blog you are visiting, please check with me and I will pass on  contact details given on form.

13 thoughts on “Participating classes

  1. Dear Edublogs and student bloggers,

    I am very proud of myself of receiving a blog from my teacher and other students too.we receive blogs by commenting recently and quality comments!!


  2. Hi All,

    Australia is on school holidays so I have therefore saved a copy of what we need to do for this week, so we will be running a bit late on our task! Hope that is ok but I want the students and I to do it together!


    5/6 Baker

    • G’day 5/6 Baker, Tassie schools are on holidays next week, so there will actually be no challenge next week, it will be freedom of choice. If students want to write posts I will give ideas otherwise it will be visit other blogs and leave comments.

  3. I wrote a column in our local free newspaper about blogging at Carlton School in Wanganui New Zealand, and mentioned the Student blogging challenge in it- Its a really interesting way to find out what is happening in the classrooms!

  4. I am wondering if you need a specific plug in to view the above table?

    I can view it and our school computers can view it but my two colleagues cannot.

    We would really apopreciate any advice you have on this



    • Hi Chris,
      It is an embedded Google spreadsheet that I am using. I have checked it out using Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer and they all work fine. It might be that your two colleagues need to update a browser or operating system. I also just checked using Safari on my iPad. That works fine as well. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  5. Now that my school year is in full swing, I have only finally had time to look into the Edublog Challenge. I’ve never participated and hadn’t realized it was a 10 -week challenge. I know it’s almost over…however, if there are any teachers who are also starting late and would like to do some of the activities in the interim before March, I would love to try these. I am new to the Challenge, but not new to blogging. I would like to expand my practices, though and try quadblogging, too. If anyone has suggestions to get this off the ground, in light that the 10 weeks are coming to an end, I would love to hear them.

    • Hi Miss Baker,
      It might also be the browser you are using. I tend to use Chrome all the time now or Firefox as I notice Internet Explorer is not always compatible with some of the newer mobile technology.
      I don’t think I had to download any app when reading on my PC but I did have to have an app on my iPad.

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