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Have you run out of ideas to post about?

I hope you can add events to these pages that might give students and teachers other ideas to post about. Hover over post ideas above the header and choose the month your idea relates to.  Suggest what students and classes could write about – see examples on the September page. If possible leave a link to your blog so you can be acknowledged for your idea.

There are three categories:

People – birthdays of poets, writers, scientists etc

Places – events happening at certain places eg Battle of Hastings, San Francisco Earthquake, Ebola outbreak Africa 2014

Global Events or National Events – International toilet day, Droptober, National Teachers Day


5 thoughts on “Post ideas

  1. Here are some post ideas:
    National kids day – first Sunday of August, you could reasearch about it.
    Bithdays – see what celebs share the same birthday as you or talk about your birth stone and star sign.
    NEWS – you choose an article in the NEWS about a different country and share your thoughts on it.

  2. Great!
    I’m excited to read their stories. I bet they’re great.
    And you know what? YOU GAVE ME AN IDEA!

    ps my real name is Soraya

  3. I would like my students to make an invention based on the inventions of Leonardo DaVinci.
    They will post them to Edublog and write about them. They are excited, I am sure, to see what others are doing and to see what others say about their work.

    • I believe that’s a great idea! I myself am a bit of a DaVinci fan so I might have to consider this idea for my next blog…

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