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4 thoughts on “December

  1. Hello December!
    I think the most interesting challenge for me was when I wrote about my native language. In order to do this, I wrote about a food that came from my native country. I loved visiting other blogs to see what their language was. On an average day, I would look at a few blog posts, and if I had a little extra time, I would leave good quality comments about the post. I think the interesting thing about blogs and challenges was how you were able to include pictures with the person who took the photo. Well, the most important thing that I learned while doing the challenge was how to add widgets. Even though this might not be a huge deal, it helps readers and visitors to locate a certain URL, post, comment, or even a photo. If there weren’t any widgets, I wouldn’t be sure where I’ll be going when I browsed through posts. Overall, the student blogging challenge was a great experience!

  2. The most interesting challenge for me was the challenge where you had to post what you were most fascinated about In nature. I visited blogs about 3-4 a day for 2 weeks and left quality detailed comments. The most important thing I learnt while doing the challenges was learning how to write a proper comment. Now a days on Instagram and Snapchat a good comment will have u or #something or an emoji and writing these comments really reminded kids how to do a proper comment.

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