Leave a comment below for other post ideas for this month. I will then add to the list and acknowledge as your idea. If you have a blog, leave link so I can add that as well.


1793 – Marie Antoinette executed – Who was she? Are people still executed in your country/state? Why and how many per year?

1728 – Captain Cook born – He is an important name around the Pacific Ocean countries. What are some places, mountains, lakes etc related to him and his voyages?


1066 – Battle of Hastings – Why do people remember this date? Play this game then write about what happened when you made your choices?

Global or National Events

World Cerebral Palsy Day – Check out the website to get more ideas

Buy nothing new month – some great ideas and links on the website

Great Cycle Challenge – even though this is Australian, I am sure overseas students could take part – how far does your class ride over the month? Collect data and graph results.

Droptober – a fund raising event aiming to combat global obesity problem.

World Smile Day – do an act of kindness. Help one person smile.

World Animal Day – a chance to think about animals around the world and how we treat them, whether pets, farm animals, those in zoos or those in the wild.

World Space Week – looks at satellite navigation. Check out website for ideas to plan at school.

STUDENTS ONLYWorld Teachers Day – what can you organize at your school to celebrate the teachers there?

Week without violence – some excellent ideas and resources on the website.

Global Handwashing Day – very timely with the ebola outbreak in August 2014

United Nations Day – How is the UN relevant to life in our present world? Check out links on the sidebar.


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  1. They should do one for Halloween……… BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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    my blog:

  2. I really want to learn what else they do on Halloween besides trick or treating and partying. I also want to learn what happened on the first Halloween.

  3. I think that we should do a blog where we tell an important event that has happened to us in our lives. And then we could go and visit other peoples blogs and see theirs and comment on them.

  4. Hi Miss W,

    I added a post about the history of Halloween, which made me think of some challenge post ideas for October. Do a post that is centered around everything Halloween-ish.

    Some activity ideas might be:
    • Where did Halloween come from? What is the history?
    • Do you celebrate Halloween? What do you do? What are your traditions? Do you go trick-or-treating? Get dressed up? Have a bonfire? Halloween party?
    • What do you think about Halloween? Silly holiday? Awesome? Why?
    • Write a spooky story and let others finish it.
    • Maybe something about the fact that it is one of the biggest commercial holidays in the U.S., next to Christmas. What are your thoughts about that? Has it become too commercialized?
    • Some ways to make decorating, costumes, and etc. less expensive. Homemade craft ideas. (Could be a how to post.)
    • Learn some science: Do you know any experiments that would make Halloween more fun.

    Your activity idea for week 3, writing about a haunted place goes great with this. (Next week, we are going to visit a hotel that is supposed to be haunted, and I will be writing my post about it after our visit.)

    Also, here is the link to my post on the history of Halloween in case you would like to check it out: AllHalloween History.

    Hope you like my ideas!
    Kat 😎

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