Participating students

Check out the other students in your coloured group. If your country is in purple, then you have now been allocated a mentor. Visit their blogs and leave comments.

Some students have been deleted from the list as they had not been doing the challenge activities regularly.

Find out about your mentor here and remember to answer any comments they might leave on your blog.  If your mentor hasn’t visited by the end of September, please contact me and I will check with them.

24 thoughts on “Participating students

  1. This is my blog that i always wanted and this has various categories like riddles,music and movies etc hope enjoy my blog

  2. is my blog please subscribe and reply and comment. i hope you enjoy my blog since it has multiple things to suit everyone.
    Peace as always

  3. Hi Miss W.! My young student Ana Clara has been working on her blog on her own, for a while now, and she has just registered for the Challenge. I would like to recommend her, as she will be the only student I will have on the Challenge.
    I ask your permission, if you allow me to translate the post Challenges as I did in 2008 or, if you prefer, I will translate them privately, just to her.
    Her blog is http// and our Writing Workshop Blog is http//
    As, at school, she is not allowed to blog in the classroom, she will be in touch with me mainly by gmail chat and at recreation time.
    Thank you! I’m looking forward to meeting you again.

    • G’day Ines,
      Great to hear from you again. It has been a long time. I hope you are feeling healthy. Feel free to translate the posts and use as you wish with your students.

  4. G’day Miss W.!
    It sounds great to hear from you again!
    Since October 2010, I keep taking care of my father whose illness persists. Every now and then I have to take again my crutches – as it’s happening along this summer. My school internet activities maintain their low profile.
    But, wow, myriads or Wonderful things just keep coming too, and being back to the Challenge is surely one of them!
    I will do my best to translate the Challenge’s posts as they deserve, thank you for your kindness.
    Ines – http//

  5. Hi I’m Elena, age 15 from Indonesia/Hong Kong and I was wondering how the mentorship program work because it’s past the middle of September and I have received no information whatsoever. I’m really looking forward to a mentorship program in blogging especially because English is not my first language and I’m new to writing. I really want to learn how to blog properly and I hope I can get that experience from this. To be honest, I’m not quite sure what the blogging challenge is #confused.
    But anyways, here’s my website: if you want to take a look :) I blog about my experience in and about my school work in
    I hope you can take some time to check out my website/blog and tell me what you think :) Feedback and comment is much appreciated.

    • WOW! At age 15, being in a new country, mixing with lots of other students from many countries of the world and trying subjects to overcome your weaknesses. I enjoyed reading your posts for grade 11-12 especially the one about notetaking either pen/paper or using technology. I had not heard of MindNode before, I will have to check it out. With regard to your blog mentor, I have only just allocated you to Hayfa, who is a teacher in Tunisia. Hopefully she will visit in the next couple of weeks.

    • In regard to what the blogging challenge is: every week beginning early September, I publish a post on the blogging challenge website. In the post are lots of activities to choose from. You write about one of them in your blog using a variety of presentation tools if you wish. You can also visit other student blogs by checking out the list in the header area of the challenge blog. At present there are nearly 1000 students, over 120 classes from 20 countries of the world taking part.

    • G’day Noah, I found you in the 14 year old group so have moved you back to 13 year old students. But when I clicked on your blog, it told me it was not found. Have you given me the correct URL?

  6. Hi everyone, My name is Nolan, I really like the student blogging challenge because it gives you options to talk with people in Africa, Canada, and in the USA. Also to everyone that sees this comment, please come and visit my blog at Also Miss. W, edu blogs are awsome:)

    • G’day Nolan,
      Glad you like the student blogging challenge and the awesome edublogs. Are there any activities you would like to see on the challenge?

    • G’day Griffin and Mr Haney,
      I can see the student list on Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Often it means you need to update your browser so you can see it.

      • Not sure what browser you are using Griffin, but if it is a school computer, the computer technicians or teachers will usually update the browser. Otherwise put in a Google search for updating a browser and lots of results are found. Choose from them the browser you use and follow their instructions.

  7. Dear Admin it is a nice post u shared. I really like ur efforts. Plz tell me can the students from Pakistan can take part in it? Thanks in Advance.

    • G’day Shumaila,

      Students and classes from any country can take part in the challenge. But as we only have two more weeks left, I suggest they join the September challenge later in the year.

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