Week 5: Favourites

This post is going to be for a three week period as schools in Australia are on Easter break soon. The next official post will be on Sunday 19th April. I will do a fun post in between with some great sites to visit.

But our topic this week is favourites.  This will give you a fantastic choice for posts.

It will also mean you might get your post(s) added to the Flipboard magazine if your post includes:

  1. at least three paragraphs if you are 11 or older; two paragraphs if younger than that
  2. an image or video or music with correct attribution
  3. a title that grabs the attention of the readers
  4. at least one link to another website so readers can build on the information you have written
  5. a question for readers to answer

Try to use some new tools mentioned in the sidebar of the challenge blog. Leave a comment on this post if there are some tools you use often that I should be adding there. Tell me if it is a web tool or an app so I can separate the lists.


Remember I only know if you have completed a post, if you come back here and leave me a comment with a link to your post. Take note of the difference here:

URL of blog: http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/

I have to search to find your post especially if I want to use as an example next set of challenges.


URL of post: http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/2015/03/22/week-4-lets-join-globally/

This takes me straight to the post – you might need to wait until your teacher has moderated your post before leaving the comment on my challenge blog.


Many older students don’t have mentors but would love some visitors. So I am highlighting some class blogs that have lists of student blogs in their sidebars. Please take the time to visit and leave comments on both the class and student blogs. This is thanks to Madeline who left me a comment about this.

15-17 year olds – Mrs Maslowski, Ms Garber, Ms Burton, Ms Pederson (Honduras-students in comments), Mr Puley‘s authors, Mr Mark from Kuwait,

12-14 year olds – Wordswork, Mrs Donofrio, Ms Hoke, Ms Chernaya from Russia, Mrs Hogg from New Zealand, Ms Little only joined this week, Ms Rauser


Great posts from previous weeks

Ms Woods class have their own flipboard magazine

Mr Helpern’s class have created some great guess the celebrations and international events and remembered to give correct attribution for the images they used

Bryce commented on some international blogs.

Jackie wrote a great post about free rice but it wont flip into the magazine, so visit from this link.

Other great posts are now being flipped into the 2015 magazine so you will need to check it out from the challenge blog sidebar.

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Great blogging posts

Here are the posts I felt deserved recognition in challenge 8.

Remember there were some rules to get your blog mentioned on this post.

  1. This post will be ten paragraphs long, one for each of your favourite things.
  2. In at least three of your paragraphs include a link to another website.
  3. Include at least two images related to your favourite things.
  4. Make sure you have tagged and categorized your post.
  5. Use a tool other than writing to tell us about one of your favourite things eg include a video or Voki or audioboo or slideshow – the list is endless.


Merrybeau include audioboos and a photopeach slideshow – Ireland

Mrs McKelvey’s class have written about lots of different animals as part of their science program – USA


Mrs Vilas’s class – USA

Isabelle included a prezi, Elijah included a Voki, Janiece has a delicious image of cheesecake, Juliana includes clip of One Direction, Angelika and I love waves crashing, Dorian used images from pics4learning, Cayla has an interesting Voki, Ghislane includes One Direction, Dayanara used images from photobucket,

Mrs Donofrio’s class – USA

Anthony included a video about flowriders,

Mrs Schmidt’s class – USA

Caitlyn included a Voki, Michael included an animoto, Marissa has a poll about animals, Andres has a voki, Max included a QR code, Braeden has a couple of polls to answer, Will is polling about candy,

Mr Hoff’s class – Vietnam

Lisa included a YouTube playlist she created,

Mrs Neidlinger’s class – USA

Sydney has a thinglink and Voki, Chelsea sorry I had to disagree with you,

Mrs Majdoub Hayfa – Tunisia

Arwa is very philosophical in this post,

Mrs Tharp’s class – USA

Mike created a voicethread, Andrew created a Voki, Makayla enjoys rock climbing, Noel loves donuts from Paulas,

Mrs Cliff – Australia

 Pyper has two posts to cover her favourite things, here is the second one

Mentors recommendations

Mrs Vilas recommends 2 posts to visit,

Many thanks for everyone who took part in this the 10th student blogging challenge. Remember the next one will start in September 2013. Registration will be out by mid August and challenge start early September.

If you have any great ideas for challenge activities, please leave a comment here on this post or send me an email with your ideas.

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Challenge 8 – Favourites

Swinging in the sunset
This week was going to be the game week but it has to be postponed until next week. So far only two mentors have replied to the email I sent about them helping out in the second game.

So really this week is going to be the last week for you to prove to your teachers what you have learnt about blogging.

The activities this week will involve you doing the following:

  • adding hyperlinks so your readers can find out more on the topic
  • adding images with correct attribution
  • adding categories and tags to your posts
  • being able to write in paragraphs about a topic
  • stretching your imagination by using a tool other than writing

Again the activity relates to the number 10.

Write a post about 10 of your favourite things. It can’t be ten movies or ten games, but must be about ten different things.

Some examples could be:

  • movie star
  • book to read
  • place to travel in the future
  • invention ever made
  • blog post you have written
  • etc, etc, etc

This post will be ten paragraphs long, one for each of your favourite things.  In at least three of your paragraphs include a link to another website. Include at least two images related to your favourite things. Make sure you have tagged and categorized your post.  Use a tool other than writing to tell us about one of your favourite things eg include a video or Voki or audioboo or slideshow – the list is endless.

As I am expecting fantastic posts for this, you will have two weeks to do this. Next week will be the two games and the final week will be an evaluation of the challenge, so really make a great effort on this post.

If you are using Kidblog or blogger, please leave a comment on this post when you have finished yours. I have been checking with Edublogs and apparently the pingbacks and trackbacks are only working for Edublog blogs not for any other platform. So the only way I will know if you have completed this activity is if you leave a comment on this post and include the URL of your post.

Just before the last challenge I will write a post highlighting the thirty bloggers and five classes I feel have done a great job with this post. They will have included links, images, other tool, tags and category as well as having left a comment on this post or if using Edublogs sent a pingback to me.

Good luck everyone on this post that will show off to your teachers what you are capable of doing using your blog!

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Gail Delderfield via Compfight

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