Week 5: Favourites

This post is going to be for a three week period as schools in Australia are on Easter break soon. The next official post will be on Sunday 19th April. I will do a fun post in between with some great sites to visit.

But our topic this week is favourites.  This will give you a fantastic choice for posts.

It will also mean you might get your post(s) added to the Flipboard magazine if your post includes:

  1. at least three paragraphs if you are 11 or older; two paragraphs if younger than that
  2. an image or video or music with correct attribution
  3. a title that grabs the attention of the readers
  4. at least one link to another website so readers can build on the information you have written
  5. a question for readers to answer

Try to use some new tools mentioned in the sidebar of the challenge blog. Leave a comment on this post if there are some tools you use often that I should be adding there. Tell me if it is a web tool or an app so I can separate the lists.


Remember I only know if you have completed a post, if you come back here and leave me a comment with a link to your post. Take note of the difference here:

URL of blog: http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/

I have to search to find your post especially if I want to use as an example next set of challenges.


URL of post: http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/2015/03/22/week-4-lets-join-globally/

This takes me straight to the post – you might need to wait until your teacher has moderated your post before leaving the comment on my challenge blog.


Many older students don’t have mentors but would love some visitors. So I am highlighting some class blogs that have lists of student blogs in their sidebars. Please take the time to visit and leave comments on both the class and student blogs. This is thanks to Madeline who left me a comment about this.

15-17 year olds – Mrs Maslowski, Ms Garber, Ms Burton, Ms Pederson (Honduras-students in comments), Mr Puley‘s authors, Mr Mark from Kuwait,

12-14 year olds – Wordswork, Mrs Donofrio, Ms Hoke, Ms Chernaya from Russia, Mrs Hogg from New Zealand, Ms Little only joined this week, Ms Rauser


Great posts from previous weeks

Ms Woods class have their own flipboard magazine

Mr Helpern’s class have created some great guess the celebrations and international events and remembered to give correct attribution for the images they used

Bryce commented on some international blogs.

Jackie wrote a great post about free rice but it wont flip into the magazine, so visit from this link.

Other great posts are now being flipped into the 2015 magazine so you will need to check it out from the challenge blog sidebar.

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Holiday or vacation time

For the next two weeks, schools in Tasmania are on holiday so I thought we would take a break from the blogging challenge for just one week.

Oh, no!

What can I do this week when there is no challenge?

Here are some suggestions.

Make sure you have checked the student or class list. Are you  only listed once and  the link to your blog works?  To test this out, make sure you have logged out of your blog and testing as if you are a visitor. Can your visitor read your posts and leave comments or do you need to change some settings?

Have you started visiting the other students in your colour group? Everyone should have written an about me post or page. Leave some comments especially if they have similar interests to you. Remember the comments should be quality not something like

Cool blog. Come and visit my blog too.

Have you checked out the September Flipboard magazine? Compare these posts to yours – do yours need an improvement?

Have you completed the challenges from week 1,2 and 3? Could you improve those posts now that you have checked out some others?

Be warned

During early October, I will be deleting any student blogs that:

  • don’t link properly
  • don’t allow commenting
  • have no posts other than an about me page or post

If you only joined the challenge in late September, I will not be deleting yours.

Why am I doing this?

We try to have mentors for student blogs and if your blog does not work properly or you are not writing posts, then you don’t need a mentor. I can slip another person into your place instead.

Get ready for October

One important activity we do in October is take part in Blog Action Day. Check out their blog, read the instructions, register your blog, add the badge to your sidebar. Start researching the topic and planning your post. Do not publish it though, until the date of the Blog Action Day.

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