Will you be a mentor for the October challenge?

The next student and class blogging challenge starts on Sunday 1 October 2017.

Why do we need mentors in the blogging challenge?

When I first began the challenge back in 2008, there were only about 200 students taking part and I could visit each of them three times over the ten week period.

But in the last few challenges, there have been over 2000 students and there was no way I could visit them regularly. So in 2010 I started asking people in education to mentor a small group 20-30 students over the ten week period of October to December or March to May.

If you register to be a mentor, please keep checking back on this post as I will allocate the students to you and mention in your comment reply who you will be visiting.

Once students start registering this week, I will be allocating mentors immediately so please keep checking out the student participant’s page in the main header above to find out who you are mentoring.

Who can be a mentor?

classroom teacher or homeschool teacher
principal or senior staff or faculty members
trainee teachers
students who have taken part in at least two sets of previous challenges or been invited by the organizers
educational coaches or trainers
regular blogger about educational matters
authors of children’s books with their own website

What do you do if you are a mentor?

Visit your allocated student blogs at least three times throughout the challenge
Leave comments on posts written by the students
Continue conversations in the comments
Remind them about visiting the main blogging challenge page each week
Contact me by email or a comment if having concerns or problems (contact is on right sidebar)

So you have read the above and have decided you have the time to visit the student blogs, now it is time to register.

In a comment below, mention the following:

A short bio of yourself including some interests
Link to your own blog, especially a class blog or your personal blog – allows me to check validity as an educator
Age group you would like to mentor and how many students

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Wanted: teachers/educators to comment

While this ten week challenge is on, I try to visit each individual student blog at least three times, but with more and more students registering their own blog, I am finding this more difficult to do.

Teachers/educators who want to be a commenter for this challenge, please leave a comment on this post giving a small bio of yourself. As students will be grouped by age, please tell me what age group you want to leave comments with. If you have a class blog, also leave the URL of this for students to visit.

As each student registers, I will leave a welcome comment on their blog.

There will be a page in the header titled ‘Students March 2011’   This will be a spreadsheet listing all students by age and you will be allocated about 20 blogs to look after. Your name will be put at the top of your list of students.

Students: Role of the commenter

I will allocate about 20 blogs for each commenter to visit. By the end of the challenge, they will visit each of those blogs at least twice. Each commenter will leave one or more comments on the blogs. The comments might be on your about page, or on a post and might include some tips to improve your blog. Hopefully the comment they leave will also allow you to keep carrying on a conversation with the helper.

If you want to know more about your helper, look at the comments on this post as they will be writing a short little bio in the comments.

Original image: ‘My little helper
My little helper
by: Emory Allen

Released under an Attribution-NonCommercial License

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