Get your badge

I know students and classes love having a badge or widget on their blog showing they are taking part in the student blogging challenge. I sent an email earlier this month to the people at Edublogs asking if they could design a badge for this challenge. Ronnie came back with a design which we have altered slightly depending if you are a student blogger, class blogger or mainly leaving comments.

Pick the badge that suits you and follow the instructions for adding to your blog. You might want to use it as a link to the student blogging challenge page. You shouldn’t need to crop or resize the badges as they are less than 170 pixels in width and height.

Sue Waters of The Edublogger fame has written a post showing how she puts images into her sidebar as widgets.

Teegan from New Zealand loves blogging and wrote a post especially on putting images with links in your sidebar. Maybe you can follow her instructions from this post.

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