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I hadn’t checked the comments on the blogging challenge for a couple of days, but this morning there were 90 comments to check and approve. Many of the posts are included on this visit post, but a lot were from Mr Miller’s AVID students writing about their families and the forest – check them out in the sidebar of their class blog.

When reading posts, I have noticed that the students from Tunisia are responding well to their mentor and are asking questions about how to do things on their blogs. They are also helping each other to solve those questions. Remember you can always check out the ‘Get Help’ section on my sidebar to find information from your blogging platform.

If you are into anime especially Homestruck, Naruto or Ouran, then this blog is a must visit, another anime lover here,

Interesting questions from grade 2 students, top jobs in grade 2,

More sock ideasCristian, Jerry, Ashley, Meghan, Jamie used artpad, Lexi used toondoo, Grade 2 Smarties, Climb High, Aziz can’t think of a 10th idea, Eryn gives instructions on how to make things as well, Maria,

Image posts longboarding, iPads, Shahnez from Tunisia, piano, favourite animals, Golden Gate, pitbull, soccer, drawing, photography, water droplets,

Earlier challenges: Jack, Ethan, Sophia, Carson, Parker,

Inspiring posts: Lily, Natalie, Aziz on parkour and free running, can you answer this riddle?, Carley on kayaking, Julia on travelling, Nick on violent games,

Blogs to visit as recommended by mentors: Nicky, Carley, Hope,

Bloggers using twitter to give me their link: many have used thinglink as part of challenge 4

Dylan, Hope, Brenna, Kevin, Corbin, Brook,

Some students from Mrs Neidlinger’s class have been reflecting on the challenge

Miss Carlson’s class wrote about their families and what was hidden in the forest.

Larkin wrote a poem about the forest’s secrets, Merry Beau children wrote a story and illustrated it for photopeach,

Forest storiesJoshua, Carson, Maria, Alexandra, Maryem, Smosh Ville owner, Shahnez,

Family members writing post: Esmer’s cousin, Caroline’s older sister, Julie’s mum,

Ruthy asks lots of questions in her family post, Lupita’s family and ‘holidays’, Letty’s fantastic family, Areli and her special sister,

Zoe needs coffee

Interviews: Sophia and her father, Cristian and his brother, Andrea and her mum,

How to get comments: Jerry,

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Have you visited these blogs?

Thank youI would like to say a big thank you to those people who have taken on the role of mentor throughout this challenge. I have noticed lots of comments from them when reading posts for this visit post.  We have quite a few student mentors this year – they are students who have taken part in at least three blogging challenges – so they have been blogging for nearly two years or more. We also have some adults who have offered to be mentors on more than one occasion. In their bio on the mentors page they have left a link to a personal blog, so I could check them out before allocating them some students.

If your mentor or another student or class leave you a comment, make sure you reply to their comment – this is where the conversations will happen.

If you find a great post when visiting student or class blogs, leave me the URL in a comment on this post and I will add them for the next visit post.

Recommendations from mentors

7-9 year olds on Kidblog – week 2, I am poem by Emily,

Posts from Weeks 1&2 challenges

Arwa on being positive, Cogan , Mrs McKelvey and her frogs, Gabriella, John and music, Em on cyber bullying including a movie, Em finds sand dollars and tidepools, Dylan on rugby, Arwa on 10 people, Breeyana on anime, Zeth on music and knitting, Paige, Jackie on Sacramento, Leslie experiences a roller coaster, Daisy on music and football, Stephanie on minecraft and zombies, Daniela on music, Paloma on parents and their sports, Martina on two bands, Jacob on dirt biking, Uriel on minecraft, Jonathan on minecraft, Euriel on elephants and ivory trade, Natalie on Las Vegas and Yuma, Cassie on things to do before she dies, Miranda on cheerleading, Saray would like to live at …, Berenice and London, Matthew, Tracey and reading, Niko, Julia’s favourite things, Pyper, Esmer’s favourite artists, Gisela’s book summary of Amigo Brothers, Edith on travelling, Samantha plans her future, Yesenia and her sister, Brisa and dance, Jack, Antonia sings and dances, Vanessa and Lupita are Directioners, Gio and dinosaurs, Molly, Grace at the beach, Emily loves dogs, Mia loves surfing, Natalie

Some great uses for a holey sock

Carson, Riley, Jayen, Will, Mackenzie uses a voki, Willis, Lisa uses Pixton, JakeG, Tosh includes socks in the story, Merry Beau’s class have fantastic ideas,

Reduce, reuse, recycle

JakeG mentions a 4th R, Lisa includes a collage and animoto,


Some students are leaving links to their posts in Twitter. They are using the hashtag #13stubc which is for the 2013 student blogging challenge. This makes it easy for me to visit their posts from the link in their tweet. I have linked to their main blog rather than each separate post, so they wont receive a pingback in their comments.

Sydney M, Corbin, Hannah excellent sock ideas, Kalee, Branden, Benji uses thinglink to annotate an image, Sydney S, Mrs Neidlinger uses thinglink to add other tools to an image, Emily has some great sock ideas, Mikayla
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Avard Woolaver via Compfight

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