We made a big decision this year.  The student blogging challenge is going to have its own blog.  No longer visiting Miss W’s class blog, instead it will all be here.

But we need your help.

What would be a suitable title for the blog? 

We also need a great tagline.

Do we need a blog avatar?

5 thoughts on “Hello students and teachers!

  1. I think a good title could sound something like this: Thee 2010 Blogging Challenge-Let The Blogging Begin!

  2. Here’s my wee little suggesting for a tagline:

    “Connecting students and teachers on the road of blogging”

    Yes, an avatar would be good. Does anyone have some time to take photos of hands on keyboards or is good with designing graphics?

  3. How about as a Title?
    2010 let world blogging begin.

    Blogging, a way of life.
    Students share, reflect, and grow.

    I agree with Kira’s comment about the need for an Avatar. The blog should have it’s own identity/face.

  4. Hi Miss.Wyatt,
    This is great that you have an actual blog for the challenge! I’m still thinking about the first question but I have an answer to the others.

    I like the tagline “Connecting students through a great challenge”.

    Yes, I do think you SHOULD have a blog avatar. It would be nice to have one because this is the student challenge blog rather than Technology in our classroom. I think It may cause less confusion when commenting on other students blogs. This is because then they would know if it’s from Miss.Wyatt or the bloging challenge.


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