There are two things included in this post for teachers to do.

Fill in the mailchimp email below. This will allow us to send out to all classes a newsletter or reminder in one mail out without Sue Waters or Miss W having to do separate emails.

join our mailing list
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Fill in the google form which will then have results shown in the page on the right called ‘March 2010 classes’

9 thoughts on “Time for teachers to register their classes

  1. Hi.
    My name is Kym & I have just registered my class (I think!) for the challenge. I am unable to see my name on the class list. Does this appear automatically, or do I have to do something more?
    Kym 🙂

    1. Sorry Kym,
      I hadn’t set the parameters correctly for the google spreadsheet, but it is correct now and I can see your class and its link on the page. Thanks for joining the challenge.

  2. Hello Miss Wyatt,

    I added my class blog to the google doc form, but when I added the 11-14 age range the google doc converted it to a date. Can you correct the 11-14 to 11 to 14 for me?

    Thank you.

    Al Gonzalez

  3. My class looks forward to the challenge. They have been using their blogs more often, so our participation will be greater in this Challenge. Keep up the good work. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to share with others.

  4. Please check out the pages on the right sidebar under ‘Information to read’. If you have any queries, leave a comment under the FAQ section.

  5. Hi there

    Thank you for offering this opportunity. We are intrigued and would like to find out more about your project before adding our names to the list.

    Could you tell us a little more please? It may be up somewhere but we haven’t found it.

    Could you clarify the intended leanring outcome, focus for the challenge etc. We are keen to become involved and need to know what we are letting ourselves in for.

    With Best Wishes

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