You came to this blog to register your class for the student blogging challenge, but you can’t see the google form on the previous post?

Here is a link to the google form that you should be able to get to, but please also remember to use the mailchimp email in the previous post as this will help if we do a general mailout to teachers about the challenge or the activities involved.

Now check the page on the right sidebar called ‘March2010 classes’ to make sure your class blog is registered correctly.

Students will be able to register next week.  They will have a different form to the teachers and they will also have their page on the right sidebar.

2 thoughts on “Teachers – can’t see the google form to register?

  1. Hi Jane,
    On the right sidebar is the heading ‘Information to read’. If you check those out, most of your questions will be answered. The list of classes which have been registered is under ‘March 2010 classes’. You don’t have to do all the activities – pick and choose the ones that interest you and your students – adapt the activity if you want to.

  2. Hi,
    do you have the list out to see if I actually registered for this challenge?

    Do you have a little blurb telling me about the student blog challenge- to see if we, as low esl students, would be capable of doing the challenge? ie how difficult would it be- is there more e-learning than what I can teach in English in the time I have the students? What time fraction would the challenge be needing? -considering students don’t have computers at home, and all work would be done in class/library time.


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