After spending time over the Easter break leaving comments on many student blogs, I also decided to check out the class blogs.  I noticed many of them were preparing for Earth Day on Thursday 22 April. In fact, it is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day yet I hadn’t really heard about this before.

Then I started looking at the tweets on Twitter and many educators were mentioning about teaching paperless on Earth Day. So I want you to check out Mrs Yollis’s class and Mrs Braidwood’s class. Perhaps you could leave your pledge on Mrs Yollis’ wallwisher. Remember to leave a great comment about what you are doing to celebrate Earth Day.

Other celebrations this week are on April 25th. The first is for World Malaria Day and here are some resources to look at – with global warming this problem is going to be affecting more and more people in the world over time. The other important celebration affects those of us in Australia and New Zealand – ANZAC Day.  Many schools will be running ANZAC Day sports and assemblies and will be laying wreaths at cenotaphs or special memorials for the returned soldiers.

So the challenges for this week are:

  • Write a post about Earth Day, World Malaria Day or ANZAC Day. How did you celebrate at your school or in your town? Did you check out some resources and which did you enjoy? Try to find a creative commons image as part of your post and remember to give attribution.
  • By next week you need to have visited between 20 and 50 blogs outside those of your classmates.  We will be asking for your opinion about some blogs to submit for Edublog awards at the end of the year – so start making some decisions about what makes a great blog.
  • Visit some of the class blogs as well, because there are also awards for the best class blog in the Edublog awards at the end of the year. Check out the student blogs mentioned on the class blogrolls as well.
  • Make sure you have at least 20 blogs mentioned on your blogroll – try to categorize into class friends, class blogs, students who I visit often or something similar. You will need this done by next week for an activity we will be running.
  • Leave a pledge on Mrs Yollis’ wallwisher or at least a comment on either of the class blogs mentioned
Original image: ‘Blood sucker‘
by: Aquila  Released under an Attribution-NonCommercial License

28 thoughts on “March 2010: Challenge 7 – Late, late, late again

  1. Hmmm… Do you think it would be desperate or cheating to encourage people to nominate your blog for an Edublogs award? I think that it would be really cool to get nominated, and I was wanting to make a post about that desire. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and opinions.
    Happy Blogging!

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