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Well the official part of the challenge is finished until September 2010 when we will start all over again. But there is one more thing we would like you to do.

Over the past ten weeks, you have been visiting lots of different blogs from students and classes around the world. Some of them you have found more interesting than others. What was it that made you re-visit a blog more than once? What makes one blog stand out above all the other blogs you visited?

Nominating a blog for the Edublogs awards later this year

There are some rules you must follow to make it easy for the Edublogs team to find and visit your nominated blog(s).

  1. You may nominate, if you wish,  a student blog from your school, a student blog from anywhere else in the world and a class blog.
  2. You must write a post explaining why this blog is deserving of the student or class blog award. Give lots of reasons why this blog is fantastic and why you want to nominate it. If nominating more than one blog, you must write a post for each nomination.
  3. Each post must have 2 links: first to the blog you are nominating and second back to this post explaining how to nominate. (That means I will get a pingback and Edublogs team will be able to check easily from my one post.)
  4. You must then come back to this challenge post and leave a comment saying which blogs you have nominated and leaving their URL, in case the pingback doesn’t work.

Remember, nominate the very best blogs you have found during the challenge. The student blog or class blog does not have to be officially taking part in the challenge. You might have found one while clicking on blogrolls in some of the activities we have done. The blog must have recent posts when judging occurs later this year.

By the end of June there will be badges you may copy to your sidebar, saying you took part in the March 2010 student blogging challenge, so keep checking here over the next few weeks.

Good luck with your blogging and hope to see you all again in September.


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  8. I’m nominating Angel because he has interesting post. That make you want to read more of his new post. That’s why I’m nominating Angel.

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  18. After much inner debate and aggravation, I have come up with the following three blogs for my nominations:

    Class blog – Mr. Miller’s Class

    Student from another class – Omer’s Blog

    Student from our class – AnnaMaria’s Blog

    These are the three I have narrowed down to, but I wish all the nominees well and think everyone deserves an award! Keep up the great blogging!!!

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  23. Hey, I was wondering if you could please comment on my blod and tell me what I need to do to be nomatated for your posts like this one please. Thanks. Cheyenne <3

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  47. I think that there should also be a “Best Principal Blog” category for the nominations because you have librarian and teacher blogs, but not the principal. Thanks!
    Happy Blogging!
    ~Laurenc604 🙂

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  53. Dude! You have got to check this website out! This guy is smart and a great writer. He has experience and is awesome!

  54. I’ve nominated quite a lot of blogs…
    Blogs from my class:

    Blogs from anywhere else on earth:

    Class blogs from my school

    Finally, a class blog from anywhere else on earth is..

    Of course, my blog awesome,
    please visit my blog at:

  55. My School: I have nominated 5Dstudent24’s blog. I think this blog is good because she has a lot of cool posts. URL: http://5dstudent24.edublogs.org/

    My School-2nd blog: I have nominated Eagle13’s blog. I think this blog is good because she has a really nice blog, and she has cool posts. URL: http://cdniseagle13.edublogs.org/

    Anywhere else in the world: I have nominated Rachelh4’s blog. She has lots of cool posts, and a few really cool widgets. URL: http://rachelh4.edublogs.org/

    Class Blog: I have nominated the 5D information station. This blog has good content and it has lots of information. URL: http://susanmcwhinnie.edublogs.org/

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  67. I checked out my friends’ blogs and I came upon many that I liked. And I pick Tulsi. I love her widgets and posts and everything about it. I love that she is spreading the word in helping people in need of rice with a website called freerice.com . S I nominate Tulsi’s blog(: :
    Link: http://tulsi.edublogs.org/ Thanks(:

    • Oh , I also chose Daredevil19 for the same reason, it was enjoyable and something that catches your eye.

      Link: http://5dstudent19.edublogs.org/

      Class Blog; I chose Miss Nichols Class because I nominate for the class blog Miss Nichols’. The reason I chose this is not just because I am part of it because it is beyond cool!!! It’s filled with cool videos you can enjoy, our team pet which is the tiger, and posts that definitely are worthy of being noticed to the world. I think that Miss Nichols has an awesome blog. I also love that every student blog challenge is what she has done unlike others in which sometimes do two of the challenges, but no she has all of them!!! So, this is why I love this class blog. Also the major thing why I picked this blog is because it is creative, it doesn’t overdue it (adding to much widgets, or too many pictures), and it really catches a visitors eye! Okay, Go Check It Out!!!! Please.

      Link: http://missnichols.edublogs.org/

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  71. mr. peppers address is

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  73. I have nominated Mr.Pepper for best class blog.

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  76. This came to me as a list of 10, so that’s what I have. A couple are not a student blogs, but what the heck.

    1. yhsjuniorcommunitybookdiscussion.wikispaces.com/

    YHS Junior Community Book Discussion Wiki

    2. Larry Ferlazzo’s TOK class blog theoryofknowledge.edublogs.org/

    A great resource!

    3. TOKTalk /www.toktalk.net/

    Oliver Kim’s TOK site, with lots of audio material.

    4. http://www.theliteraturemachine.com/english10/

    Greg Clinton’s Gr. 10 English class blog.

    5. Secrets of Teaching Writing Revealed http://www.you-can-teach-writing.com/teaching-writing-blog.html

    Linda Aragoni’s great writing site

    6. whiteswrite.ning.com/

    Grace White’s Grade 6 ning.

    7. intrepidteacher.edublogs.org/

    Jabiz Raisdana’s blog with links to his students’ work.

    8. http://www.tellraven.us/denali/

    Doug Noon’s Grade 6 class blog in Alaska.

    9. anthonyservicelearning.edublogs.org/

    Susan B. Anthony Middle School’s service learning site.

    10. talentedtexans.blogspot.com/

    Miss T’s Talented Texans (Grade 4)

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