A few changes this year to the way teachers register for the blogging challenge. Ronnie, from Edublogs, has created a form that will allow us to have a directory on the Sept. 2010 classes page. The directory will show the latest three posts from your class blog as well as a thumbnail of your blog.

UPDATE UPDATE We have found this directory is not working well when using Internet Explorer. If possible use Firefox when viewing the Sept. 2010 Classes page.

So here we go:
1. Fill in the form below.
2. On the sidebar, fill in the details for the mailing list chimp.

[formidable id=6]

Every three or four weeks we will be sending out a newsletter regarding the challenge. This will go to each person who has filled in the mailing list chimp.

18 thoughts on “Teachers: register class blogs here

  1. hi – does a class blog have to be on edublogs to be able to participate in the blogging challenge?

    Ms. G

    1. G’day Ms G.,
      No you can use any blogging platform at all to take part in the challenge. Just register on the registration page and then start looking at the challenges. You don’t have to do them all and you can use them at any time of year. I have one challenge starts in March and another in September each year. Some activities are the same, others will be different each time.

      1. Awesome. I’ve created an edublog for my class, and signed up on the form on this page. Looking forwad to getting started.
        Ms. G

  2. Hi Miss W,
    I don’t see our class blog on the list. I registered our class last week. Perhaps I didn’t register correctly? Please advise,
    Miss B.

    1. Miss B,
      Sorry but I can’t see your registration either. Would you mind filling in the form again? You might have only filled in the mailing list rather than the google form.

  3. Hi…I’m hoping I have registered correctly! I tried a few days ago but haven’t yet appeared on the Sept. classes list…this doesn’t surprise my colleagues as I’m always leaving out at least one step in any process!!


  4. Hi Ms W
    Did I do the feed section correctly on the form? I wasn’t sure and I see there is no image for us on the Sept 2010 page and wondered is it because of the feed question?

  5. You have two subscription things in your sidebar. Which one are we supposed to use to register? I think it’s the one that says “Join our mailing list” but am not sure.

    1. Sorry Denise.
      The one at the top labelled ‘Join our mailing list’ is one where every few weeks during the challenge, we will send you a newsletter relating to the challenge and what is coming up in the future.
      The other is the RSS feed for the blog posts – you can subscribe for those by either a reader or email.

  6. Greetings,
    Thank you for putting up the classroom form.
    When you have a moment, could you confirm whether my class registration has gone through as the form disappeared after I hit submit, but I’m not sure it was successful.
    Evelyn Yvonne Theriault

    1. G’day Evelyn,
      Yes it worked well, in fact it came in twice, but I have now deleted one of them. You can see the list of schools participating so far on the page called ‘Sept. 2010 classes’ on the right sidebar of the blog.

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