We thought some of you might like to add badges to your blogs to let your readers know you’re participating in the Student Blogging Challenge.  So here they are!  Thanks to Sue Waters at The Edublogger for this post.

For Better Bloggers

Better Blogger participant

For Better Commenters

Better Commenter participant

For Student Blogger Helper

Student Blogger Helper

Adding your badge(s) to your blog is as easy as:

1.  Download this Student Challenge Zip file – contains the HTML code for all badges with links back to the Student Blogging Challenge blog
2.  Unzip the downloaded file to a folder on your hard drive.
3.  Open up badgecode.txt (contained inside the zip file)
4.  Copy the HTML code for the required badge(s)

Copy the HTML code

5.  Go to Appearance > Widgets in your Dashboard
6.  Drag and drop a Text Widget from the Available Widgets or Inactive Widgets areas on the left into the Sidebar area on the right
7.  Now just paste your HTML code into the text widget, then click Save and Close

Just over one week till the challenge starts. Hope you are all getting excited and have started visiting the other classes and students who have already registered.

23 thoughts on “Students and classes – grab a badge

  1. Thank you Miss W!
    This was really helpful with the simple instructions! I got my work done in about 2 minutes! I can’t say it enough but THANK YOU!

  2. miss w. if my teacher upgrades 50 student blogs do we still have to pay for the themes and everything??????????? 🙁

    1. AmeliaW,
      If your teacher has purchased a PRO blog about $40 per year, then she can upgrade 50 other blogs for free. That means students can embed things on their blogs and change themes etc.

    1. Ana,
      What is the most cool place you have been to? I went to Point Barrow in Alaska when there were still some icebergs close to shore, but it was still warm enough to wear a T-shirt.

    1. Richard,
      You might need to check if someone else at your school has downloaded the badge and ask them for help. Remember you only copy the piece of text for the blogger or commenter or helper badge then paste it into a text box on your sidebar.

      1. Sorry Mickey,
        We have one badge for the March Challenge and one badge for the September challenge. It just means it starts in that month even though it runs for 10 weeks through October and November.

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