While this challenge is on, I try to visit each individual student blog at least three times, but with more and more students registering their own blog, I am finding this more difficult to do.

Sue Waters from TheEdublogger sent out an urgent request for helpers in the challenge.Β  You can read the post here. Within an hour of the post being published and a few tweets sent out on Twitter, we had six helpers for commenting.

Role of the helper

I will allocate about 20 blogs for each helper to visit. By the end of the challenge, they will visit each of those blogs at least twice. Each helper will leave one or more comments on the blogs. The comments might be on your about page, or on a post and might include some tips to improve your blog. Hopefully the comment they leave will also allow you to keep carrying on a conversation with the helper.

If you want to know more about your helper, look at the comments on this post as they will be writing a short little bio in the comments.

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60 thoughts on “September blogging helpers

  1. I would like to help out with responding to the bloggers. I am a teacher of Grade 2 students in Melbourne Australia. I am interested in encouraging all young writers through blogging, and also interesting in finding out about what young people care about and enjoy in their world. I am looking forward to posting several comments per blog to encourage the writers and give positive criticism. Any age student is fine.

    1. Thanks for offering to help Brette. I have allocated some 12 year olds to you. They are in a green coloured list with your name at the top. Check out the page on the header called Sept Students 2010 and then scroll down the page till you get to your group of students.

  2. I left a message on http://theedublogger.com/2010/08/30/join-the-student-blogging-challenge-now-starts-mid-september/ about a week ago, but have not heard back yet. Someone gave me this address to try instead. I would really enjoy volunteering as a Student Blogging Helper and do hope I am not too late to join in. As I am currently working with 15-18 year olds in a co-ed school Library I would enjoy helping this age group.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  3. hello all πŸ™‚
    I am Flick (nickname for Felicity), I attend Hawkesdale P-12 College, I am currently in year 11.
    I enjoy Netball and socialising πŸ˜‰
    and yeah I would like to help with the year 10-11 year olds πŸ™‚
    oh I also work in a Childcare centre as part of my school based apprenticeship and I thouroughlly enjoy it πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks Flick,
      I have allocated you the last group in the 11 year old students. As new students register, you might get more added to your group. Feel free though to comment on other groups that I haven’t yet allocated to a teacher.

      1. hello . πŸ™‚
        not meaning to be a pain but where is the list for the bloggers in my group ??
        catch you later πŸ˜‰

        flick πŸ˜›

        1. Hi Flick,
          On the student blogging challenge blog, in the header you see ‘Sept students 2010’. Click on this which opens a new page with a Google spreadsheet embedded. Click on the spreadsheet and scroll down till you see the end of the 11 year olds where in orange, there is a heading ‘Flick will be commenting’ The blogs to those children are there for you to click on. Any new 11 year olds will also be added to your list, so please keep checking.

  4. Hi, I am a gifted teacher of 7th & 8th grade students in Nebraska. This is our first year with the blogging challenge. I blog on my students but would love to help out with this challenge.

    1. G’day Mrs Gentrup,
      Thanks for offering to help leave comments. I have allocated to you some 12 year olds from Jessie P to Katlyn S. They are highlighted in orange.

  5. I would love to help. I am an education officer (ICT) in the Diocese of Sandhurst. I also work with students participating in a 1:1 laptop program. This year I don’t have a class of my own but work with classes and teachers who would love to help me comment on class blogs.

    1. G’day Ann,
      Thanks for offering to help with the comments. I have allocated you a group of 11 year olds from StenC to TristanR. They are at the end of the 11 year old list.

  6. HI,

    I live in Queens, NY and am a retired principal. My school was for high school aged students with developmental disabilities, learning disabilities and autism. Currently I supervise student teachers from New York University. I’ve been commenting on some of the blogs on the kidsblog site. I prefer working with elementary school children. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


    1. Thanks Gail. I have allocated you from SethM – USA to SophieW – Australia. They are 11 year olds and are highlighted in an orange type colour. If you have any problems just send me an email. tasteach56atgmaildotcom.

  7. I would love to help out as well. My students are 7th and 8th graders from Nevada. We just set up our blogs this week and went through the 1st challenge and I would love to make sure you have enough help. Just let me know what you would like me to do. Thanks!

  8. Hi All,
    I would love to help with commenting on some blogs.
    I teach Information Literacy at Oatlands Primary School in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. My year five and six students have been experimenting a little with class blogs. We are hoping to start our individual blogs when we get back from the holidays.

    1. Thanks Bronwyn. I will allocate some 11 year olds for you to comment on from KaneH to RileyH – this is a purple colour on the page in the header ‘Sept 2010 students’.

  9. Hi !

    Do you still need help with the challenge? Older students would work. I work for the Virtual Museum of Canada and its Teachers’ Centre sharing the best of our learning resources, created by educators. I’m also doing a Master in French Literature at McGill University, working in journalism (editor-in-chief at Le DΓ©lit and editor for 4mtl.com) and tutoring French language.

    Mai Anh Tran-Ho
    Community manager
    Virtual Museum of Canada – Teachers’ Center.

    1. Thanks Mai Anh Tran-Ho,
      I have allocated the 18 – 20 year olds . Some of these students are refugees in Australia and are also learning English as part of their work.

      I don’t usually allocate anyone to those over age 20 as I expect them to visit each other but if you have time, feel free to leave some comments with them also.

  10. Hello All,

    I would be happy to comment on the group of 9 year olds from rileyc to MillarH that have not been assigned yet.

    I am a Grade 5 classroom teacher and I am in my second year of blogging. My class and I enjoyed the experience very much last year, and I have been looking forward to starting back up all summer!

    1. Thanks Mrs Benjamin, There might be a few more than finishing at Millar, because that is where the new 9 year olds enter the form. But I won’t let the number get above 20 for you to comment on.

  11. Hi,

    I’m Bill Genereux from Kansas State University. I’m a professor of computer & digital media technology. I’m also a doctoral student in curriculum & instruction. My daughter is 8 and has a blog I help her with, but I would like to help with whatever age group needs my assistance.

    Bill Gx

  12. Hi

    Do you need any more help with the Challenge? Any age would be OK! I work in a City Learning Centre in Birmingham, UK working with educational establishments helping & supporting staff to embed new technologies in learning & teaching. I met Sue Waters (briefly) at ISTE 2010 in Denver – I’m the one who works with James’ dad sometimes!!

    1. G’day Jenny,
      Thanks for offering. I have allocated you the 14 year old students starting with Dominique down to Thalia. If more 14 year olds register in the next couple of weeks I might take some of them off you as there are 27 blogs to look after at the moment.

  13. Blogging helpers

    Thank you so much for offering to leave comments on student blogs over the next ten weeks. If you check the students who are participating, you will find they are now coloured according to who is looking after them.

    If you know of other teachers who would be willing to leave comments, please ask them to leave a comment here on this post.

  14. Hello to all the bloggers!

    My name is Mrs. Yollis, and I teach third grade in California. The school year just started here in the northern hemisphere, so my students are learning to blog.

    I’d be happy to help with the Challenge. Since I have 8 and 9 year olds, that would be the group I’d like. However, put me where you need the help!


    1. Thanks Linda. I have already covered the younger students, so could you cover some of the 13 year olds from TonyS to EdwardS. These are all students of Mr Paul Bogush who is also on twitter.

  15. Hello!

    I ventured into blogging for professional development about a year ago(my professional blog now has a total of two posts!).

    This year I embarked on much bigger adventure and have been blogging blogging blogging with my Health Stuies class about health issues that affect young people. My students all write posts and they comment on each other’s posts. We even get health professionals commenting which has been really encouraging.

    I’ve learnt heaps about blogging and would love the opportunity the help other students through commenting.

    If possible, I’d like to help with students aged 16-18 years.

    Cheers, Erica.

    1. Thanks Erica. I have allocated you some 17 year olds from DilanM to AshleyV at the end of the group. If any more 17 year olds join, I will add onto your list.

  16. Hi to all the Bloggers out there.
    I am a Primary school teacher from Newcastle Australia and my class is currently a Stage 1/2 class – 7, 8 and 9year olds.
    We have a class blog that we love to show what we do in class to everyone.
    We love seeing how many visitors have come to our blog and also to feed our pet. We also like visiting other class blogs to learn about other classes and kids around the world.
    Some of our Yr 3 children have their own blog and they write things that interest them on it.
    I am looking forward to participating in the Blogging Challenge as a teacher helper.
    Can’t wait to share your blogs with my class and read your blogs:)
    Mrs W

    1. G’day Mrs W,
      Thanks for offering to help again. I know you love blogging so thought perhaps some older students who might learn from all your resources, so I have allocated some 13 year olds from AbbeyR who is also a blogging helper down to BenH.

      The Aussies are mainly from my classes and the moran mustangs from Mr Bogush’s classes.

  17. Myles Webb, Y7/8 Classroom teacher in Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand. I teach 11-12 students and am happy to help with commenting in any way that I can, just let us know.

  18. I am a primary teacher in British Columbia, Canada. I currently teach Grade 1 and am currently using our class blog as an access point to the internet and mainly a communication tool. This year I am going to try having my students blog and hope to help with this process to learn about possibilities for my students.

    1. G’day Sarah Jane,
      Thanks for offering to help. I have allocated you some 10 year olds near the end of the list from ImanJ to KatieM. If more register that are 10, I will add them to your list.

  19. Hi, my name is Penny and I’ve been teaching secondary maths and science for years. I’m taking a break from classroom teaching this year to learn all about using technology to engage and motivate students.
    This is a great opportunity for me to be involved in the Student Blogging Challenge.
    I look forward to seeing how the students blogs are going.

    1. G’day Penny,
      Thanks for offering to help. I am allocating you some 17 year old students from AndrewM to VanessaJ. I think they are all from the same school.

  20. Hi Everyone

    I am a Teacher-Librarian at a primary school in Melbourne, Australia. I teach 21 classes in the Library each week.

    We have a Library blog where we like to share what we do in our Library. It’s also a place that I can talk about books and our favourite authors and illustrators. We love having visitors to our LRC Blog.

    I would like to be a teacher helper for students aged 8-10 or Grade 2-4 class blogs.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Miss Y πŸ™‚

    1. Kim, Miss W suggested I swap a couple of kids with you. Can you take AnitaG and SionedP from me (as they are both in my class) and give me a couple of yours?

  21. Hi there, I teach Year 5 students in Sydney and my class have been blogging since the beginning of our school year. They (and I) are very keen continue to read and write for a global audience. I have presented to my staff on the topic of “Why you should be blogging” and we now have several classes in our school taking on the challenge. Blogging is the best thing that has happened to me, as a teacher, in many years. I love learning new things and want to encourage my students to do the same. I am more than happy to help with any age group.

  22. Hi my name is Abbey and I am in eighth grade. I am an Abe Lincoln enthusiast, and I play tennis and piano. I have been blogging since 6th grade in school, and I don’t want to stop!

    I would love to help with students 5-8 years old this year if possible.


    1. G’day Abbey,
      Thanks for helping again. I’ve allocated you the 7 and 8 year old students. I don’t know if any more will register in those age groups once the challenge starts.

  23. Hi! I am a 6th grade teacher in Leawood Kansas, USA and currently I teach social studies and science. I’ve been teaching middle school aged children for almost 20 years. While I had a professional reflective blog since 2003 and many class blogs, I’ve never had individual student blogs for all my students. So this challenge is helping me take the next step.

    I am looking forward to having my students learn about others through their blogging adventures. Gaining a wider audience and building their abilities to have meaningful digital conversations is my goal for this challenge.

    I am thrilled to be a part of this effort and know I will meet lots of new friends.

    Marsha Ratzel

  24. Kia ora from Dunedin, NZ.

    I work with a very enthusiastic group of Year 5 and 6 children who are absolutely loving the world of blogging and really appreciating the benefits of a real audience viewing and reading their blog. We have found that this tool for learning has directly impacted on our writing and our levels of achievement.

    As a way of saying “thanks”, I would love to help out with this year’s blogging challenge and would be especially interested in supporting 9-11 year olds.

    Ms B

    1. G’day Ms B,
      Can I allocate you some 9 year old students from Jason (NZ) to JackH (USA)? Notice a couple of the NZ students using blogspot might need some help.

  25. Hello dear friends,
    My name is Daniela Bunea and I have been a teacher of English as a foreign language for 15 years now.
    I would like to help students aged 11 and 12. Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you,

  26. Hello Bloggers!
    I am a Primary school teacher from Sydney Australia and my class is currently a Stage 3 class – 10, 11 and 12 year olds. We have a class blog that we love to add to as much as we can. We also like visiting other class blogs to learn about other classes and kids around the world.

    I love to integrate games into our learning – especially console based games that we play on the wii or PS2. We have used many different games to help us with our learning – we have just finished playing wii African Safari as part of our investigations into Biodiversity!

    I am looking forward to participating in the Blogging Challenge as a teacher helper and would like to work with students who are 11 or 12 years old.


    1. Thanks again, Kim. I will start you with the 11 years olds from EmmaH – Australia down to RyhanhWT – New Zealand

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