Many classes and students wrote some great posts relating to why you should visit their blogs. Check them out here.

Teegan – NZ,  World Star Academy – USA, Mental Weight – USA,  Simone – NZ, Mr Carson – a little school in Canada, Calie – USA, Connor – NZ, Indy – Australia, Coleman – USA, Mason – USA, Digiridoos – NZ, Abbey – USA, Mrs Yollis – USA, tj at Hyden – Australia, Mrs Tieppo – Australia, Braxton – NZ,  Rachel – USA, Bree – NZ, Finn – NZ, Alice – NZ, Jakob – NZ, Mrs Davis-Louis – USA, Mrs Melton – USA, iCubed – USA, Robert – USA, Derek – USA, Brenna – NZ, Daniel – NZ, Miss T – NZ, Daiki – Thailand, Chloe – USA, Dakota – USA, Christian – USA, Addison – USA

Fantastic ‘About’ page

Mr Baldock – Australia

Which of these blogs would you visit again?

Make sure you add a link to their blog on the blogroll on your sidebar. For Edublogs users go to dashboard> links> add new  If your blogroll is divided into categories, decide which one to add it to.

Original image: ‘Come Here Often – brand spanking new video!
Come Here Often - brand spanking new video!
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