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I noticed as I was checking blog posts from the last two challenges, that some students had tried to embed Vokis and pets on their blog posts or sidebars, but they hadn’t worked properly.

The main reason for this is that Edublogs free blogs (which most students have) often get a lot of spam from bots reading embed code. So Edublogs last year took off the chance to use embed code in these free blogs.

But they realised that most teachers pay for one of the PRO Edublogs blogs. So they allowed a PRO user to disable ads for up to 50 of the free blogs. This then means students can use embed code on those upgraded blogs.

Another way to get the ads off and be able to use embed code is to watch out for Sue Waters who writes the “Edublogger“. She often has competitions to take part in where you get a year’s subscription as a PRO user.

On this post about the student blogging challenge, she tells of two ways you might be able to get a free subscription, so check it out.  (Look for the hand pointing on a yellow starburst)

Original image: ‘Disappointed‘ http://www.flickr.com/photos/24932870@N04/2501616262 by: Katy

7 thoughts on “Some disappointed students

  1. It seems like I don’t get many comments on my blog.
    so far I only have one ):
    the rest of my class has gotten at least 5
    please help me get some comments

  2. If we do the student challenge how do you know we did it???? can you like visit my blog or something at ameliaw2018.edublogs.org and then you can tell people to look at it if it’s good and if I did all the challenges? I didnt quite understand that…

  3. yeah, my teacher hasn’t used her 50 yet but how does that work exactly???? cause my dad tried to explain it to me but i didn’t get it… and my teacher said she didnt know how to add stuff to her blog and do all the cool stuff we were doing on ours. so please explain

  4. Yeah! I couldn’t get mine to work properly unfortunately!! My teacher has a pro blog but she already used her 50…… 🙁 Is there another way that I could get a Free+ of Pro blog without paying??
    Thank you!
    Cailet (KAY-let)

    1. G’day Cailet,
      When on your dashboard, if you look at the yellow links up the top, you will find one mentioning a competition to win one of thirty PRO subscriptions. Either leave some great ideas for posts for the student challenge on this post http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/2010/08/17/ideas-for-challenge-activities/ or offer to be a challenge helper (available to students who have taken part in at least two student blogging challenge 10 week periods, so not for you Cailet.) Sue Waters from “The Edublogger” often has competitions to win PRO subscriptions so check out her blog as well. A link to this is on your blogroll when you first get your own edublogs blog.

    1. Sten,
      Edublogs has an agreement with clustrmaps, so that code is allowed and as the graphic designer from Edublogs created the badges, they are also allowed, but if you try putting on a pet or voki you probably won’t get them to work properly.

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