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Some more great responses for challenges 1 and 2.

Vokis to guess where students would like to go: Indy, Marcy, Abbey,

Posts about privacy, internet safety and lifelong learning : Teegan, Megan, Deja, SadinaAshleyMalcolm, Olivia, Ruma Toru Otewa, Monique, KrithikaChelseaHeather, ColemanMeganJakeAshley,

Blogging commandments : Digeridoos,

Why visit us : Huzzah, Olivia, Ms Woodward, Ada, C-O Connections, JonathanKacey, Ms Graunke, Mr Peglow,

Avatar posts: Odom’s Sweets, Mr Baldock, Scoopers, Mrs Yollis, Mrs MeltonMr Lamb, Mr Carson, Mrs Ranney, JPOWRoom 230,

School Tours – CO Connections, Mr Webb, Ms Woodward,

Because some students still have free Edublogs blogs with ads on them, the Vokis and other widgets with embed code are not working. Teachers with a pro Edublogs blog can upgrade 50 student blogs and take off their ads, thus allowing students to embed code.

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