This week I could tell who were the nature lovers amongst the bloggers and who were those students who enjoyed big cities, the lights and shopping. Again some fantastic posts, quizzes, Vokis, prompts and questions were found through the pingbacks and trackbacks on your posts.

Interesting  posts: Derek, Iman, 6B 2010, JoeMatthew, CO Connections, Paige, iCubed, 2Y Croydon, Tristan,

Where I live: Dominique, SadinaMonique, PatrickLouise, Eileen, Miss TIngrid, Stars of 2T,

Places to visit: C-O Connections, AaliyahCristianKathyChristianTravonJoseSaebyuklNicolaEmily, IndyRobertoErikChrisCarolynCailet, Cassandra, Mr Peglow, Mr Miller,

Prompts like ‘Ignite to Write‘ :  Ashley,

Questions to answer: Chelsea, Eileen,

More Vokis: Ms WoodwardChrisJackSean,

Quiz: Maddy, HenryAda, Coleman, Kevin, Jonah, Ms Woodward,

Road signs: Scoopers,

New classes blogging so make sure you visit the students on the sidebar to leave some comments:  Mrs BenjaminNMESGrade5,

Remember if you want to be included on these visit pages,

you must include a link to the student blogging challenge blog

somewhere on the post that you have written.

Original image: ‘symphony
by: paul dex

2 thoughts on “More blogs to visit

  1. Thank you so much for the pingbacks. We are enjoying the challenge so much this year. It is our third year to participate and we now feel confident to contribute to others who are just beginning.

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