My goodness! There is so much excellent blogging happening by the classes and students taking part in this challenge. Remember, if you want me to visit your blog to read your posts, you need to leave a link somewhere in your post linking back to the student blogging challenge blog.

Posts from previous challenge activities: On the grapevine why visit us,  Mr Baldock’s must see places, Quebec road signs, Ms Graunke visit here, Tristin on photos on blog, Hannah on visit here, Ms Graunke quiz on Australia,  Matthew on must see places,  Brooke on visit here, Madison on visit my blog, Sebastian on visit my blog, Felicity on visit my blog, Jared must see places, Mr Webb and school tour, Otorohanga avatars, Mr Miller questions and answers, Room 66 avatars, Mr Peglow on must see places, Parktone avatars,

Great conversations happening here: Daniel and Claire, Ryan and Tiffany, Dakota and Kathleen, Mrs Viney and Greyson,

Interesting posts: Alysa the horselover, Simone on Ontario, Christian in the batcave,  Roberto the pigeon whisperer, Paul on tractors, Otorohanga writing prompt, Mr Poole recommends this post,

Adding to the blogroll and why: Eileen, Louise, MoniqueMiss T,

Blog Action Day posts: Windows into 2T, Indy, 2YCroyden wallwisher, Kaleigh-Ann, Mrs Woodward, Room 230 Thailand, Year 1rc,

Improving blog: ChristianLeslieRobertoEmilyIngrid, ReynaMarvinDejaMegan, ColemanSaebyukJose, Simone, ErikNicolaMalcolm,

Blogging helpers: Louise,

Commenting guidelines: RoxannaMonique , TravonCassandra,

One day in our classroom: Miss T,

Original image: ‘I’m blogging this.
I'm blogging this.
by: Jhayne

8 thoughts on “Visit these blogs

  1. Hey Mrs. W I don’t think you remember remember me But, I was the one that you told not to put my last name. I just got a mac and I love your blog so much.

  2. Wow, there is just so much good material out there. Thank you Miss.W for the inspiration and connections. We have joined late, but we are trying very hard to get caught up with everyone else. My students are LOVING this. Please check us out and let us know what you think.
    Mr. Carmichael and the Division 17 Blockheads

  3. I am glad that there is a little break as we have just started back from our Term 3 holidays and are busy “catching up” while trying to keep it authentic. This idea is awesome and so interesting. My students love logging on to find out what’s new to do and who has “read us.”
    Keep up the great work and visit us ! It’s almost summer here in NZ !

  4. Miss W, this is WONDERFUL stuff! My head is spinning as I try to get to all of these. So many outstanding examples of the power of student blogging. Thank you so much for all your hard work organizing the challenge. We are having so much fun!

    Mr. Miller

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