A few weeks ago, another Australian teacher suggested I put forward a presentation about the Student Blogging challenge to this Global Conference.

This week I received notice that my presentation had been accepted.

So on Tuesday 16 November at 4pm (my time) I will be presenting via my home computer and an Elluminate room which allows video conferencing around the world. Closer to the date I will include a link here to the Elluminate room, in case some of you wish to participate as well.

Those students and classes taking part in the blogging challenge:

  • Are there any things you think I should mention in my presentation?
  • What are you enjoying about the challenge?
  • How could it be improved?
  • How have you been connecting in a global world?

Here is the link for the conference information.

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4 thoughts on “Miss Wyatt will be there

  1. sorry…but this isn’t really related to this but i was wondering how i could get more views on my blog. i have the free version and ive noticed that a lot of people who have the pro version get a lot more views. i was wondering why that is and how i could get more people to look at my blog.

    1. Amelia,
      It has nothing to do with having a free or pro blog. It is up to you.

      Have you been visiting lots of other student blogs and leaving comments? Doing that means other students will visit you. If you visit some of the class blogs in the challenge, often teachers will then send their students to your blog as well to leave comments.

      Are you including links in your posts? For example you mentioned the Indianapolis Museum of Art in one of your posts. Did you include a link to their website so your readers can visit there and perhaps come back to your blog saying how much they appreciated the link you had included.

  2. I hope it goes really well. I endorse all that Abbey says.
    I enjoy ‘seeing into’ other teachers’ classrooms, it is inspiring and interesting. I also like the way we can learn from others. For example the great video Mrs Yollis made on commenting.

    When I started blogging I learned so much from the challenge. I remember back to sweating over trying to add a pet. Eventually it was a post by one of your students that helped me ace it! Now I enjoy seeing my students get involved and learn and also at times they teach others.

    I don’t have colleagues very interested in blogging at my school even though I tried hard! So the support of teachers all around the world keeps inspiring me. I love it! The challenge facilitates this type of interaction.

    So halfway through this challenge! Miss Wyatt thanks. You do an amazing job.

  3. Dear Miss Wyatt,

    I think you should include in your presentation the numbers of students and classes that participate in the challenge each year.

    My favorite part of the challenge is that we are given a lot of freedom and many options each challenge to do activities that are interesting to us.

    As for challenge improvements, I’m not sure how that is possible seeing as the challenge is so perfect and enjoyable already!

    I have been connecting in a global world by commenting on and receiving comments from students my age from around the world. Also as a challenge helper, I am meeting younger students from countries such as New Zealand, USA, Canada, and Australia.

    Have a fantastic day (and presentation!)

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