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Yesterday when I checked all the comments on this blog, I found this one from Olivia.

Hey Miss W,
I was wondering what you have to do to get mentioned…
Please visit my blog at http://olivia110gs.edublogs.org

So I visited Olivia’s blog and found she had only been linking to the URL for  Challenge Yourself to Blog  eg http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org

If you want to send a trackback or a pingback, you have to link to a post within the blog. eg if writing about your digital footprint activity in Challenge 7, you need to link to this URL  http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/2010/11/09/challenge-7-sept-2010/

By the time I opened the blog this morning, Olivia had gone back through all her posts and changed the link and now they have appeared on my pingback list.

Well done, Olivia!

Here are a few pages written by Sue Waters from ‘The Edublogger’ about:

Original image: ‘oXidation: Time goes by…
oXidation: Time goes by...
by: Alfonso

Released under an Attribution-NonCommercial License


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  1. Hello Mrs. Wyatt,

    I had exactly the same problems as Olivia…sorry if my posts are late then because I always send them before the next challenge…I will make a link the sperate post it self…thankyou so much for tip!!
    Visit my blog at http://simone110gs.edublogs.org

  2. Hey Mrs.W
    I have been mentioned a few times and I already do this but went ever I like back to where I got an idea I just did the blog instead of the one post, so thanks for the tip!
    visit my blog at http://jacqueline110gs.edublogs.org.