What an exciting last two weeks in the challenge! You have had a chance to win big by taking part in the Edublogger’s competition. I have visited there often and noticed there are over 150 comments and links. If you win, congratulations on having a 12 month Pro blog subscription. How will this change your blog?

You also had a chance to nominate blogs for the Edublog Awards. I read on their blog that they had thousands of nominations and had to shortlist all the categories. Again, congratulations to those students, teachers and classes who were nominated for a category. Make sure you visit the Edublog Awards page and vote for your favourite blogs.  Be sure to check out the other blogs as well, because they can give you ideas on how to improve your own blog.

While checking out the Edublogger competition, I noticed Sue Waters had created a post relating to one of the topics in the competition. It was about what you would include if you were in charge of the student blogging challenge.

The challenges for week 9 are:

1.  Use one or more of the tools mentioned in this post on the EdubloggerEmbed your result in a post explaining why you chose that particular tool. Be careful though, some of the tools require you to be 13+ to use it. Make sure you check out the terms and conditions first before adding it to your blog, unless your teacher joins with a class account.

2. Vote for your favourite blogs in the Edublog Awards (see link above).

3.  Visit these class blogs to leave at least three comments altogether – Mrs Ratzel, Mrs Buist, Mrs YollisMr MillerThe Ripple Effect, Miss NicholsClimb HighFreeville Room 5, Mrs Ross’s class,   Through our window ( a competition for December), CO-Connections, Huzzah4/5/6/Learning Centre and 5th grade bobcats.

4. Have you been having some regular visitors to your blog? Maybe it was a teacher who left some comments or some students. Write a post thanking them and explaining why you appreciated them visiting your blog. Find your name on the September Students list and you should find the name of the teacher who was supposed to visit you at least 2 or 3 times over the last few weeks.

5. Start thinking about your post for next week. It will be about reflecting on your blogging journey so far – wait till next week though before writing it as I will leave a few suggestions of what to do for this last challenge.

Original image: ‘Camp Taji obstacle course
Camp Taji obstacle course

27 thoughts on “Challenge 8 and 9 – Sept 2010

  1. Miss W.

    When I got to blogging challenge today, I realized you had this really cool toolbar at the bottom showing how many people are on the website and things like that. I’m hoping that you could share how you did that so I could put it on my blog.

    1. G’day Kevin,
      I didn’t realise I had the toolbar activated. It is called the ‘Wibiya’ toolbar and is one of the plugins you have for your blog, like the snow one you have going on your blog now.

        1. Miss W.
          Sorry for commenting again, but I couldn’t find the toolbar under plugins, if you have any other advice, please help!


        2. Kevin,
          You might need to check with Mr Bogush as it might be a plugin that he has control of at administrator level for the moranmustangs blogs.

  2. Hi Sue
    Is there anyway my NZ class can access next weeks’ task early. We finish for the year on Monday and are off site Monday – Wednesday…


  3. Dear Mrs. W,
    You won’t believe what happened….we tried to use BeFunky on a image that Mr. Miller’s class sent to us. They have sent a travel bug our way and it’s called the key to John Brown’s secret. Somehow when we imported the image it transformed back into its 1859 style….and we are amazed. You might want to take a look at the altered state of our key http://lmsblogs.org/blog/2010/12/07/john-browns-secret-is-out-and-on-his-way-to-us/ …now we’re worried we’ll never find out what happened. We just thought you should know and maybe warn other classrooms about our peril.
    Mrs. R and her 6th/7th hour classes.

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