Is your class going to take part in the March 2011 challenge with a class blog?

Have you set up your class blog yet?

If your answer is no, then check out the second teacher challenge which will be starting mid February. They will be walking you through setting up the blog and using it with students. There will also be discussion questions where you can network with other teachers.

If you want to get ahead then work through these pages from the Edublogger – these activities will be similar to those in the teacher challenge sessions.

Keep checking this blog for a registration form for classes that will appear in mid February.

If you have students who will be registering their own blogs, there will be a separate form for them to fill out also mid February.

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Say Hello to Pudú
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13 thoughts on “March 2011 challenge

  1. Hi Miss W.
    I have signed up to be a commenter and have received my charges. I am wondering, should I be commenting on the specific challenges (ie: adding images) or leaving general comments about the posts? I have already started leaving some comments but I want to do what would be most helpful.
    Thanks for your guidance – Next year my students will be doing this too!

    1. G’day Nancy,
      The main idea is to comment on their posts, try to get conversations going with the students, sending them to posts you might have written or seen in other blogs that might help then say putting media on their blogs and so on. Just be there in case they have a question they want answered and you can answer it for them. Always feel free to contact me or leave a comment here on the blog.

      1. Thanks – it’s good to have that direction. I have commented on them all once. It’s interesting to see where they are at in the blogging process – some know how to add images and video already. Thanks for the opportunity to comment for this challenge.

  2. Hello,

    I signed up my class to participate in the march 2011 blogging challenge – when will activities and “challenges” begin and how often will they be posted for class? So far, I have students working on our “about us” section, and thinking about photo selections to represent our school, but I’m wondering what class challenges will look like.

    Also, do you have any suggestions for partnering with other classes (preferably 7th grade)around the world? I would love to exchange comments and suggestions with other classrooms and teachers – my students are VERY excited to get started this March.

    – Lacey (USA)

    1. G’day Lacey,
      The first challenge will be posted next weekend on the blogging challenge website. Students and classes will need to visit there at least once a week to see any new posts. To find other classes, check out the page called ‘Classes – March 2011’ and find others with students the same age as yours. Leave comments on their class blogs and lo and behold – the partnering will start happening.

  3. I am a teacher librarian so do not have class blog although I do have library blog. I have 4 students who wish to be part of the Student Challenge but as they don’t yet have their own blog I am unsure how we should register. The form asks for their URL and at this stage they don’t have one.
    Thanks for your help. lynh

    1. Karen,
      Just keep reading this blog – perhaps add the feed to your Google reader or such. That way you will know when any new posts are published. In mid February there will be a form to fill in and it will be embedded in a post.

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