Here are some posts to read and leave a comment on. Remember, to get your blog mentioned in this list, you need to leave a comment on the appropriate post here at the challenge, or include a link in your own post so I get a trackback or pingback.

Students recommended these blogs to visit

Benjamin, Nicole, Brittany, Grace, Kiana, Hannah, Kyle, Liam, Nicole, Maya, Melinda (suitable  for high school students), Mary, Ganga, Kris, Josie, Kathleen, Noah, Shania, Teddy, MariaCamila, Marina, Greyson,

Why you should visit me

Ryan, Bluepony, Connor, Kiana, Pinkpig, Blackcat, Millie, Lockie, Harrison, Ben, Mary, Song Yong Min, The Squirrel, Laura, Khanh, Duy, Tracy, Bree, Sahiba, Allison, Crystal,


Zachary, Gabi, Molly, Abby, Zoe, Taylor, Victor, Janis, Michelle, Michael, Hypathia, Chermelle, Kyle, Amy, Jon, Aisling,

Footprint or dossier

Heather, Marshall, Kyra, Naomi, Aisling,

Introducing our class or school

Mrs Krebs, Tek2011, 2YCroydon,

Original image: ‘so I went for a walk to a place that I know.
so I went for a walk to a place that I know.
by: Mithril

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7 thoughts on “Visit these – March 2011 Week 2

  1. thank you for adding my blog in your post. this means alot to me because what i publish on my blog takes me days to perfect as much as i can. aslo it will help me get my opinion on Japan’s earthquake and tsunami. again thank you and i have relly enjoyed the challenge so far.

    1. Sorry Sahiba, I will change that for you. I wasn’t sure if the h21 after your name was your teacher’s code for the class blog or not.

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