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First paragraph: mention this is a student blogging challenge meme and include link back to this post.

Last paragraph: Make links to those students or classes you are tagging.

You may tag up to ten people but only two from your own class – tag students and classes from other countries to make sure the meme is spread globally.

Visit their blogs and leave a comment saying you have tagged them for a meme on pride.


Describe one of the things you have done in life, that make you glow with pride.

This meme began in the March 2011 student blogging challenge.

One thing I have done in my life that really makes me glow with pride is that I earned the highest award in the Girl Guide movement: Queen’s Guide.

I joined the Brownies first in Glenorchy where I took part in a rose bush planting outside the Council Chambers. As a Guide, I went to an Olave Baden Powell rally on the domain in Hobart. As a Ranger Guide leader, I was also lucky enough to represent Australia at two overseas camps, one in Fiji and another in Hong Kong. This is where I got my love of travelling, I am sure! I also represented Guiding at a young leader gathering and shook hands with Prince Charles in 1977.

But to get the Queen’s Guide award you had to do a lot of work and earn lots of badges. I think my dislike of housework and cooking might be from having to do this as part of the badgework. I loved the camping aspect, tying knots, building tripods and cooking on an open fire. It was during my Guiding life that I learned about leadership and being in charge of a group of individuals.

I was presented with my Queen’s Guide award at Government House in Hobart in 1970. The Guide company I was a member of then had a big celebration and invited back previous Queen’s Guide awardees. That’s me in the back right hand corner with no grey hair yet.

I would now like to tag the following classes to take part in this meme:

Mr Avery and class, Mrs Krebs and class, Mrs Ratzel and class, Watanabe/Martinez and class, the Fosgreenians

Each class can have three students carry on the meme as well as continuing it on the class blog.


Now to tag the individual students to take part in the meme. These students have left lots of comments or pingbacks on the student blogging challenge blog.

Hanna, ZacharySurya, Maite, Betty, Karrie, Duy, Teegan, Yong Min Song, Amy, Maria, AlejandroSahiba,

55 thoughts on “Pride in myself meme

  1. Why I did this blogging challenge?

    This seems interesting and will make me understand and become more skillful with making blogs. We are doing this for a class project and I can’t wait to get started!

    What do I hope these activities will include?

    I hope some activities include some sort of exploring various blogs and finding different things on each blog. I hope we are able to try to understand and search other blogs. Also, I want to have activities that give us step by step instructions on how to do cool and complex things.

    What do we hope to get out of these 10 weeks?

    I hope we become experts at making blogs. I hope we understand how to upload pictures and write interesting posts. I want to make blogging fun and enjoyable.

    1. I joined the blogging challenge because it is a class activity. I hope that by participating in this activity, I will be able to learn skills that will help me later in life. I hope that we will learn to use the technology provided better, so that we can use the technology with our blogs.

  2. 1 I joined because I want to be better at blogging and our teacher told us to.
    2 I hope that we do more challenges like this because they re fun
    3 to become a better blogger and writer in and out of class

  3. 1. I joined it because i think it will be lots of fun!
    2. I hope some of the activities are creative because i like art!
    3. I hope that lots of people visit my blog!

    1. I joined for a class assignment involving a blogging challenge

      I hopple to just have activities interesting or not

      I want to learn how you can apply blogging irl.

  4. I joined the blogging challenge because it is required for our class at my school. I hope that I will learn more about blogging and technology.

  5. 1. I am joining this challenge as a part of my English class.
    2. I hope to disscus book serieses that we like, and learn a lot.
    3. I hope to learn many interesting things about my friends book wise.

  6. Activity 2:

    Why did you join the blogging challenge?

    Well, we joined the Blogging Challenge because, some of the students in our class have done this before and they really, really liked it. so we’ve decided to do it this year. We thought that if we won it would be super cool! we thought that after this whole thing everyone should be experienced enough so they could possibly have there own bloggs one day.

    What do you hope some of the activities include?

    We hope some of the activities will include a treasure hunt on different bloggs that way we can see other bloggs to see there points of intrest, we would also like to have a little dragon on the side moving and walking around and basicly doing what all creatures do.

    Finally, what do you hope to get out of the challenge by the end of the ten weeks?

    When were done with the ten weeks we hope to finnaly become great, experienced bloggers. We hope to be responsible digital citizens of the cyber community.
    Mrs.Bliss and class 🙂

  7. Activity 2: Post to answer these questions from Mrs. Bliss’ and class.

    Why did you join the blogging challenge?

    Well, we joined the Blogging Challenge because, some of the students in this class have done this last year and the class loved it. So we decided to do it this year. We thought that if we won this year it would be so awesome!

    What do you hope some of the activities include?

    We hope that we could learn how to create an avatar, we would also learn how to add Voki’s on our Blog, we’d like to have some of our students create their own blogs, we would aslso like to learn how to type quality comments to have more visitors at our blog and, on our cluster map, also learn how to create animotos of our class photos, We would aslso really, really like to put a dragon on the side that can move around like a real animal.

    Finally, what do you hope to get out of the challenge by the end of the ten weeks?


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