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We are now two weeks into the challenge and students are still registering, but I think some may have registered more than once. So can you please check the student participation list to make sure your name is only on there once. It should be under your age group area. Some students have mentors who will be visiting their blogs to give help and answer any questions you might have. If you have registered more than once, please tell your teacher to contact me via the email or leave me a comment on this post telling me how many times your name is included.

1. Check participation list for name

If you are using Edublogs and leaving comments, you should now have uploaded your user avatar. Dashboard > users> avatar

2. User avatar uploaded

On your profile page under contact information, there is a section called website. Make sure you have the URL to your own blog written there. Include the http:// part as well. This will then link with your name and avatar when leaving a comment.

3. Blog URL included


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  1. Hi Miss W,
    Thanks for all your hard work in managing the blogging challenge. Our 5th grade students in Florida are really loving it.
    I just checked the spreadsheet, though, and while I see the 10 year olds in the class are all listed, I can’t find our 11 year olds. I went through carefully and checked twice. I am not sure if I’m just missing it or if I should have them all sign up again.
    All of our URLs begin with mjgds.org/students
    Please feel free to email me a response if that is easier.

    • Andrea Hernandez
    • Andrea,
      I can see 6 of your 11 year old students who have registered and are on the list.

  2. Hey Miss W, I’m going to edit my post about where the Old Faithful is located so its accurate.

    • Well done, Simone. That is what blogging is about – conversing with each other and learning something new all the time.

  3. Hey Mrs W. I think your post, is friendly, and appropriate for all kids……


    • chelseatenison