During the challenge we will be writing ‘Visit these’ posts where we recommend posts to visit and leave comments.

These posts are where we showcase the work being done during the challenge.

From the Class blogs

  1. Mrs Hamman’s class blog – our avatars
  2. Miss B’s Block – our wetlands
  3. Delve Class blog – where we are from
  4. Ms Hanna’ Room 202 – A favourite place
  5. Learning with MrDCarson – earning your own blog
  6. Mrs K’s Class – where we live quiz
  7. Research in the 21 Century Classroom – Places to visit in USA
  8. The Grapevine – avatar adventures
  9. Year 1 @ Craigburn PS – our avatars
  10. 5th Grade Champions – our Babberized avatars
  11. Mrs Martinez’s class blog – our new avatars
  12. Mrs Yollis Classroom blog – Let’s taste Vegemite

From the Student blogs

About me

 Kiera, Michelle, Morgan, Brian, Mariana, Alex, Lucy, Sofi, Zechariah, Zainab, Abbey, Shweta, Liam, Santiago, Maria, Vanessa, Camilla, Rebecca, Robert, Julia, Liza, Kristina, Tammy

About my Avatar

Josh B, Grace, Simone, Sam, Max, Simone, Zarah, Daniel, Caz, Dawso, Natty, Sarah, Mariana, Alex, Maddi, Gemma, Alexandra, Brooke, Alexandra, Amber, Jacqueline, Olivia, Morgan, Simi, Kristina

Tourist attractions in USA and Canada

Jaiden, Erika, SheungYee, Angie, Dawso, Hannah, Georgie, Bonnie, Kimberly, Alex, Chelsea, Hannah, Laura, Simone

Where I would love to visit and why

Em, Ethan, Tess, Nikhil, Erilyn, Germonie, Jacquelyn, Andrea, Carrie, Georgie,  Zecharia, Zainab, Shweta, Connor, Laura, Jake, Brittany, Bryse, Josh, Julia, Kali, Kara, Laura, Matt, Eric, Alexandra, Izzy, Ashley, John, Mary

My Country, my place or a year in my town

 Daniel, BronteAngie, GeorgieLily, Jaina, Dylan, Nikki, Gemma, Amy, Jake, Julia, Kara, Noha, Nata, Clem, Dara, Jack, Robbo, Leanne, Skye, Ruth, Susie, Jarad, Trina, Mary, Liza

Blogging advice, why I’m doing the challenge and commenting

IsasiahMariaAngiel, Sarah, Edith, ShwetaJessCazBeckyKatrine

17 thoughts on “Visit these – Sept 2011 Week 2

  1. I think that the wetlands looks like a very interesting place to live. I would like to learn more about the wetlands.

  2. Hi my name is Jose Manuel

    i want to in know if my blog can be your blog for people of other contres enter, some friends are in your blog so i say why i cant be there

    if you can put me in your blog i will be vey happy

    Thank You

    1. Catherine,
      Remember the only way we know if you have finished an activity is if you include a link on your post that sends your readers back to our challenge blog. You can tag and categorize your post as being in the student blogging challenge, but you have to include a link somewhere in your post. I went to your blog and couldn’t find any links back.

      The other way to tell us is by leaving a comment here at the challenge blog like you have done today, saying you have finished certain activities. Then we visit and add your name in the visit these posts.

  3. Thanks for creating posts like this where you promote student examples of posts from each week’s challenges. My students are always excited when they are mentioned. It also helps to have good examples for my new bloggers to look at.

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