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With it being Halloween this week, I felt we could have a break from writing lots of  posts. Instead we are going to look at making your blog suit the Halloween theme.

What could you do:

  • change theme
  • add Halloween music
  • add Halloween widgets
  • add Halloween images
  • be creative about Halloween and put in a post
  • tell us what you did to prepare for Halloween
  • did you go trick or treating?
  • did the adults in your life also join in the Halloween theme?
  • did you decorate your house somehow?

I know in Australia, we don’t celebrate Halloween as much as the Americans do. At the moment I am travelling around USA and Canada and the preparations have been going on for many weeks. Lots of TV ads, lots of houses with pumpkins, ghosts, spider webs decorating the porches, haunted houses to go through.

Remember to get ready for the game which we will be having next week.  To take part in the game you need the following completed:

  • a blog avatar and a user avatar
  • an ‘about me’ PAGE not post
  • a clustrmap or flag counter widget
  • at least three interesting posts – could be topics of your choice not necessarily from the challenge
  • your ‘Recent Comments’ widget on the sidebar with 10 comments as the choice
  • your ‘Recent Posts’ widget on the sidebar with 10 posts as the choice
  • Your ‘Pages’ widget on the sidebar
  • at least 10 student and/or classes linked on your blogroll
  • at least three overseas blogs on your blogroll

Remember to link back to this post so I know you have changed your theme to Halloween.



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  17. Miss W,
    Since I am Jewish my school will not let me do this challenge. Jews are not supposed to celebrate Halloween.

    • Jake,
      That is quite OK. Make sure you havelots of links on your blogroll ready for the game next week. You could visit other student blogs and leave lots of comments instead.

      • Hi Miss W,
        Jake has already explained to you that our Jewish school won’t be able to participate in the Halloween theme, but we are eagerly getting prepared for the game next week.
        However, I’m having trouble with the difference between the blog avatar and the user avatar. Our students have user avatars. For the blog avatar, should we just put an image in the sidebar of the blog?
        I seem to remember Edublogs had something (a widget or something) that was for blog avatar, but our blogs don’t have this.
        Please advise! Thank you.

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  21. Hi Miss W,

    I have made a Halloween theme for my blog and I have also written a post about it to.
    Keep blogging!

  22. Dear Miss W,

    I hope you and Mr. Davo like my post. I loved my Halloween.


  23. Miss W,
    Just to let you know I have everything completed to be able to play the game. Bye!

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  25. For the comment above, I also did a poll. The question was “What is your favourite holiday”. The options you could choose from were… Halloween, Christmas, Easter, your birthday, a special holiday in culture, Thanksgiving and St Patrick’s Day. That is to do with Halloween.

    Caroline a 5M

  26. Hi,
    To make my blog fit the holiday of Halloween, I made a virtual wolf from bunny hero labs. It has a Halloween background and is in its special Halloween section. I also did a post about HALLOWEEN fireworks night at my old school.

    I did n’t go trick or treating this year because I was at gymnastics practice. My group brought in lollies though, so we still got those.

    Caroline A 5M
    http://www.cazro2320.edublogs.org – my personal blog
    http://www.year5rc.edublogs.org – my class blog