Are you a student with your own blog?

Are you a teacher with a class blog?

Are you an interested teacher, educator, home school parent

or pre-service teacher with a bit of time on your hands?

If you want to take part in the 8th student blogging challenge then it is now time to register. Hover over the pages in the header to find your registration page.

The first challenge will appear in early March. There will be three sections.

  • Blogging – this set of activities will relate to setting up your blog, especially if you are new to blogging.
  • Students – these will be activities for students to go on with once they have finished the blogging activities. Most likely students who have taken part in the challenge last year will be doing these activities.
  • Classes – similar to students in that once you have the blogging activities done then choose some out of this section to complete as a class.

If you have any ideas for challenges, please leave a comment on this post. Make sure your name and blog URL are included as you will be given acknowledgement if your activity is chosen during the challenge.

Remember, you do not have to do all the activities, just choose the ones that interest you.

8 thoughts on “Time to register March 2012

  1. Sue,
    Here are some ideas for posts in the challenge.
    1. What is your school like? How many students in your class/school? What subjects do you learn? (I think you and I already talked about this one)
    2. Choose a holiday and tell how you celebrate it?
    3. Name and show a photo of a famous place/tourist attraction in your area.
    Tina Schmidt

    1. G’day room 15,
      Hover over the header that says “Register – drop down list”. You should then see three links – classes, mentors and students. If registering a class blog, click on classes in the drop down list; if students registering their own blog, they click on students and if you want to be a mentor for a group of students, click on mentor. Hope this helps.

  2. Hello Sue,
    Actually it made me happy to be informed from this challenge and I think it will increase the students’ eagerness to improve their knowledge using the Blog.

    By my idea, Edublogs can put the logo of the winner in every edublogs’ weblogs as ”the winner of …) to introduce the winners in each section during the next season.

    I have registered in Class section and Mentors by my real name ASTANEH (
    I would like to be helpful in this great challenge.

    the best

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