Some more great work this week. I know that spring break will be happening soon for many schools in the northern hemisphere, so I will keep posting challenges and you can decide which activities to take part in. For those keen bloggers, remember you can do this on any computer or iphone or iPad etc in the world that has an internet connection.

Remember to check your blog spam in case my welcome message was put in there by mistake.

Quiz created

Craigburn – Aust,


Ilaria, Hannah, Bryan, Carly, Julia, Yegor, Alexander, Artem, Mrs Brooks, Quinn,

Where I live

Ilaria, Jarrod, Polina, Sasha, Room 7, Kaity, Lam, Astaneh, Angie, Mya, Miss Gorton, Sam, Cai,

Week 1 work

Teegan, Jacob, Elizabeth, Annalisa, Abbey, Katherine, Kelly, Erika, Patrick, Climb High, Julia, Artem, St A’s 6th grade, 5VW, Penbank, About us from Turkey – click student links on sidebar,

Questions or comments when visiting other blogs

Paloma, Eddie, Dharyl, Deven, Jose, Tristan, Julia, Giovanni, Steph, Kyle, Colton, Gemma, Daniel, Letty, Cassidy, Ana Maria, Julie, Lauren, Paige, Jason, Jade, Kaylee, Cheyenne, Lupita, Adilene,

Image: ‘J’avais dit deux!!!!

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