Over the Easter break here in Tasmania, I will be visiting every blog, class and student, and any blogs that don’t have a post regarding the challenge during the month of March, I will be deleting off the participant lists. We are now half way through the challenge and I feel anyone participating should have at least one post written by now.

I have been so impressed with the work being done by students and classes in this set of blogging challenges. Some of the global issue posts are very thought provoking.

Back to the good stuff!!

Global posts

Kerry, 3rd Graders dreaming big, Connor, Caroline, Olivia, Hannah, Caroline, Kiley, Lev, Scott, Natalie, Mrs Kelly, Spencer, Colum, Jonathon, Jane, Malia, Kristin,

Water problems

Science Girl Em, Ilaria, Carly, Collin, Adem, Nick, Riley, Chasen, Eli, Toby, Matthew, James, Cate, Shane, Aidan,

Earth Hour

Mr Woods, Joey,

Please translate

Emma in Korean, James in Chinese, Gabrielle in French,

My interests


Women and their rights in the world

Olivia, Caitlin, Jason,

Week 3 work

Colum comments, Mikayla on blogrolls, Bigfoot on blogrolls, Julie on blogrolls, Adi on blogrolls,

Previous weeks

Paige, Rikki, Emmet, Emily, Alyssa,

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