What is this? If you didn’t take the photo, then someone else did. Some photographers get paid money for taking images to use in newspapers, so often online newspapers copyright their images. This means you would have to pay money or have the photographer’s permission to use that photo on your blog.

Why? Your blog is in the public domain and is available for anyone to see. You are not allowed to put copyright images on your blog without the permission of the owner.  This means you need to find images that are creative commons instead.

What is that? Watch this YouTube video about sharing your work and creative commons.

Teachers: A fantastic guide to copyright, fair use and creative commons has been written by Ronnie Burt and I would suggest you read this to understand more about using images, music and video on your blogs. Larry Ferlazzo also has a great “Best List for images” that you might want to check out as well.

Below is a list of websites that have creative commons images. Remember attribution doesn’t include a URL beginning with http://images.google.com/   or some other search engine.

Attribution is the URL of the original image.

litter on beachStudents:

1.  Write a post about your Spring break or Easter holiday. Include at least one image that is creative commons. Include the attribution at the bottom of the post. Here is a post to show you how to insert an image.

2.  Do you think you should have a creative commons license for your blog? Why or why not? Is your audience mainly students in your class and/or the blogging challenge or have you had readers that are teachers and/or visitors you don’t know?

3.  Visit ten blogs from students in the challenge  of different ages. How many of these blogs had images with attribution? How many blogs did not have images at all? Which blogs did you prefer to read and why? Leave your answer here as a comment or leave a comment on each of the blogs you visited.

4.  After having visited Sue Waters on adding images and creating a gallery, write two posts about using images in blogs.

  • Why should we use images? How do images improve your blog? This is the first post
  • How do you add images to your blog?
  • Where do you get your images?
  • How do you add the attribution?

Make the second post like a tutorial, so a student new to blogging could follow your instructions about using images in a post.

5. Create a visual post using no more than eight images – where the images tell a story. Remember to give attribution for the images you used. No writing in this post other than the title and attribution.

6. From Bill Ferreirae – I sometimes find a picture and tell students to use that picture to come up with a story. It can be about the picture, what happened before, what will happen next, etc. So, at the top of the student activities  is the image I have chosen for you to start with. Copy the image to your post, then write the story. Remember to give attribution. If you don’t have your own blog, tell your story in a comment here.

7. From EileenG – Pick one, or more of your ethnic backgrounds and post about the culture. ANYTHING! Food, religions, sports, festivals, languages, etc.  Include a picture of the place in the country/region posted about.

8.  Be creative with regard to images – create a collage on a topic or colour etc, use glogster or animoto or prezi. Just remember you must link back to the original image and give attribution for any images used.


If using Edublogs, create a gallery of images to represent your class’s holiday or break.  Here is a post on how to create a gallery in your blog. Remember to include the attribution of where you found the images. Perhaps you could also add the ‘Support CC’ button like I have below, on your blog sidebar.


Image by Sue Wyatt

The original comic of this YouTube video remix can be found here: http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Sharing_Creative_Works

A Fair(y) use tale from YouTube

Support CC

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  8. Hello again,
    Still trying to figure out what “pingbacks” are?
    I checked under the HELP menu but I’m still confused on how to add them to my site and what they are exactly. I noticed this post and others have quite a few.

    Mrs. McKelvey

    1. G’day again,
      If you have included a link to this post in your post about spring break, the pingback should appear here on this list in a day or so. If it doesn’t I will need to check it out with Edublogs.

      I see you have included a link so hopefully the pingback will appear.

  9. Hello,
    I was wondering if the images are my own images do I still include “attribution” on my blog?

    We are busy trying to catch up with all the blog challenges. We just posted our water response and spring break.

    State testing starts next week so unfortunately, we’ll have to take a break from the blogging.

    Mrs. McKelvey

    1. G’day Mrs McKelvey,
      If the images are yours, include attribution at the bottom of the post mentioning they belong to you and whether visitors may use them in their posts.

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  12. Miss W.
    I visited 10 blogs today. Only 2 of them had pictures but they were cool. It seems like some people are not caught up yet.

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  15. Hi,

    Today I visited ten other students blogs from different ages up to 8-17 of age. I found out that out of the ten blogs that I visited, only 3 had pictures with attribution which I think is a shame. Most of the people had pictures but without any attribrution and about 3 people even had nothing and I mean nothin, not even a single post on there blog or image.

    When I was looking at some blogs I also found one that was good to read. It had heaps of stuff from different varieties to read from. I enjoyed it, if you would like to see that blog here is its website below.


  16. Our blogs are just kids blogs. Why do we need to worry about these rules? It isn’t like we’re operating national blogs, or anything.
    Jess, proudly bookworm.

    1. G’day Jess,
      The thing is, if you use a copyrighted image in your blog, the owner of the image could sue you. We feel that as educators, we should be teaching you the right thing now, so if you ever have a blog outside of school, you will know the right thing to do when using images, video or music.

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