Well, the holiday or vacation is over and it is now time to get back to work.

What is work?

  • What type of work do you want to do once you leave school?
  • Is work always enjoyable?
  • What would be the best work or dream job you could possibly think of doing?
  • Do you have to be paid for work?
  • How is work at school different to work out of school?

Activities for this week:

  1. Create a poll about work and add it to your blog.
  2. Create an A-Z poster about work.
  3. Answer some of the above questions in posts. Perhaps a slideshow of your dream jobs.
  4. How has work changed over the last century? Create a timeline to show your answer.
  5. What type of volunteer work would you enjoy?
  6. Why do some students work hard at school while others just get by in their subjects? Does this change depending upon the country you or your parents come from?
  7. How has technology changed the way we work?
  8. Interview your parents or grandparents about the types of work they might have done. What skills did they need to get those jobs?
  9. How would this infographic about laziness at work look different if it were laziness at school?
  10. Is your school teaching digital literacy, financial literacy, social media literacy which can all affect the job you decide on in the future?
  11. What skills do you need for your preferred job in the future? Are there any blogs about that type of job?How could you use a blog, outside of school,  to prepare yourself for your future work?
  12. The best jobs in the world – check out these workers: Ben in Queensland, Australia6 year old Sam in England – 12 year old Harry in England

Remember to expand on the questions, give lots of reasons or information and if you used a website on the internet as part of your answer, include a link back to that website or include a bibliography. Give correct attribution for any images you use.


84 thoughts on “Week 6: Let’s work

  1. Hello. I have middle school students, and our schedule never quite gels with the challenge, so I haven’t registered. However, I was browsing the challenges, and your Week 6 “Let’s Work” challenge is awesome. Do you mind if I adapt it for my students and assign it to them? I will give a link back to this site with the assignment (unless you’d like me to do more). We probably will not be ready to go for a week or two. Thanks!

    1. G’day Teresa,
      Sorry about not quite gelling with the challenge. It is on twice a year, March and September but the challenges are left up all the time. You can use them whenever it suits you. Feel free to use the week 6 challenges and a link back to that post would be great. Thanks for asking.

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  9. Hi Miss W,
    The challenge this week is great I love it!
    I’m just wandering how do you get images in your widgets bar. I really want to know.
    -Amy M

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