We’ve been working hard and had some time to relax.  Now it is time to get organized for the game next week, then the evaluation in week 10.

To take part in the game you need the following completed:

  • a blog avatar and a user avatar
  • an ‘about me’ PAGE not post
  • a clustrmap or flag counter widget
  • at least three interesting posts – could be topics of your choice not necessarily from the challenge
  • your ‘Recent Comments’ widget on the sidebar with 10 comments as the choice
  • your ‘Recent Posts’ widget on the sidebar with 10 posts as the choice
  • Your ‘Pages’ widget on the sidebar
  • at least 10 student and/or classes linked on your blogroll
  • at least three overseas blogs linked on your blogroll

The more overseas links you have, the more interesting the game will be. If you are not using Edublogs, have many of these things visible,  maybe as links on a post.


Many of you are getting ready for exams or in Australia, NAPLAN testing.

How do you prepare for these exams or tests?

You go back over what you have already learnt that year. You make sure you are up-to-date with your notes. You check with friends or a teacher that you understand how to sit a test.

Well, this week, you are going to cover all that but with regard to your blog. It is going to be a revision week to make sure you are up-to-date with all the things you should have done on your blog.

Preparation for week 10 evaluation

Over the first seven weeks, let’s look at what you could have done on your blog:

  1. Registered for the challenge as either an individual or a class – checked you were on the list
  2. Changed the theme of your blog
  3. Looked at ‘About’ pages and created your own
  4. Posted about why students or classes should visit your blog
  5. Left comments on other student blogs and recommended at least three to visit
  6. Introduced your class or school to the world
  7. Created avatars
  8. Uploaded comment and blog avatars
  9. Linked your avatar to your blog URL
  10. Slideshow of avatars created
  11. Classes looked at commenting guidelines
  12. Classes thought about ways to involve parents
  13. Added tracking widgets to your sidebar
  14. Written in another language
  15. Added translation widget
  16. Posted about global activities
  17. Wrote about Earth Hour
  18. Commented on blogs from other countries
  19. Culture and celebrations from other countries
  20. Created blogroll categories
  21. Added links to blogroll
  22. Created tags and post categories
  23. Post about your community
  24. Created a poll about your country
  25. Finding out about creative commons and using images on your blog posts
  26. Learnt about giving attribution and uploading images to your posts
  27. Wrote a post about your favourite colour
  28. Used different web 2.0 tools to edit images
  29. Zoomed out from an image
  30. Created an image sentence
  31. Wrote a post about an image
  32. Created an animated photo show
  33. Used many web 2.0 tools to be creative
  34. Looked at work, past, present and future
  35. Wrote about global challenges affecting us all in particular water.

Students and classes

Activity 1 – It’s a testing time

Write a post using a persuasive style of writing. You might like to use glogster to create a poster. Maybe wallwisher to get ideas from other students before you write your post.

Topics might include:

  • That mobile phones should be used in classrooms
  • That all students should have a personal blog from Grade 6 onwards
  • That all classes should have a class blog
  • That national or statewide testing has no valuable purpose for the student
  • A topic of your own choice

Activity 2 – Learning time

Think about something important you have learned outside of school – remember we should all be life long learners not just learners while at school. How did you learn it? Why is it important to you? Who or what taught you about it? How has this learning helped you in your life?

Activity 3 – Watch video and write post about your digital footprint

Watch this video, thinking about what might be included on your digital dossier or digital footprint.

  • What sites have you joined on the internet?
  • How much information did you give them when you joined?
  • Have you filled in more than the *asterisk questions?

Google your name or nickname but include your town as well.

  • What did you find?
  • Are you on the web for sports teams, named in newspapers and where else?
  • How many cookies or footprints are you leaving behind?


Check out these student’s digital footprints from the March 2011 challenge: Naomi, Emily, Sahiba, Allie, Jennifer, Shania, Adam, Heather, Marshall, Aisling.


Image: ‘Wanna play?

35 thoughts on “Week 8: Game preparation

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  2. Hello,
    It says to watch “this video”. I think the district has it blocked for us. Is there a link instead?

    Mrs. Mckelvey

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  4. Pingback: Anonymous
  5. Thanks, Miss W. We’re a bit behind of this week’s challenge (our labs ran over) but we’re right there with the other classes! :o)

  6. hello there,
    i am trying to enter the student blogging challenge game thing but i dont know how to enter. i have done everyhting that it told me but where do i say enter?

    1. G’day,
      The game starts this week when I write the post on Sunday. There are no prizes for the game just a chance to get out there and visit lots of blogs.

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  9. Hello Ms. W,

    I’m a little lost. What is the game that will be happening next week? I was wondering if we could still participate in the game, if we can, even though we don’t meet all the requirements? My kids have me for 50 minutes/day for Science and I give them a little time in class to participate in the weekly challenges. They don’t do it at home so often we’re doing a watered down version. Our blogs are on ClassBlogmeister and we cannot make “pages.” Also many kids don’t have an avatar or a ClustrMap on their blogs. Some do though. Many of my students do have a lot of posts, mostly about the Science we are studying.

    1. G’day Al,

      The most important thing to have for the game is a list of other blogs to visit that are linked from your class blogroll. You have quite a few classes on your related links area, so that will be OK for any students to use when they come to your blog.

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