Only one more week till the first post is published on Sunday 9th September. But are you ready for the challenges?

How are you going to know what the challenge is each week?

One way is to have an email sent to you immediately I publish the post. On the right sidebar, under ‘Subscribe for free’there is a place to put your email address or if you use a reader, you can have a link to the feed sent to your reader by clicking the little orange button.

If you are using Edublogs free version and your teacher has an Edublogs premium version, make sure you are attached to their class blog so you can have lots more choice with themes and embedding code.

If you know of any good resource pages for other blogging platforms like weebly, kidblog, posterous, blogger etc could you please leave a comment so I can add it to the section labelled ‘Get Help Here’.


3 thoughts on “Ready … set …..

  1. I have been trying to participate as a mentor without success. Iam wondering what I have been doing wrong. Any help?

    1. G’day Olufemi, I have allocated you some students to mentor – please check the student participants page. So far you have only three students age 18 + but you can also leave comments on any blogs. Remember though some students might only be on their blogs once a week and many are still learning so might not approve comments for a couple of weeks. Just keep persisting.

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